Lumia 950 How to Remove the Cover

Disassemble Nokia Lumia 950 XL

Detailed photo instruction: how to disassemble Nokia Lumia 1520 review and full specifications of the smartphone Nokia Lumia 1520

1. Get a special or regular paper clip, SIM card tray, and SD card, if any.

Lumia 950 How to Remove the Cover

2. Loosen the T2 Phillips screw securing the back cover to the Lumia 1520 (located between the SIM card tray and the SD card).

3. In order to remove the back cover from the phone, take a plastic pick or other sharp instrument and begin to separate the cover from the case. The cover is attached to the body with snap clips. Work carefully so as not to break them.

4. From the back cover, using a hairdryer to soften the glue, remove the headphone jack if necessary.

5. Locate the two coaxial plug-in connectors (marked in orange with white circles inside). Use the thin tip of curved tweezers or a spudger tool to disconnect them from the motherboard.

Then find and unscrew the six small screws (marked with orange circles) so that you can remove the motherboard.

Now, using a spudger or tweezers, carefully disconnect the cable connectors that were located under the protective covers.

6. After all of the above actions, if you did everything correctly, you can remove the motherboard from the phone.

7. From the motherboard, using tweezers, remove the camera by first disconnecting its connector.

8. In order to remove the battery from the phone, you will need a hair dryer to soften the glue with which it is fixed in place in the case.

9. Locate and unscrew the four small Phillips screws (# 00) that secure the micro USB dock port and speaker (indicated by orange circles).

Then, using a plastic tool, or spudger, gently lift and remove the Micro USB dock and speaker.

10. In order to replace the power button and the volume button, you must first soften the glue with a hairdryer, after which you can remove them with tweezers and put new ones in their place.

11. Remove the speaker with tweezers as shown in the photo below, in case you need to replace it.

12. To replace the vibration motor, use a hair dryer to heat the glue with which it is attached to the phone.