Iphone Started Talking – Why And What To Do

Iphone Started Talking. Why And What To Do

Hello! Did your iPhone suddenly speak? The first thing to do is not to panic and stop worrying about your health. After all, you do not "rave", but simply encountered one of the many special functions built into the iOS-system. It is intended for people with disabilities and, if activated, the iPhone speaks in a voice all the actions that are currently being performed with the device. And absolutely everything, starting from the name of buttons and applications, to the “screen is locked”, when the device is locked.

This function is sometimes called the "mode for the blind", but this is not entirely correct. Because, the so-called "regime for the blind." this is a more general concept, a set of many options, which includes the subject of our today’s manual.

The whole problem is that in addition to simply voicing all the actions that you perform with a smartphone, the iPhone controls also change slightly. For example, the usual click on the screen does not perform the operation that you need. So, just removing this mode (and it is called VoiceOver) will be difficult. But hard. this does not mean impossible! Go!

By the way, rebooting and updating the phone system will not save you from the problem, of course, it can help to remove everything and everything. however, this is too harsh a method. There are options and easier to disable VoiceOver:

  1. Try to quickly press the Home key three times. If nothing has changed in the iOS settings (set to “default”), then this action will silence the iPhone and help return everything “as it was”. However, the Home key may not work, the settings are changed, which means.
  2. You must do everything manually through the Menu.

In order to remove the pronunciation of the iPhone all your actions through the device settings, you must remember that the management has changed and now:

  1. To select an action, you must first click on the menu item (a black frame will appear around it), and then once again quickly click on it 2 times!
  2. To scroll through the desktops, use the gesture with three fingers at once! And not one, as it was "standard."
Iphone Started Talking. Why And What To Do

First, open Settings. The main ones. Find the universal access tab.

Select VoiceOver and move the slider opposite it.

Hurrah! We rejoice in the silence and the fact that the device has returned to normal.

By the way, how do you like the voice that speaks all the actions that occur with the iPhone? Of course, I understand everything. Russian is difficult, difficult to translate, etc. But in my opinion this is some kind of tin. it feels like an aluminum bucket is talking to you! After all, it was possible to make the pronunciation a little more pleasant. right apple?

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