Lenovo Does Not Boot From Windows 7 Flash Drive

Windows 10 cannot be installed from a flash drive

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There are many reasons why windows 10 cannot be installed from a flash drive. drive, hardware, or incorrect settings error. All of them can interfere with the installation of the system and add to the hassle. In this article, we will give tips on what to do if Windows 10 is not installed from a flash drive.


Clean system installation. it is a process that can do little to hinder. Usually, a complete reinstallation of the OS (with the removal of the previous version) means that most of the data will be deleted (if not all) and no system errors can interfere. But there are several reasons why it is not possible to install windows 10 from a flash drive:

  • Device settings. the most common reason for inexperienced users. How to set the boot order correctly, choose a format, disk, and many other settings and parameters can mislead the user;
  • Drive error (system image). if the installation drive is recorded incorrectly (or the image is “broken”), unpleasant errors may occur in the process;
  • Hardware issues. it can be either an unsupported device (it may simply not be installed on very old Windows 10 computers), or hardware problems. broken memory or disk.

We sorted out the main reasons, and now we proceed to a detailed analysis of the options so that you do not have any questions why I can not install windows 10 from a flash drive. We start in order of the possibility of an error. when loading an image, record the image to the drive and install.

OS boot

Installing Windows begins by loading the image, unless of course it was previously downloaded. It’s better to refrain from images downloaded from torrents and other insecure resources (only if you are not 100% sure about it).

It’s better to download the Windows image from the official site, so that later there will be no problems that the bootable windows 10 flash drive does not load.

You can download the latest version of the OS in 2 ways

  1. Using the Media Creation Tools utility (https://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=691209). which can both save the image to disk (for further recording on DVD), and burn it to a USB flash drive. In addition, you can update the system from this utility if you do not need to reinstall the entire system. So that there are no questions that I can not make a bootable flash drive windows 10. use MCT.
  2. Download the image directly from the site. Open the developer mode (in Google Chrome and Yandex browser F12 key), select the emulation of the phone or tablet and reload the page. After the steps have been taken, the image selection interface for downloading will be available to you.

Lenovo Does Not Boot From Windows 7 Flash Drive

Video: Lenovo Does Not Boot From Windows 7 Flash Drive

Downloading the correct image solves many problems that arise during installation. starting from the fact that the windows 10 boot drive does not start, ending with a drive initialization error.

Image capture

In addition to loading, the image must also be correctly recorded. Media Creation Tools, which can immediately download and burn the image to a USB drive, will help again. But if suddenly, MCT is not working, you can try other options.

One of the main errors, as a result of which the laptop or PC does not see the windows 10 boot drive, is the usual unzipping of the image to a disk or USB drive.

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An ISO image can be unpacked through any archiver, but this is not recommended, since you just copy the files, but the flash drive will not boot, and as a result, the windows 10 installer will not see the flash drive.

To create a bootable flash drive, it is better to use other software. Rufus, USB / DVD Tools, UltraISO and many more.

Computer Settings (BIOS, UEFI)

In order to start the installation of the system, you need

You should immediately pay attention that each manufacturer of the laptop and motherboard has its own hot keys for entering the BIOS and UEFI. they differ even in different models, not to mention manufacturers.

Let’s give some general tips on what to do when windows 10 installation from a flash drive does not start:

  • Make sure that the desired drive is in the boot priority in 1 place. It is from him that the installation should begin;
  • Old motherboards have the “External Device Boot” parameter, which is responsible for starting from external devices (flash drives, external HDDs, etc.). set the parameter to Enabled;
  • Another reason why windows 10 is not installed from a USB flash drive (quite common on Lenovo laptops). blocking to start the installation from external sources. Secure boot. Unplug it before installation;

Lenovo Does Not Boot From Windows 7 Flash Drive

  • If the Boot Mode settings are set to Legacy, switch it to UEFI. Legacy is required to install previous versions of the OS (Windows 7 and later). Except for installing the system on an MBR;
  • Some devices require a start confirmation. therefore, press any key when you try to start the installation from a USB flash drive.

One of these tips should help with the question that the boot windows 10 flash drive does not work. And we will move on to the next option. errors during the installation phase.

Errors during installation

The image is loaded correctly, recorded correctly, BIOS parameters are set. but still can not install windows 10 from a flash drive? Let’s take a look at the nature of the error.

  • Error about the table of MBR sections. In this case, you need to go back to the previous step and find the item about the Boot Option Legacy / UEFI values ​​and switch to Legacy;

Lenovo Does Not Boot From Windows 7 Flash Drive

  • The error “the necessary driver was not found” when choosing the drive to install. Try another USB port or another drive. You can also try downloading the chipset drivers to another removable media and “give” them to the installer;

Lenovo Does Not Boot From Windows 7 Flash Drive

  • Installation of windows 10 from a flash drive does not start or is interrupted during the copying phase. in this case, either changing the drive / flash drive / disk / image or the error may be a hardware error.
  1. Look at SMART indicators, check the hard drive for bad sectors;
  2. Scan RAM for errors;

Lenovo Does Not Boot From Windows 7 Flash Drive

Often reinstalling Windows is a cardinal solution to the problems of errors of the system itself. But sometimes, the cause of these errors is not the system, but the components of the computer.

In this article, we talked about what to do if the installation of windows 10 from a flash drive does not load and how to solve this issue. We hope that this information was useful and helped you.

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