Learn Charge Copy Pro Airpods Android

Learn Charge Copy Pro Airpods Android

It was very interesting to experiment using AirPods replicas of the second version. I was looking for the best copy with all the engravings and functions.

In the review, for convenience, the comparison of the copy with the originals on the iPhone XR will immediately go.

Appearance, kit and comparison with the original

At first, a discreet look, the box, packed in film, and the inscriptions, almost identical to the original ones, are very similar to a branded apple product.

Learn Charge Copy Pro Airpods Android

But he who knows, in fact, as soon as he takes it in his hands, will understand that this is a copy.

The headphones in the box are dangling, the fonts are dull and blurry in places, one long sticker with information. although, most likely, it is only in my version (the original ones have several). and the inscriptions are printed crookedly.

By the way, the serial number of all copies is the same.

Learn Charge Copy Pro Airpods Android

above the original, below the replica

The copy box gives away blue, and as a cardboard you can also notice the difference, but at least it is dense, not wrinkled around.

Learn Charge Copy Pro Airpods Android

original on the left, copies on the right

Under the cover should be another barcode, firmly pressed to the bottom, while the copy is shifted to the center.

Well, how can one not notice the color and gluing of cardboard at the same time.

Learn Charge Copy Pro Airpods Android

For some reason, the Chinese do not like to place a tongue under the case with headphones, so that it is easier to raise the substrate. Of course, these are trifles, but Apple takes these trifles seriously. The original substrate is pleasant, made of recycled plastic.

The copy has nasty creaky record, You can’t name it in any other way. Documents on the use of AirPods are identical to the original ones, there is no guarantee only.

Learn Charge Copy Pro Airpods Android

Under the substrate is a Lightning cable, which, in principle, not bad both in quality and in work.

Learn Charge Copy Pro Airpods Android

Visually distinguish the front part of the case impossible.

The back of the replica is slightly different from the original one due to the color of the case cover hinge and the slightly slightly convex synchronization / reset button, although this tactile bulge is not felt at all.

Learn Charge Copy Pro Airpods Android

One of the first, inaccurate features of the copy is completely different inscriptions under the cover and the inscription of the model A1602, the original model A1938.

I repeat that such inscriptions in my version of the copies, perhaps in others are already more identical.

Learn Charge Copy Pro Airpods Android

The labels under the headphones are also different, but the replica has no external sensor at all, it is stupidly drawn!

Learn Charge Copy Pro Airpods Android

If you look closely at the sensor of the lower earphone, you can see how plastic is glued together in this part

Plastic copies are worse than the original, but not disgusting. LED indicator brighter and more. The lid of the case opens well, but not perfectly, the weight balance is broken in this part.

And since the weight of the original headphones 39 grams, and copies 36 grams, it can be assumed that these 3 grams lack the lid. She feels empty and flimsy. But loudly clicking the lid is nice, the magnets are powerful.

Learn Charge Copy Pro Airpods Android

Connection, pairing, animation

An interesting point is when connecting the headphones to the iPhone, as the phone defines the copies as original. This is software modulation or the Chinese have learned to copy the W1 / H1 chip, I don’t know.

All this is accompanied by pop-up animation, and the connection process takes exactly the same time as the original headphones.

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Learn Charge Copy Pro Airpods Android

Video: Learn Charge Copy Pro Airpods Android

copy animation

After successfully pairing with the phone, the window flows into the display of the charge of the case and headphones, spinning around its axis.

By the way, the copies after pairing remain under the name AirPods, without the name / nickname specified in the profile settings.

Learn Charge Copy Pro Airpods Android

left copy animation, right original

After opening the case cover pop-up animation pops up and shows the charge of the case and headphones. On the original animation appears almost instantly, on the copies only after 3-5 seconds.

Reduce this time span no way; most likely, this will only happen on new super-copies.

As for the pop-up animation of the copies. It is only at the first connection (or reconnection) under the carbon copy.

When you open the cover of the case with the original headphones, a window appears showing the charge of both headphones and the case, spinning around its axis, and when you already take out the headphones, the window goes into showing the charge of each headphone.

At the copy, when you open the cover of the case, it is shown immediately charge each earphone and case. Under-pseudo-animation so to speak.

Learn Charge Copy Pro Airpods Android

Original Nicholas and AirPods without a host

In the quick control point, the copy displays the charge of each headphone, case and, what should not be, a device connected by the blue tooth, called AirPods.

And by the way, if the original headphones when you open the cover of the case in the quick menu also appears a charge of headphones and a case, then the copy immediately charge each headphone and case.

Learn Charge Copy Pro Airpods Android

more AirPods, more!

Headphones are worn, the menu remains a lone AirPods device connected via Bluetooth. Sometimes the left or right earphone does not immediately connect if you get them quickly.

The solution is simple. put one earphone back into the case, close it, open it and put on the earphone again.

Learn Charge Copy Pro Airpods Android

original ones have an AirPods headphone icon

In the main settings, below the SEID, there is no menu of information about AirPods, like the original ones. Neither update nor see anything.

There is no third-party application either, including on Android.

Learn Charge Copy Pro Airpods Android

Autonomy, sound and microphone

The main criterion in the entire wireless techno field is autonomy, and, alas, this is not so good in these copies.

Original headphones hold up to 5 hours in music listening mode and up to 3 hours in talk mode, plus the case fully recharges the headphones 5 times, resulting in a total of 15 to 25 hours depending on use.

As for the copies, in the music mode the headphones hold up to 3 hours, and that, not always, happens 2 hours. What it depends on is not clear. Talk time up to 2 hours stably. Case is able to fully charge the headphones 4 times. According to estimates, it turns out from 8 to 12 hours, which is 2-3 times less compared to the original.

For some reason, the right earphone, considered the main one, discharges faster than the left. For example, the left after about an hour of listening to music has about 60-65%, the right has 50-55%.

Learn Charge Copy Pro Airpods Android

But it’s enough to put the right earphone in the case for 10 minutes and the balance will return, but anyway, when both headphones are fully or partially charged, the right earpiece will always discharge faster. To fully charge the headphones enough 45 minutes, for a case of 60 minutes, both through a wire, and through a wireless station.

Sound does not bestow superior quality, but blood does not spill from the ears. You can listen and hear music. In general, a weak middle peasant. The volume margin exceeds the original margin by almost 2 times, however, grunting / hissing becomes disgusting and unbearable at a level slightly above 3/4.

With a microphone, things are much better. You are heard well, both on the street and indoors. You hear great too. Voices do not “chew”, do not disappear and do not distort.

In all cases, the connection is excellent. There has never been a failure with the phone.

Management and Chips

Learn Charge Copy Pro Airpods Android

The sensors in the headphones are optical, and, I would say, a little tight. That is, you need to decently beat them so that they work correctly.

On the musical side. a triple tap on the left earphone. back track, triple there on the right. forward track (in the original, double tapes). And here it is necessary to make not only the effort to tap the earphone, but also to do it all as quickly as possible.

You take out one earphone, left or right, the music stops, put it back on, turns on. With the video on the phone, the same thing, with the exception of the YouTube application. There the video stops, but when the headphone returns to the ear, it does not turn on, only tap on the phone.

Learn Charge Copy Pro Airpods Android

Double tap on the left ear. Siri turns on, double tap on the right. music or video stops. If they call, then double tap on the left ear. hang up, on the right. to accept the call.

If you say proprietary: "Hello, Siri", then Madame will start. Change the methods of tapas in the settings impossible. As the headphones are programmed, use it.

Everything works with both two headphones and one. With only one earphone, the sound signal that sounds when you put the headphones in your ears turns on a couple of times, notifying that the connection is established. By the way, there are no Chinese tunes, greetings or goodbyes.

It’s funny that copies work on both iOS and Android, and if crutches are needed with the original ones on Android for normal operation, then copies don’t need anything.


Learn Charge Copy Pro Airpods Android

These headphones are best taken for an experiment, or for fun. It’s a pretty good option to use it and find out if the headphone form factor is right for you or not, is it convenient to take it with you, charge it, talk and listen.

It’s not a pity to lose them, break them or scratch them in the trash

Yes, they are even useful as a fallback in case of loss or discharge of the main ones. And here it’s not at all a matter of “show-offs” to have a gadget similar to Apple, as many people think, but of ordinary curiosity or economy, since they use copies for a long time, and what people have to do with it.

In the dry residue, such pros:

– Price;
– Form factor and case;
– Wireless charger;
– Good quality microphone;
– A decent margin of volume;
– Touch control;
– Connection of one earphone;

Of cons:

– Autonomy;
– Only partial and long animation;
– The quality of the speakers;
– Lack of settings and updates;
– The quality of the plastic;
– A flimsy, empty case cover with an unbalanced weight balance.

(4.44 out of 5, rated: 18)

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