Lan Setup Via Wifi Router

Let’s look at how to configure a local network through a router and what it is, because many in the apartment have several computers connected via Wi-Fi, and moreover, each has a gadget: a tablet, a smartphone, a desktop, which are convenient to lie on the couch with. But how inconvenient it is when you want to transfer a photo or a song from one computer to another, or from a phone to a tablet, for example, or to a desktop computer, because you won’t be able to do it just like that with Wifi. In this case, you have to suffer from wiring or flash drives, look for bluetooth, but the fact is that your WiFi router is in essence a single node, a server that connects these devices to a single local Wi-Fi home network! In this article I will tell you how to create a LAN connection through a router, and you will no longer need to go for a USB flash drive and wires from the phone, you can do this while lying on your favorite couch, transfer files from the device to devices via Wi-Fi Fi, using shared network storage without making unnecessary movements.

Scheme of connecting various devices to the local network via a WiFi router.

LAN purpose

Let’s say a few words about the local network, and why we might need it. A wireless LAN is essentially a kind of network data storage, which is formed as a result of connecting several computer devices via Wifi, a wifi router in this case as a server. Its purpose is not only to transfer files, but also to communicate with each other all devices connected to it, you can communicate using it from neighboring rooms, play network games, for example, Counter-Strike, and also connect other digital devices, for example create a connection to a network printer, scanner, camera and other devices that can connect to the router via Wi-Fi.


And so, what, why, and why, we figured out, let’s get down to setting up a local network. This setting is similarly carried out on any Windows operating system, including the new Windows 10. It is simple for us to make a local network connection, the fact is that if you use a WiFi router, then you already have it and it is configured, you just did not know about it! We only need to create shared access to all the necessary folders on the computers, and they will automatically get into the network storage via Wi-Fi.

Open the "Network and Sharing Management Connection Center".

Click on the network icon in the LMB or RMB taskbar (Right or left click) to open the "Local Area Connection or Sharing Center."

In the "Network and Sharing Management Connection Center", we verify that our active network is the "Home network", a house should be built:

At the top, bold indicates the name of our WiFi network.

Another type of network may be indicated: “Enterprise network” or “Public network”, in this case, click on the link with the name and change the type of network:

Click on "Home Network".

We mark the necessary elements, click Next.

We save the password for the Home Group for ourselves, click Finish.

Now our home local network is created and we can connect to it via Wi-Fi.

Change LAN Password

If you don’t have fun remembering these scribbles, you can set your password.

To change the password, click on the “Connected” or “Select home group and sharing options” link.

Click on the link “Change password …”, then set your password.

Open file sharing

Our network storage is already configured, but an important thing needs to be done, the fact is that by default access to all files and a folder on computers is not provided and this must be done manually. There are two options, with and without password protection. For the home, of course, it’s convenient not to bother with passwords, we will consider this option.

Disable password for files

We open the change in the parameters of the home group, as described above.

Click "Change advanced sharing settings."

We reveal both groups.

Set Network Discovery. Turn on Printer and File Sharing. We give access to read and write files.

Further important point.

Disable the password, otherwise each time you open the files, the system will require you to enter it.

If you do not turn off password protection, you will get this window when you try to open the network of another computer.

We filled in the parameters of the first group, in the “General” group, fill in the same way, this group is intended when you have several accounts on your PC.

Open shared folders

Now everything is ready, it remains to open shared access to the folder on the disk that we want to use and will automatically be visible to all devices connected to the router via cable or Wi-Fi. I will show you with an example of my local disk, you can do this with any folder on your computer.

We can see that while files are not available in our local network, for this, open “My Computer” and select the “Network” tab, on the left of the menu.

Click on the folder, select Properties.

In the "Properties" window, open the "Access" tab, click on the button "Advanced Settings …"

Mark the checkbox “Share this folder”, click OK.

After that, our C drive is accessible to all users of our home group.

Connect devices to the network


After a local network has been created on one of the computers, on the other computers in the "Network and Sharing Management Connection Center", in the viewing of active networks, it will be possible to join it "Home group: Can join." Click the link provided. If this is not the case, then in order to be able to join the home group, it is necessary to set the network location to “Home network”.

To change the network to Home, click on the link "Public Network" and select "Home Network", after which the type of network will change.

Click the "Join" button

We mark the necessary elements that will be publicly available from this computer. Click the Next button.

Enter the password from our home group. Click the Next button.

Setup is complete, click the "Finish" button.

We check the files that we expanded on the main computer became available on the laptop.

Similarly, you can enable sharing for all files and folders on any computer that is connected to a home group.


We figured out Windows, let’s figure out how we can see our publicly accessible files on Wi-Fi, for example, from a tablet or phone for Android OS. First we need a special program. I recommend you download ES Explorer.

Open "Network", then click on the "LAN" tab, and click on the "Scan" button.

After the scan is completed, we have our files located on other computers that we placed in our home group.

Also not on the computer, we will see files that are located on the Android device in the storage. Setup completed.