Macbook Pro Retina Matrix Replacement

We carry out the replacement of the matrix on the Macbook of any models, we can replace both the matrix (display) and the entire cover assembly. We put only original spare parts, the average matrix replacement time is 1 hour.

Macbook Pro Retina Matrix Replacement

Matrix replacement on MacBook Air, Pro

If “broken” pixels, spots, color bars and cracks appear on the MacBook’s screen, if the image is distorted, if the fragile display of the laptop was mechanically damaged or filled with liquid, we can say with great certainty that the matrix (macbook display) is out of order, which means it needs to be replaced. The fact is that it is almost impossible to restore or repair it, so it is advisable to install a new one.

Causes of MacBook matrix failure

As you know, Apple products are characterized by high reliability and consistent quality. But the so-called human factor has not been canceled: most often MacBook screens fail because of users (usually due to accidents or careless handling). Unfortunately, it is not difficult to spoil the screen: just close the laptop with a ballpoint pen or pencil on its keyboard, or accidentally drop the device on the floor. If, when you turn on the laptop, you see a picture with smudges or stripes on the screen, the MacBook matrix clearly needs to be replaced. A similar procedure will have to be carried out if the monitor does not light up at all.

Matrix Replacement Procedure

Video: Macbook Pro Retina Matrix Replacement

If you encounter a similar problem, we strongly do not recommend replacing the matrix yourself. It should be remembered that laptops from Apple traditionally have a thin body and are very difficult to arrange.

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Before starting repair work, it is necessary to de-energize the laptop (remove the battery if it is removable) and only then proceed with disassembly. Only a master from a service center can properly discharge a non-removable battery. Another difficulty when replacing the matrix is ​​to get to the screws that secure the cover. They are located in such a way that for this you will have to completely disassemble the device.

In addition, special tools will be needed for work, in particular, a special screwdriver. When replacing the display, never leave a fingerprint. It is also important to prevent dust from entering. Compliance with these requirements also makes it almost impossible to independently replace the matrix on a MacBook. This is a complex and painstaking work, which is more reasonable to entrust to professionals from the service center.

Macbook Pro Retina Matrix Replacement

Screen replacement specifications for Macbook Air A1369 / A1466 and A1370 / 1465, 15 Retina A1398 and 13 Retina A1425

Matrix repair on the Macbook Air A1369 / A1466 and A1370 / A1465 is somewhat specific. There is no matrix as such, there is glass and reflective films, it is advisable to completely replace the entire cover assembly, but our craftsmen can carefully remove the glass and replace only the glass of the screen, this procedure is much cheaper and practically does not differ in quality.

Replacing displays on new laptops Apple MacBook Pro 15 Retina A1398 and Retina 13 A1425 completely similar to the procedure described above for replacing the matrix on the latest generation of Air laptops, the only difference. on MacBooks with Retin display there is no framing frame of the screen, instead of it a protective glass is already glued to the matrix. The process of replacing the display on the MacBook Retina is quite complicated, but our wizards do it perfectly!

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