Iphone X Desktop Screenshots

Let’s see how to move the screen down on the iPhone X, which was available on previous versions by double-quick clicking the Home button, and now it has become impossible.

Convenient Access Feature

Initially, everyone thought that on the iPhone X there would be no “Easy Access” function at all. The option was a curious solution for a smartphone whose screen is higher than on the iPhone 8 Plus. The lack of a function would be logical, since there is no Home button on the new model.

When the iPhone X came out, it became known for sure that “Easy Access” remained in it. This function must be activated in the "Settings".

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To enable the "Easy Access" function on the iPhone X, follow the instructions:

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  • Open "Settings", then go to "Basic" and select "Universal Access".
  • We find the “Easy Access” function and click on the switch located next to it so that it turns green.
Iphone X Desktop Screenshots

Using Easy Access

IPhone X lacks the Home button. No 3D Touch gestures or taps are associated with the Home indicator. Everything is done by swipe. To activate "Easy Access" you need to pull down the indicator:

  • Place your finger a little higher than the Home indicator, which looks like a white strip.
  • Swipe down.

When the system recognizes the gesture, the entire interface will go down. The top of the screen will remain blank.

Open the "Notification Center" and "Control Center"

The iPhone X is narrower than the 8 Plus gadget, but is taller. If the user has medium-sized hands, it will be quite difficult to reach the top of the screen with the thumb.

To make it easier and more convenient to open the “Control Point”, you can use the “Easy Access” option:

  • The Home indicator swings down to activate the function.
  • Swipe down the empty part of the screen: on the left, to open the "Notification Center", on the right, to open the "Control Center".

New iPhone X control gestures

Consider ways to perform the usual actions on the iPhone X:

  • Turn off the phone. To turn off, you must simultaneously press and hold one of the volume buttons and the side button until the shutdown slider is displayed, then shift it.
  • Turn on the phone. To turn on the device, you need to hold and hold the side button.
  • Sleep mode. You can go to sleep by pressing the side button. To wake up, just make a simple touch of the screen.
  • Application of Apple Pay. Confirm payment via Apple Pay as follows: double-click on the side button and look at the screen.
  • Call Siri. There are two ways to call Siri on iPhone X: say “Hi, Siri” or hold the side button.
  • Unlock smartphone. To unlock the smartphone, you need to make a simple swipe gesture from the bottom edge of the display up.
  • Call screen multitasking. To open a list with recently used applications, you should make a swipe up and down, and then hold your finger for a moment.
  • Go to the desktop. Switch to the desktop by swiping from the bottom to the bottom of the display.
  • Switching applications. To switch between applications, you must swipe in any direction along the lower edge of the display. You can complete the application if you hold your finger on his card, and then click on the minus sign that appears in the corner of the card.
  • Take a screenshot from the gadget screen. In iPhone X, screenshots are taken by simultaneously pressing the volume up button and the side button.
  • Reboot To perform a forced reboot on the gadget, hold down the volume up key, then decrease it, and then press and hold the side button until the Apple logo appears.