Locked Iphone! What To Do

Locked Iphone! What To Do

If the user entered the password incorrectly several times, then the Apple device is blocked. What to do if the iPhone is locked and how to find a solution to the problem to get access to your favorite phone or tablet?


Typically, the iPhone is blocked if the password on the iPhone or iPad was entered incorrectly about 7-10 times.

It is unlikely that one of the people will go through the password so many times, but there are different cases. Maybe someone really doesn’t remember the cherished numbers, or maybe the child just dabbled in and pressed everything. On the one hand, locking your smartphone is a great thing if your phone has been stolen. But sometimes it’s very hard for someone to remember him.

A phone or tablet can be "brought back to life" and gain access to a locked device. And if a copy of the files was created in iCloud, then all the photos, videos, messages and notes will return to their original place.

If iPhone is locked, try recovery mode

In the event that the user has never made a backup of his device using iTunes or iCloud and the Find My iPhone application is not configured, then this method is intended for such situations.

Unfortunately, the only way to unlock your smartphone is to return the device to factory default settings.

But the operation will delete absolutely all existing files, including the lock password. After a full recovery, access to the phone will appear. In this case, you need to configure the phone from scratch.

one. Open iTunes on PC.

2. Make sure that the smartphone is completely turned off and connect it to the computer with a cable.

3. Then press and hold the Home button for 10-15 seconds. A white apple should appear on the screen.

four. Continue holding the Home button until you see the iTunes logo and cable on the iPhone display. This means that the smartphone has entered recovery mode, and you can release the button.

5. Then a message appears on the PC with the proposed options “Cancel”, “Update” and “Restore”.

6. Press button "Restore", to start the process.

IMPORTANT! The device may exit recovery mode if iTunes downloads software for the device for more than 25 minutes. In this case, repeat steps 3 and 4 to return to the mode.

7. After some time, you will see Apple’s signature greeting on the display of your phone.

8. Follow the instructions to set up your phone.

After installation, you can use your smartphone as before. This time, make sure that you have set up automatic copying in iCloud and iTunes. In the future, it will help a lot to return all your files without problems, if suddenly the device is lost, damaged or blocked.

Uninstall and restore using iCloud Backup

If your iPhone is locked and you have turned on the Find My iPhone feature on your Apple device, you can erase everything from the phone. Also reset your password and recover files using iCloud.

one. Using your computer, sign in to your iCloud account using your Apple ID.

2. Next click on the icon Find iPhone (Find My iPhone) and open the application.

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3. On the next tab, click All devices, and then select the iPhone you want to delete.

four. Next on the screen you will see 3 options:

  • play a sound;
  • loss mode;
  • erase the iPhone.

Click Erase iPhone, to delete all data on the device, including a lock code that you cannot remember.

5. Then you will be asked to enter your Apple ID and password to confirm that it is really you want to erase all files on the device.

6. As soon as the files on the phone are erased, you will see a welcome screen that offers to configure the smartphone again.

7. After all the settings, click here.

Once the process is completed, you can enter your smartphone without a password.

Copy and restore using iTunes

The two-stage process of gaining access to the device without data loss works if you previously made a copy in iTunes and allowed your computer access to the smartphone.

When your iPhone is locked, the first thing you need to do is make a copy in iTunes. After that, you need to erase everything on the phone (including password). Then you need to restore the device using the backup you just made.

What should be done:

one. Open iTunes and connect the iPhone to the PC using a cable.

2. In iTunes, click on the phone icon, which is located under the top menu bar.

3. In the Backups section, select This computer and make sure the option Encrypt backup not marked.

IMPORTANT! Canceling the function ensures that the phone will be copied without a password.

four. Then click Recover now, to start the process.

The time to create a copy will depend on the size of the files on the device. You can see the progress of the process in Aytyuns on the top panel of the program.

After the process is complete, make sure that iTunes has indeed made a backup file by following the steps:

  1. Select tab Edit.Settings.

2. Next, click on Devices.

You should see a backup of the iPhone with the name iPhone and time.

Erase locked data and recover using iTunes

Now that you have made a backup copy of the locked phone on your PC, the next step is to erase the data on your smartphone (including the lock password) and restore the iPhone using the copy from iTunes that you just created.

  1. Click Restore iPhone and start the process.

2. You may see a pop-up window that asks you: do you want to make a backup before starting the recovery? Click Do not save, to start the process.

3. The procedure will take some minutes (20-25). Wait patiently for completion until you see the greeting from Apple on the display of your phone.

4. Set up your device by following the on-screen instructions.

5. Feel free to restore from Aityuns. Select the most recent backup you just created and patiently wait for the process to complete.

When the iPhone was locked, it was impossible to view and save files. But after the procedure, he should return all the photos, notes and messages (except for the lock password). You can log into your iPhone without entering an access code and use it.

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