Is It Possible To Untie The Apple Id From The Iphone How To Do It Step By Step Instructions (Reviews)

Is It Possible To Untie The Apple Id From The Iphone How To Do It Step By Step Instructions (Reviews)

How to untie apple id from iphone?

How to untie apple id from iphone? This question is asked when requesting data of a completely alien Apple ID record after recovery or firmware upgrade. This situation happens when you buy an iPhone from your hands (used). To avoid this, you should just take certain steps, which we will discuss in more detail below.

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Cons Apple ID

First, it is important to clarify that the manufacturer has introduced the most advanced security system in the mobile version of Apple OS.

This technical solution is designed to prevent the number of thefts. Owners of the latest gadgets have less reason to worry about losing their own device.

There are indeed fewer stolen devices on the secondary market, however, the “ignorance” of some sellers ultimately leads to the fact that the real owner of the equipment is faced with a complete iPhone lock after updating the OS (operating system).

If it is not possible to contact the seller or customer support, the device becomes relevant unless in the role of source of spare parts.

Indeed, untying the Apple ID from the iPhone without knowing the password is simply impossible.

In order to get a full-fledged “tool”, it’s important to worry about untying the phone from a mandatory iCloud account and remember to turn off the option "Find the phone".

Account Disconnect

Go to Settings

Find required item ICloud. In it, the existing account is disconnected.

Once in the cloud storage, a slider called Find iPhone just moves to an "inactive state."

Then the system begins to require the input of the security code. D

For the buyer on the secondary market, it will be mandatory to check with the seller the necessary code.

Further on the same page, the real owner is taken to tapnu section "Delete your account".

Delete account

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Absolute data cleansing is due to the choice in the dialog box Delete from iPhone.

Depending on the amount of data and the phone model, the process usually takes a maximum of half an hour.

Additional steps

However, the above measures may not be enough, therefore, for greater fidelity, “experienced” device owners recommend taking two more steps:

Removing the latter is carried out using a computer browser.

How to untie apple id from iphone thanks to iCloud services?

The method helps to do without even eliminating the account on the iPhone.

For the embodiment conceived, it is enough to have only access to the network.

Sign in to iCloud

Erasing starts immediately after the last step of the procedure.

The main condition is that the device must be connected to the Internet throughout the entire time.

Reset gadget settings and delete data

The procedure begins by opening the phone menu (its parameters).

Select item "Basic".

Having swept the parameters down, it is important to stop at "Reset", responsible for restoring the original gadget settings.

All settings, as well as personal data are cleared by pressing a button Erase Settings and Content.

After entering the password (protective dash), the deletion of existing information begins.

How to check iPhon for the presence of Activation Lock?

Check for a lock

In early 2017, Apple stopped supporting the page where it was possible to check for the presence of Activation Lock by email iPhone. Explained by the intervention of hackers.

Today the page is still disabled. Therefore, when buying an iPhone, be sure to ask the previous owner to untie the gadget from your existing account.

The main thing is not to be led on assurances: "He will work fine already. that’s okay."

It does not function like that. It’s worth updating the firmware at least once, as the real owner remains simply with a “brick”.

It will not be possible to disable Activation Lock even by flashing the phone in any known manner.

The reason is to check for a lock when you first start the gadget, restore, or update the firmware.

Information about the presence of a lock on a specific iOS device is stored on the Apple server.