Iphone Quickly Discharges On And Off In The Cold – Why And What To Do

Iphone Quickly Discharges On And Off In The Cold - Why And What To Do

Hello! In the cold season, owners of gadgets from many companies (and Apple is no exception) can expect unpleasant surprises. The fact is that when in the cold, the iPhone can very quickly lose its charge and turn off almost immediately. Moreover, looking ahead, I would like to note that in most cases it will be so. Is this situation normal? Why is this happening? Is it worth it to run to change the battery, or "something terrible broke there"? Now we’ll find out, let’s go!

But for starters. personal experience. I didn’t have any problems with the iPhone 4 and 4S, but subsequent models, starting with the 5th, inadequately behave in the cold. Perhaps this is due to the case materials (aluminum), possibly with a decreasing thickness of the devices. but there is a fact and it cannot be denied, the latest iPhone models are very sensitive to low temperatures. You go out in the winter with a 60% charge, you want to listen to VKontakte music or take a picture of something, and almost immediately the phone just turns off. the battery is low.

Perhaps that is why on the Apple website there was a whole section devoted to a similar ailment.

We turn to him and find out that the iPhone has a lithium-ion battery, which has both advantages and disadvantages. One of them is the working temperature range, it ranges from 0 to 35 degrees Celsius. This is what Apple calls the “room temperature” and optimal when using the iPhone, iPad and iWatch.

Although, of course, you can not take these values ​​as a last resort. Errors exist. even if the street is slightly above zero, the iPhone can still run out quickly. This is normal and there is nothing to worry about!

By the way, the company itself does not prohibit the use of the device at low temperatures, however, it notes a possible reduction in battery life. However, it declares that when the temperature returns to normal values, the battery returns to its normal performance. So worry about the fact that using the iPhone in the cold, you somehow harm him, is not worth it. Much worse than overheating, but there is not so simple.

It is practically impossible to avoid a quick discharge in the cold, however, there are several things that are few, but can still help in this situation:

  1. Use case.
  2. Carry a portable w / o. The fact is that switching on requires a lot of energy, but in the cold it is not there anyway. Therefore, portable charging can help turn on the phone.
  3. Carry the iPhone in the inner pocket of the jacket, so to speak, closer to the body and heat.
Iphone Quickly Discharges On And Off In The Cold - Why And What To Do

As a result, we note that the fast charge and subsequent shutdown of the iPhone in the cold. this is quite normal. And do not worry about this.

However, if you know that you have to use a smartphone in low temperatures, it is better to prepare for this in advance. Although besides portable charging you can imagine nothing else. I don’t sew a fur coat for him, after all? 🙂

Maybe you know any good ways to save the heat of a smartphone? Write to share tips with the author and other readers!