Lenovo Yoga Screen Does Not Turn On

What to do if Lenovo tablet does not turn on

When you find that your tablet Lenovo tab 2, yoga, tab a10, tablet, s5000, ideatab, a3500 h does not turn on, before contacting a service center, you can conduct an elementary diagnosis yourself.

In some cases, on your own you can eliminate problems in the work that led to such a defect.

Battery problem

A common problem when your tablet Lenovo tab 2, yoga, tab a10, tablet, s5000, ideatab, a3500 h does not turn on is a problem with the battery or charger. Allowing the battery to discharge completely will result in the charger not recognizing the battery immediately. Plug in the charge and leave it on for several hours.

Lenovo Yoga Screen Does Not Turn On

Also check the power supply itself and the USB cable on other devices. Inspect the plug and slot; they should not be mechanically damaged.

If the model has a removable battery, then it makes sense to get the battery for a couple of minutes and insert it back, trying to turn it on again. Inspect it, if it has a swelling, then a replacement for a new one is necessary.


If moisture has entered your gadget, you must immediately turn it off and, if the battery is removable, pull it out. With a minor hit of any liquid, you can dry it yourself. Just do not use a hair dryer, in this case immersion in a container of rice, which is known for its good moisture-absorbing effect, helps a lot.

In case of excessive moisture ingress, also disconnect and disassemble the tablet as much as possible and hurry to the workshop, where they will be given quick resuscitation to avoid corrosion of internal components. It is best not to try to turn on the flooded tablet. such an action can lead to the closure of electrical circuits and restore the gadget will be problematic.

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Mechanical damage

A fall or shock that caused serious mechanical damage to your gadget is a problem that is best entrusted to a Lenovo Tablet Repair Specialist.

Because the damage can be either insignificant, in the form of departing loops, or manifest itself in the output of the main electronic components, which must be replaced with new ones. One way or another, for quality diagnostics special skills and equipment are needed.

Program crash, Lenovo tablet freezes

If your Lenovo tablet does not turn on, what should I do? The nature of the manifestation of such a defect may be different. When the gadget freezes and does not respond to any commands, this indicates a failure in the Android software. You need to try to restart it, reset to factory settings or reflash the tablet. This happens due to the simultaneous launch of a large number of applications or the incorrect operation of one of them.

Do not forget to periodically back up your data, because all these actions lead to their loss.

You must simultaneously press and hold the home and volume buttons. Depending on the model, it is possible to either decrease or increase, or both. To reset the settings you need to find the menu item Reset Android through the path Settings.> Format System.

Failure of internal components

Your Lenovo tab 2, yoga, tab a10, tablet, s5000, ideatab, a3500 h tablet and other models may not turn on due to malfunctioning internal components. Power surges during recharging, short circuit due to high humidity or factory defective components are the main reasons for the manifestation of such a defect. You can fix the problem by replacing parts with new ones.

Lenovo Yoga Screen Does Not Turn On

The power button and screen may also not work and need qualified assistance. It is necessary to disassemble the tablet for a detailed examination and diagnosis of each component.

Upon further contacting the service center, it will not be superfluous to tell you the detailed circumstances in which you found that your Lenovo tablet does not turn on, this will help to make the correct diagnosis.

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