Iphone Make Charging Percent

Iphone Make Charging Percent

Battery, or rather its capacity. one of the most important factors when choosing a smartphone. iPhone XR is no exception. Most users are used to monitoring the percentage of charge. visibility makes it possible to better navigate how much more time you can actively use the gadget. But with the release of the tenth series, everything became much more complicated.

How to put charging percentages on iPhone XR

The answer is simple. no way. Yes, this is sad, but it is not possible to turn on percent display on the main display. Although all previous models of smartphones from Apple had this opportunity, with the release of the tenth series, the function disappeared. The reason for this. Switch to frameless devices with a clipping at the top of the screen. Everything is trite. there is no room for interest. It is this cut-out that most of all causes complaints of users, but they have to endure.

The iPhone XR, like the entire X-line, the ability to turn on the charge in percent removed from the settings. But one option remained, let now for this you have to do extra body movements. If you are more comfortable focusing on specific percentages. you need to go to the "Control Center". The developers have not left us any other options. This is done in the following way:

  1. You need to touch the upper right corner of the screen. Where the battery icon is displayed.
  2. Holding down, pull down. The “Control Center” should open.
  3. An indicator and the percentage of charge consumed will appear at the top of the display.

Percentage Charge Display on iPhone XR

The need to carry out such an action every time causes users discomfort. But only the first time. then you get used to it. By the way, there is another way to see the percentage charge. To do this, ask Siri voice assistant: “What is the battery level now?” The smart utility will answer you with a voice message.

Why removed the percentage of charge

Of course, the main reason why you can no longer see the exact charge level. lack of free space due to cutout. However, apple brand fans have come up with their own theory. Since Apple has always placed user comfort at the forefront, they could intentionally hide interest display.

It’s all about psychology. Even when 49% of the battery charge remains, the person begins to get nervous. suddenly not enough until the end of the day. In fact, in this state, the smartphone (with medium loads) will work for another six to eight hours. But discomfort has already appeared. Accordingly, if digital values ​​are not visible. the person is less worried about the battery charge.

As it was before

In previous iPhones, so that the numbers were always visible on the main screen, you had to activate the corresponding function in the settings. This was done as follows.

Many smartphone users, while using their gadgets, are faced with the problem of rational use of the battery. All energy sources installed in phones have the ability to lose battery capacity during operation. This affects the time they are used. Over time, devices can work less and less without recharging, and specialized icons can not always provide objective information on how long the device will work without connecting to an electrical outlet.

Way out. Add information on the percentage of battery charge, which is located in the status bar, to the home screen of your device. You need to know how to configure the percentage charge display option on iPhone X.

How to enable the display of the remaining charge in percent

Let’s figure out how to put charging percentages on the iPhone X. Previously, to display them, you could go along the path "Settings" => "Battery" and achieve the desired result: on the main screen constantly displays information about the battery charge. This function was also activated when the power saving mode was turned on, which made it possible to rationally use the device with a low charge on the iPhone.

If we talk about this feature on the iPhone X, as a complete analogue in previous versions or phones of other popular brands, then you will not find it here. But you can achieve the display of this information by completing the sequence of actions:

Is it possible to display the percentage of charge on the main screen

The developers had to sacrifice this feature, and now it is impossible to display the percentage of charge on the home screen. In the corners of the display, separated by a speaker, there is simply no place for this icon. In the upper right corner of the screen there are already more important indicators, according to the Apple team, about the signal strength of the network, Wi-Fi module, battery level in the animated version.

There are no standard methods for solving this problem. But owners of the flagship version of the iPhone X do not complain about the insufficient battery capacity and the instability of their work, even after several hundred charging cycles.

Today we’ll talk about how to make percentage charging in an iPhone. Any mobile phone has a rechargeable battery, which should be energized. The display usually has an icon showing the approximate charge level. Looking at it, it is difficult to navigate, in particular, if the battery is already running out. Therefore, many owners are so interested in the percentage of charging on an iPhone.


Thanks to this material, you will always know how long you can still use the phone autonomously. So, we go directly to solving the issue of how to turn on the percentage of charging on an iPhone. Now we will install the indicator, which will be located on the main panel, directly in front of the user’s eyes. Note that the described solution does not require the installation of any additional applications, since they can slow down the device. There is no charge for using such a solution, since the function we need is initially provided by the developer.


In order to solve the question of how to make charging in percent in an iPhone, go to the main menu of the device. To do this, press the round center key, it is located on the front side of the device. We go into the device settings. After that, look for the section "Basic", and then open the menu "Statistics". Scroll down the list and find the field called “Battery Usage”. A little lower is the column "Charge in percent", equipped with a slider. Move it to the right. Thus, we turn on the display of the charge in percent.


So, let’s pay attention to a special indicator that appeared in the upper right corner of the screen. It is he who displays the information we need. Note that the described feature was not available to iPhone 3gs users. Its manufacturer added only after updating the iOS platform to version 3.0.1. After that, users appreciated the innovation. Given this, the developers have made it basic for iPhones, as well as for many other branded devices. In fairness, it should be said that special applications that display the percentage of battery power have existed before. However, they were not in great demand.

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Battery life

Now you know how to make percentage charging in the iPhone, but each user also wants his mobile device to work as long as possible. We’ll give you a few suggestions that will help you increase your iPhone’s battery life.

  • First of all, let’s turn on a mode called “On Airplane”. The fact is that iPhone, when this option is activated, stops the exchange of background data, so the battery runs out more slowly.
  • We activate the Do Not Disturb function. The Airplane mode has one significant drawback. When activated, outgoing or incoming calls are not possible. This situation makes it difficult to work with the device. If you want to receive a certain important call and save battery power, the Do Not Disturb function is suitable.
  • Turn off The indicated solution is incredibly beautiful and has the same gluttony in relation to the battery. In order to save battery power, a temporary parallax shutdown is also suitable.
  • Set the screen auto-lock. Do not forget to turn off the display when you finish using your iPhone. You can do this by using a special side key or setting the screen to automatically lock after a certain period of time.

So we figured out how to make charging in percent in an iPhone and spend it more slowly.

It is important for many smartphone users to know how many percent of the battery is left. I myself used ios for a long time and there the percentage of the battery has long been turned on by a simple switch in the settings. In google, they decided to unload the status bar and did it quite succinctly.

Another question is why they did not give the possibility of including percentages in android 6. Here is the status bar on android 6.0.1 on:

In general, everything is stylish, simple and quite informative for the average user. In extreme cases, if you lower the curtain down, then here the developers have kindly provided us with the percentage of charge. Humanly on the side of the battery icon:

Instruction manual

In order to enable the display of the percentage of battery charge in the status bar, on your smartphone you will need to carry out a tricky manipulation and activate the menu "System ui tuner ". Slide the shutter down to open the quick menu. Click on the gear in the upper left of the users icon and hold it for 3-5 seconds. After release, and if everything worked, the settings will open with this message:

Scroll to the bottom. The treasured “System UI Tuner” menu should be at the very bottom of the settings, under the “About Phone” menu:

And the key icon appeared:

In this menu, you can change the composition of quick settings and their location, disable the unnecessary icons from the status bar. You can turn on the demo mode when the charge and signal level is filled to the maximum, and the time is set equal to 6:00.

And of course, the "Show battery level in percent" switch. We turn on the setting and see the following:

A bit not what we expected. But quite readable at 5.2 inches

To disable the System UI Tuner menu from the settings, do the following. Open Settings. Applications. Find the Settings application in the list. We go click "Storage" then "Erase data." A warning window appears, agree. Nothing in our android will be erased

It is necessary to consider the following, if we turn off the System UI Tuner menu, then all the settings in it are set to the standard state. Neither percent, nor settings of the quick menu and status bar will be saved. It will be as it was before the manipulations.

Let’s look at the settings that will tell you how to put a percentage charge on the iPhone X using the standard iOS functionality.

We make a percentage charge on the iPhone X

Many users of mobile gadgets are accustomed to evaluate the current battery level by an indicator with percentages. Such an indicator should be located in the upper right corner of the screen. A similar opportunity was in all iPhone models.

In the settings, an option was used, after activation of which, along with the battery icon (in the upper right corner of the screen), the charge indicator was displayed as a percentage, which reported how much percent was left in the battery. With the release of the tenth iPhone, this option from the settings just disappeared. Therefore, many users began to wonder how to make a percentage charge on the iPhone X.

It should be noted right away that this is not possible. Apple simply decided to abandon the option that allows you to monitor the battery charge in percent. This feature has been removed from the settings, but there are simply no tricks to turn it on.

This decision by Apple may be due to the fact that the new iPhone X simply does not have a place to demonstrate the percentage of battery power. At the top of the screen, the ledge eats up a large area of ​​the information panel.

If you are accustomed to focus only on the battery charge in percent, and not on the picture of the battery, then you can go to the “Control Center” menu and see how many percent are left there. While the “Control Center” is running on the screen, the percentage of battery power will be displayed.

We follow the instructions below to open the control center:

It turns out that to view the percentage of battery charge, these actions will need to be performed each time. The inability to view the percentage charge on the main page of the system for many iPhone owners causes discomfort.

View battery percentage in other new iPhones

On the new iPhone, you can set the percentage of charge as follows: go to the settings and select the "Battery" tab. This section should be located slightly below the "General".

Then, in the "Battery" section, we find the "Charge in percent" switch. You must turn this switch to the "On" position, and in the status bar, along with the battery icon, the percentage of charge will be displayed.

We look at the percentage of battery charge on old iPhone

In older versions of iOS, the “Battery” tab may not be in the settings. In this situation, select the "General" item.

Then select the "Statistics" subsection.

In this menu there is a switch "Charge in percent." If you put it in the "On" position, then next to the battery icon, the percentage of charging will be shown.