Long Charging Lenovo A536 Phone

If the battery of your phone does not charge properly, do not think that the problem may be only in the battery or charging. Based on personal experience, the problem and its solution can be much simpler than you think. If your smartphone or tablet does not charge well or does not charge at all, then check out 10 ways to solve these problems.

Why the device does not charge

Problems arise to one degree or another. Either the phone does not want to charge at all when it is connected, or the process is too slow. Here are some solutions.

1. Bad contact

Very often, the metal coating inside the USB port and micro USB has poor contact, either through a manufacturing defect or through cable wear.

All you have to do is turn off the device, remove the battery, if possible, and clean the contacts inside with something like a needle or toothpick. Do this very carefully and carefully, then insert the battery and reconnect the charger. In 9 cases out of 10, this is all that is required of you.

2. Clean the charging port of dust and other fibers.

Do you keep your phone in your jeans pocket? If so, then the fibers may be the culprit of the problem: we have already lost the count, how many times did the fibers of our clothes become the cause of faulty charging.

You can also normalize the charging connector by blowing it with compressed air.

3. Try a different cable

The most fragile part of the charger is the cable. It constantly bends, which over time can damage it.

Long Charging Lenovo A536 Phone

The easiest way to diagnose a damaged cable is to take another one and see if it works properly with your device. If so, do you know that the original charger cable is faulty. If not, then you need to look for a solution further.

4. Use a different adapter

You excluded the presence of problems with the cable, then you need to check the operability of the charging device itself. It is much easier to do if you can pull the wire out of the adapter. We were faced with many chargers, where the USB ports were worn out due to the endless connection and disconnection of the cable.

Long Charging Lenovo A536 Phone

Video: Long Charging Lenovo A536 Phone

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Also check the charging / wire operation on other phones, as this will help eliminate the possibility that this is a problem with your smartphone. In addition, you must make sure that the outlet is working.

5. Remember. safety first

Do not charge your gadget near water or in extremely hot or humid conditions. Do not keep the device connected to charging for too long. Do not leave it to recharge the whole night when it needs only 2-3 hours. This may cause hardware damage.

If you want to replace the charger or the wire to it, be careful: cheap third-party adapters are quite dangerous. Recently, there have been many cases of fire of mobile phones because of them.

The video below captured one of these cases:

6. Replace the battery.

The battery life does not last forever, and after several years of use, it loses its capacity. The more often you charge and discharge it, the sooner it will deteriorate. Of course, if the battery stops working after six months of operation, then you need to contact the seller for a guarantee.

Long Charging Lenovo A536 Phone

Some defective batteries are easy to identify in appearance. If it is swollen, then it should be replaced immediately.

7. Charge from the correct source.

Charging from a wall outlet will always be faster than from a computer, because its USB ports have too little power. Thus, the phone charges much faster from the outlet.

Also, the problem may be that you are using the adapter from another device, for example, from a Bluetooth headset that is not designed for your gadget. This adapter does not supply enough current. In the case of the latest models of high-end smartphones, you may have a device that supports fast charging, but the adapter is not suitable.

8. Update the software or roll back to the previous version

Software updates can degrade the mobile phone’s battery life, especially when the old device gets the latest version of Android. Newer smartphones and tablets are often optimized to take advantage of the latest software.

Long Charging Lenovo A536 Phone

If this happened to you and you cannot find a solution, try rolling back to the previous version. You can, of course, first try to do a full reset, as manufacturers recommend, so as not to jeopardize the data on the device due to the old version of Android.

Similarly, sometimes the smartphone’s battery life can be significantly improved with a fresh update.

9. Try turning it off

The use of heavy applications while charging affects the duration of the process. For example, if you chat on Skype or play games, then the device will need more time to recharge.

Therefore, put the device on charge in the off state or in airplane mode.

10. Calibrate the battery

Sometimes, the battery level displayed on the screen may differ from the actual one. Because of this, the behavior of the phone may seem strange to you.

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