Iphone On Charging Turns On And Off – How To Make It Work

Iphone On Charging Turns On And Off. How To Make It Work

Hello! To begin with, it is worth describing the situation in more detail, otherwise it may not be clear from the title what the author means. over, I recently encountered this problem personally, so the picture is as before my eyes and it will not be possible to describe the situation of work 🙂 And the following happened. my rather old iPhone 5s was completely discharged, as they say "to zero", and, it would seem, nothing criminal, put on charge and went about his business.

I come back after a while, and I see a very strange and inadequate device behavior. The iPhone turns on, the screen lights up for a while (an apple appears and even a glimpse of the password entry) and immediately the display goes blank and the phone turns off safely. And that’s what happens all the time. For the sake of the experiment, I waited another 20 minutes. Nothing changed (I just heated up strongly), but I continued to turn it on and off with enviable constancy.

I’ll run ahead and say that I managed to solve the problem on my own and without visiting the service center, and in a rather easy way. But first, on how to prevent this situation and what you should pay attention to:

  1. Do not discharge the device until it is completely discharged, especially if the battery is not new.
  2. Do not try to force the iPhone to start in the cold, in the cold, you need much more energy to start.
  3. Use original accessories. the battery will only thank you.

Actually, almost all of these reasons coincided with me. the room was relatively cool, the battery has been there for a couple of years (although it keeps it almost as it should), only the wire and charging are originals.

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What happens in the end? When connected to a charger, it turns out that all the incoming energy is spent exclusively on loading the system and backlighting the display. This energy is not enough, it cannot accumulate, the iPhone turns on, as it were, but immediately discharges and turns off. And then everything will be repeated anew. Here is such a vicious circle.

How to get out of it?

  • Use a more powerful power adapter. The one that comes with the iPhone gives out 1 ampere and it is clearly not enough in this situation. So you need something stronger, for example, from the iPad. It has 2.1 amperes at the output and is able to give more energy, which is enough to turn it on. Is it safe? Apple says that this can be done, and it makes no sense not to believe it.
  • In the case when there is no other adapter at hand, you must perform the following operation. enter the device in DFU mode and leave it on charge for a while in this state. In this mode, the screen does not light up and the system does not boot, which means that there will be no energy consumption and all of it will go to charge the battery. After 20-30 minutes, turn on the iPhone and rejoice that the shutdown has stopped.
  • This option is clearly "amateur" and will require some skill from you. It consists in connecting the wire to the device for 2-3 seconds and without waiting for it to turn on, immediately pull it out. And in such small portions, recharge the battery to the state that is enough to fully launch the iPhone.

In conclusion, I want to note that the situation discussed in this article is certainly not normal and in a good way, the battery must be changed so that there are no other surprises in the future. But here everyone decides for himself.

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