Lenovo A3000-H Tablet Recovery – Trust Me I`M An Engineer

Lenovo A3000-H Tablet Recovery. Trust Me I`M An Engineer

Restoring the health of the tablet Lenovo A3000-H

The other day they brought me a Lenovo Ideapad A3000 tablet, which flatly refused to start. They said: "You’re a programmer, do something!". After some gestures, I decided to sketch out a short manual on restoring the work of this device.

Problem No. 1: The device does not turn on, the screen with the inscription Lenovo lights up and goes out.

For devices of this model, this behavior is characteristic when the battery is completely discharged. This bastard cannot charge in normal mode.

1. Remove the back cover of the device.

2. Turn off the battery, and check the voltage that it gives out. I had 3.075V although normal 3.7V.

3. Connect the charger. (With the battery disconnected!).

4. Connect the battery and wait while the device is charging.

Problem number 2: The tablet does not load. The Lenovo inscription hangs endlessly.

Since I have no deep knowledge of the Android OS, I solved the problem by flashing the device. Before flashing, it would be nice to backup your tablet data. But this is not the task: regular recovery mode does not know how. Praise the guys from the Team Win Recovery Project, who came up with an alternative recovery partition with the functionality I need!

I warn you right away: With all manipulations with the firmware, there is a chance to brick the device! The author is not responsible for what you do with your technique.

1. Install the driver for firmware from a PC. Download the driver from here.

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We connect the turned off tablet to the PC. An unknown device will appear in the device manager for two seconds. Caught and put the driver. If everything is correct, then the next time, instead of an unknown device, the MediaTek Preloader USB VCOM Port will appear in the COM and LPT ports.

2. Replace the recovery section. Download the firmware program and image recovery section. You can also download from here and from here.

Unpack them into a folder in the full path to which there should not be Russian letters.

Launch the SP Flash Tool. (I recommend using fresh versions of the program. I received an error on one of the older versions "tool dl image fail" after flashing.)

Press the Scatter-loading button and select the MT6589_Android_scatter_emmc file from the unpacked archive.

Lenovo A3000-H Tablet Recovery. Trust Me I`M An Engineer

We put a daw DA DL All With Chek Sum.

Click the download button to answer yes.

We connect the tablet and press the Reset button.

If everything is done correctly, the download process will go. at the end of which a green circle appears with the inscription "Download OK!".

Disconnect from the PC and turn off the tablet.

Save data to sd memory card. Turn on and enter Recovery. (Hold the power button and volume at the same time). click Backup and select what and where to save.

Then you can try to make Wipe cache and user data through the same TWRP. It did not help me, so I had to reflash the device.

3. Reflash the device. Re-flashing is similar to installing TWRP, only everything else is selected instead of the recovery section. Download the desired firmware from w3bsit3-dns.com and forward. Data recovery again, similar to copying, go to recovery mode, click restore, choose what and where.

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