Meizu M3 Camera Basking

Meizu M3 Camera Basking

Review Meizu M3 Max

In this review, we will try to find out what the Meizu M3 Max is. And as in practice, the characteristics declared by the manufacturer manifest themselves.

Meizu M3 Max can be called a "hybrid" model.

Manufacturers tried to create a gadget that would organically combine the functionality of a tablet and the convenience of a mobile phone.



  • Manufacturer: Meizu
  • A type: Smartphone
  • Preset OS Android 6.0 (Marshmallow)

Hardware specifications

  • RAM: GB 3;
  • Built-in memory: GB 64;
  • Expansion slot: microSD (up to 128 GB);
  • SIM Type: Nano-SIM;
  • SIM Card Number 2 (or 1 SIM memory card);
  • CPU: Mediatek Helio P10 GPU Mali-T860;
  • Number of Cores: 8;
  • Frequency: GHz 4×1.8 4×1;
  • Accumulator battery: 4100 mAh (non-removable).


  • Diagonal, inches 6;
  • Resolution 1920 × 1080;
  • Matrix Type IPS; PPI 368;
  • There is a brightness adjustment sensor;
  • Another 2.5D glass, contrast: 1000: 1, brightness: 450 cd / m.


  • The main camera, MP 13;
  • Video recording 1920 × 1080 (30 fps);
  • Flash dual LED;
  • Front camera, MP 5;
  • Other 13 megapixels (Sony IMX 258, 5-element lens, F / 2.2 aperture, PDAF autofocus), 5 megapixels (4-element lens, F / 2.0 aperture, Face After Effects technology).


  • High-speed data transfer GPRS, EDGE, HSDPA, HSUPA, LTE;
  • Communication standards GSM 850/900/1800/1900; UMTS 850/900/1800/2100; LTE
  • Wi-Fi 802.11 a / b / g / n / ac;
  • Bluetooth 4.1;
  • IrDA is;
  • FM radio is;
  • 3.5mm audio jack
  • NFC no;
  • Interface USB 2.0 (micro-USB);


  • Dimensions, mm 163.4×81.6×7.9;
  • Weight, g 189;
  • No dust and moisture protection;
  • Case type monoblock (non-separable);
  • Case material metal;
  • Keyboard type screen input;
  • And start by opening the box.

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Packed in such a stylish box Meizu M3 Max

Meizu M3 Camera Basking

Box Meizu M3 Max

Inside we find:

  • Telephone;
  • Power adapter;
  • USB cable
  • Clip for removing the SIM card tray;
  • Documentation.

Meizu M3 Camera Basking

What’s inside the box with Meizu M3 Max

As you can see, the configuration is nothing unusual. However, it is worth noting the quality of the packaging. She is safe in every way.

Sealing on both sides prevents the phone from being replaced, and the phone itself and its accessories are packed very high quality and tightly.

So you can not worry that the smartphone will be damaged during delivery.


Meizu M3 Camera Basking

Design Meizu M3 Max

As for the design, it is well designed. Taking the phone in hand, you immediately feel the "quality factor" of the assembly.

The case is completely metal, monolithic, without creaks and backlashes. And they are unlikely to appear after prolonged use. The location of the mechanical buttons is standard. Right. power and volume, M-touch panel in the center.

But the hallmark of this smartphone is its size.

With a large 6-inch screen, the appearance of the gadget looks very "slim". The thickness is only 8 mm. Therefore, the design decision can be evaluated on a strong "five".

However, it is worth saying that the large dimensions are unlikely to allow you to carry the phone in your pockets. It will have to be stored either in a purse, or in a backpack, or in a special case.

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Meizu M3 Camera Basking

Such a large size can be both an advantage and a disadvantage. Phone size is a matter of taste.

But Meizu M3 Max positions such dimensions as, in fact, the chip of the phone.

How useful is such a large screen?

  • Not just big. The secret of Meizu M3 Max is that the screen here is not just big. He is very high quality. IPS-matrix gives a beautiful picture.
  • Color rendering and viewing angle. It has excellent color reproduction, brightness and contrast. And to all this, an excellent viewing angle. When turning, the colors are not inverted, do not fade or distort.
  • Comfortable work in any weather. Even in the bright sun, you are unlikely to feel uncomfortable with this phone.
  • FULL HD as it is. On the screen of Meizu M3 Max you can feel the beauty of FULL HD resolution.

Meizu M3 Camera Basking

Screen Meizu M3 Max

The manufacturer managed to create a phone model on which watching movies and TV shows will really be fun.

Actually, in such a screen lies the decision of Meizu to combine both a phone and a tablet in one gadget.

Also, Meizu M3 Max will definitely please fans of Skype video calling. In short, for multimedia entertainment, such a phone is more than good.


Meizu M3 Camera Basking

Android Flyme Shell

Meizu M3 Max model works on the popular Android 6.0 Marshmallow. Wrapped this operating system in a Flyme 6 interface.

Meizu M3 Camera Basking

Video: Meizu M3 Camera Basking

Flyme on Android

I am glad that the phone’s operating system is not “clogged” from the very beginning with various completely useless applications.

Worth saying, that the OS itself leaves a conflicting impression. It is rich in various functionalities, but due to its richness it is difficult to call it intuitive. It will also definitely be addictive if you have not used Meizu phones before.

The main 5 chips in Flyme 6:

Meizu M3 Camera Basking

Convenient sound volume control:

When you click on the sound level buttons, a panel appears on the screen that allows you to change both the overall volume and the volume of calls and applications.

Meizu M3 Camera Basking

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Convenient work and systematization of notifications

Thanks to the three options “Allow notifications","Allow notifications without notification"And"Disable Notifications»You can easily optimize the flow of notifications.

Quick access to the camera and music.

Double-clicking the HOME button opens the music player or turns on the main camera of the phone.

This makes it very convenient to quickly turn on the camera without unlocking the phone.

Meizu M3 Camera Basking

Folder in the "Private Folders" Explorer

At first glance, a simple function allows you to greatly simplify the search for the files you need.

You can add folders manually, as well as the system can add these folders automatically.

Meizu M3 Camera Basking

“Long screenshot”

A useful function that allows you to take a screenshot, for example, of a whole web page, even if the "length" of the page does not initially fit on the screen.

The overall work of the software leaves the most pleasant experience. You are provided with pleasant web surfing, watching videos online and spending time on social networks.


Meizu M3 Camera Basking

Meizu M3 Max Cameras

The most “vulnerable” place in the Meizu M3 Max smartphone is cameras.

There are two of them on the phone: the front and the main.

The main camera gives 13 megapixels. There are no complaints about everyday shooting with good lighting.

However, there is a problem with the light. there are problems with the image. Shaded places come out with "noise."

The same goes for 5 megapixel front cameras. a very mediocre camera.

Smartphone Meizu M3 Max can not be advised to those for whom the camera in the phone is in the first place criteria. Such "eyes" can provide the user with only a basic minimum.

You will always have the opportunity to post fresh photos to instagrams and other social networks. However, it will not pull on higher quality photos.

Examples of photos are given below.

  • Meizu M3 Camera Basking
  • Meizu M3 Camera Basking
  • Meizu M3 Camera Basking
  • Meizu M3 Camera Basking


Meizu M3 Camera Basking

The filling of the smartphone shows very good numbers on a variety of tests.

The performance of this gadget, of course, is enough to ensure that the installed applications work "lightly" due to 3 GB of RAM installed on the phone.

However, it is worth mentioning separately about working with 3D applications, in particular, “toys”.

Meizu M3 Camera Basking

Playability M3 Max

Meizu M3 Max can not be called gaming. The installed Mali video accelerator, of course, copes with 3D games. However, performance is far from ideal.

In games, you have to be content with medium and low graphics settings for an adequate game.

For example, the same popular World of Tanks will only be playable on low settings. In this case, the FPS will be approximately 40-45 frames per second.

This is annoying. However, it is worth remembering: the manufacturer does not position Meizu M3 Max as a gaming or mega-performance smartphone.


Meizu M3 Camera Basking

Multimedia Meizu M3 Max

The main chip Meizu M3 Max is multimedia.

When playing a high-quality video file, you understand why Meizu M3 Max was created. This gadget copes with Full HD video and 4K video. 4K video plays perfectly. When rewinding, there is no “braking”.

With high-quality video to the full, all its advantages are displayed on the screen. Also fans of watching movies and TV shows will enjoy as much as 64 GB of memory. The phone can be filled with your favorite TV shows to the eyeballs.

But not only this indicator makes Meizu M3 Max an ideal portable media platform.

Let’s pay attention to the battery and energy saving.

Energy saving

Meizu M3 Camera Basking

Battery Meizu M3 Max

Meizu M3 Max will definitely wipe its nose to its competitors in this aspect.

The battery charge allows you to actively use the phone all day: watch videos, listen to music, make calls, surf the Internet. You have enough battery power for the whole day.

To be more specific: the battery lasts for 6 hours of continuous viewing of video on youtube.

If you do not squeeze all the juices out of the phone, and use it for the most part as a “dialer” and “messenger”, then you can not worry about the battery charge for 2 days. In addition, the phone has a very good system for automatically optimizing energy consumption.


Meizu M3 Camera Basking

Meizu M3 Max Non-removable Battery

The battery is non-removable, which, of course, is a minus. But in models from Chinese manufacturers, this is a standard phenomenon.

The battery on the Meizu M3 Max is pleased that it hardly warms up. Even with large loads on the system, overheating does not exceed 46 degrees. In fact, it feels like a slight warmth. You will not have problems with the fact that it is impossible to hold the phone in your hands. In this case, a charge from 10% to 100% passes in just an hour and a half.

In general, the battery life of the phone is its second main advantage after a high-quality screen.

This combination allows you to really use the phone as a media platform.

Sound and communication

Meizu M3 Camera Basking

The speaker of the Meizu M3 Max gives a pretty good sound. It does not differ in particular depth, but it is reproduced quite loudly.

The same goes for the sound of the headphones. Only a sophisticated music lover can find fault.

Regarding the connection, wi-fi, blue tooth, 3g, 4g, we can say briefly: everything is “okay”.


Meizu M3 Camera Basking

Meizu M3 Max. This is a smartphone for those for whom "size matters." The large and high-quality screen is definitely worth attributing to the main advantages of this phone.

The manufacturer managed to create a smartphone that ideally serves as a “video player” and is suitable for those who like to spend time on a long journey while watching their favorite TV shows.

A separate “thumbs up” deserves the battery and battery life. Few smartphones of this price range and power can boast of such a battery.

What you can blame this phone for is a weak processor that does not work very well with 3D games.

As a result, we get a media platform on which you won’t play much.

And the camera is also a minus. Her quality is mediocre. There is a feeling that it was possible to install a better camera.

In general, Meizu M3 Max leaves a very pleasant impression.

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