Laptop Freezes – What To Do How To Restart A Laptop If It Freezes

Laptop Freezes. What To Do How To Restart A Laptop If It Freezes

Does the user freeze the laptop? What to do? We have to answer this question further. After all, each user may encounter a hang of the operating system. In the case of laptops, it is often possible to reboot a PC using a more extensive list of tricks. They will be described later. Unfortunately, restarting the OS in case "glitches" not always safe. And this must be taken into account first. Therefore, we will try to learn first safer reboot techniques.

Sources of problems

Problems with the laptop can happen at any time. As a rule, this leads to a slow operation of the OS, and then to a complete freeze of the computer.

The most common reasons "glitches" are the following factors:

  • software incompatibility;
  • lack of RAM;
  • processor load;
  • system failures;
  • viruses
  • incorrectly installed operating system;
  • downed OS settings.

Often, a rollback of the system or an increase in RAM helps to fix the situation. But first you have to turn off the PC. Does the laptop freeze? What to do? How to reboot or shutdown a laptop? All possible scenarios will be described below.

Normal reboot

Let’s start by exploring a simple computer reboot. It helps only when the OS responds to user actions, but very slowly.

You must perform the following steps (for example, Windows 7):

  1. In the lower left corner, click on the Windows image.
  2. Near the line "To finish work" click on the arrow.
  3. Click on command "Reboot".

All that remains to be done now. it’s to wait. The computer will complete all processes and then restart the operating system. Does the laptop freeze? What to do in this case?

Forced reboot

If the computer "buggy" and does not restart in the usual way, you must force restart the OS. This is a normal phenomenon, the technique is used in practice quite often.

It is necessary to act as follows:

  1. Press on the keyboard Ctrl Alt Del.
  2. In the lower right corner, click on the arrow button. Next to it will be a picture of turning off the PC.
  3. Select the function in the menu that appears. "Reboot".

It is done. In fact, everything is not as difficult as it seems. And now it’s clear what to do if the laptop has a black screen or a simple freeze. But this is only the beginning. There are actually several more ways to deal with "glitches" laptops.

Reboot without shutdown

Does the laptop freeze? What to do? If the operating system is still responding to user actions, you can try to restart without turning off the computer. This practice exists, but it is not used very often.

So, it is proposed to act like this:

  1. Open in any way (through "Start" or Ctrl Alt Del) function menu.
  2. Select option "Log out".
  3. Wait a while.

So the user can re-enter the operating system without turning off the computer. Although, as practice shows, exit from the OS is used in practice extremely rarely.

Power buttons

How to restart the laptop if it freezes? Sometimes it happens that the operating system stops responding to any user actions. In this case, as a rule, rebooting does not help. We have to urgently turn off the laptop.

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This can also be done in several ways. We found out why the laptop freezes. Regardless of the cause "glitches", in some cases, the user must urgently exit the OS. To do this, just press the power button of the laptop and hold it in a similar position for several seconds (5-10).

What will happen? The computer will be urgently turned off. After its inclusion, the user will be offered several options for loading the operating system. for example, in safe mode and in normal mode.

Battery to help

What to do if the laptop has a black screen? To fix the situation will help the previously listed techniques. But what if they didn’t work?

In certain circumstances, the user may try to shut down the laptop like this:

  1. Disconnect the power cord.
  2. Flip the laptop.
  3. Disconnect the battery from the main body.
  4. Insert it back.

It is done! After these steps, the user can turn on the computer again. This technique is not relevant for all laptops. It is not suitable for devices whose batteries cannot be removed. Therefore, not always removing the battery helps get rid of "glitches" and freezes.

Power off

Does the laptop freeze and not turn off? The following tip may be suitable for users who work with laptops without batteries, that is, with the battery disconnected.

If the computer could not be restarted, it must be disabled. Not the best, but very effective method is to disconnect the laptop from the power source.

In simple words, the user will just have to unplug the network cable from the laptop. If the laptop was not originally connected to the battery, an emergency shutdown of the OS will occur.

Attention: this technique is used in extreme cases. It can cause quite serious damage to the computer and the operating system as a whole.

This does not mean that turning off the power of the laptop is contraindicated. Sometimes this approach is the only way to solve the problem. Therefore, every modern user should know about it.

Food and Waiting

How to reboot a laptop if it freezes and does not respond to user actions? It all depends on the circumstances. Indeed, sometimes it is possible to reboot by simply disconnecting the laptop from the network.

What to do if the laptop has a non-removable battery and is directly powered? Such circumstances, if you turn off the shutdown using the Power button, provide only one scenario. expectation.

What does it mean? You must follow these instructions:

  1. Disconnect the laptop from the power cord.
  2. Try to restart the computer using the previously listed methods (using the keyboard).
  3. Wait a few hours.

You can do without 2 steps. That is, just disconnect the laptop from the power and wait. True, you need to be patient. the wait will be long. Until the device’s battery is fully discharged. Even in a frozen state, the OS consumes energy.

What will happen? The computer simply discharges and shuts down. After that, it remains just to connect the laptop to power via a wire, wait a few minutes (not necessary, but desirable), and then turn it on using the Power button.

Old OS and reboot

We managed to find out why the laptop freezes. And we also had to familiarize ourselves with the main methods of rebooting the OS. How to act? Each user decides this independently, taking into account the situation.

Does the laptop freeze? What to do? If we are talking about old operating systems, you can restart the computer only through the keyboard. Not always, but very often.

The user just needs to press Ctrl Alt Del several times (with small pauses). After that, an emergency reboot of the PC will be carried out.

For desktop computers

We figured out what to do if the laptop freezes. And why such situations arise. also. A few words about what additional trick you can use only on desktop computers.

A special toggle switch is located on the rear panel of the system unit (near the power supply). Simply put it in a state "Off"and then turn it back on. The computer will shut down. Then you can turn it on and continue to work with the operating system.