Laptop Freezes Ways To Fix The Problem

Laptop Freezes Ways To Fix The Problem

Properly working equipment is the dream of many owners of laptops and other gadgets. But it does not always work out the way we want. And the laptop may start to freeze, run slower, or shut down altogether. There are many reasons for this situation. Therefore, we will consider in more detail what to do if the laptop freezes, and why this happens.

Virus infection

Often after infection with viruses, the computer begins to "slow down" and hang. A virus is a malicious program that must perform a specific task. There are a huge number of its varieties. To complete the task, the virus uses the processor and RAM. Therefore, in addition to the action that you set, for example, to include a video or open a document, the laptop is used simultaneously by a malicious program. Accordingly, the technical device begins to brake and hang.

To fix this problem is quite simple, just install a reliable antivirus on your laptop computer. After you bought or downloaded this program, you must run it and scan the entire laptop. It is important to remember that for the correct operation of any antivirus program, it requires constant updating.

Other causes of a laptop freezing

Many users are interested in the question if a laptop hangs constantly, what to do if the cause is not a virus. Such a problem may also occur due to dust contamination of equipment. The laptop has a cooler, a small fan that cools the system, so from time to time it is necessary to clean the laptop cooler. However, over time, dust and dirt particles accumulate on the radiator tubes, which destroys this part or contributes to the fact that it begins to work worse. As a result, the processor heats up, therefore, it starts to work more slowly. In order to get rid of this problem, you will need to disassemble the laptop and clean its details. This is done after the computer is disconnected from the power source.

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If the laptop starts to freeze during games, then its weak technical characteristics can serve as a reason. Most likely, the requirements of the game for the hardware of the device are not met. In this case, you can only advise updating the technique. And how to choose the right laptop for games, read here.

Sometimes the reason for freezing lies in the HDD. In order to make the laptop work faster, it will be necessary to do a check, and then defragment the disk. The latter operation is appropriate when there are more than 10% of fragmented files on the computer. To start it, you need to open My computer. Drive C. Properties. In this section, click on the Service link and run the Run Defragmentation command.

Some important tips

To avoid freezing your laptop, try the following tips.

  • History in the browser should be cleared at least once a week. And if you have a very weak laptop, then you can completely turn off saving when you turn it off.
  • Clean the device by uninstalling programs that are not needed.
  • Periodically clear your cookie.
  • Turn off the laptop correctly through the Start menu. At the same time, if system updates are installed, in no case disconnect the network.
  • Defragment your hard drive from time to time.

If you find the reason why the laptop hangs, then you will only need to eliminate it. Sometimes it’s quite simple, and you can do it yourself. In case the computer malfunctions are more serious, you may need the help of a specialist. in any situation, the problem is better to prevent, so use the tips given above.

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