Meizu Pro 7 Not Upgraded To Flyme

Meizu Pro 7 Not Upgraded To Flyme

List of firmware changes

Meizu Pro 7 appeared initially with Flyme 6. Now this version of the OS is not relevant, so anyone who has not yet been updated may be uncomfortable with poor autonomy and lack of modern functions.

Meizu Pro 7 Not Upgraded To Flyme

To understand how important the changes that occurred in the last update, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the list of changes in the versions of Fly.

There are no Chinese firmware,, and 6.8.16, because they are not intended for the international arena.

The following are only global updates that are available for download in most countries.

  • The firmware with which the smartphone came out of the box.
  • Applications began to fly out much less frequently;
  • Improved energy efficiency;
  • Bugs fixed.
  • Changed the design of icons and other menu items;
  • The fly became much faster;
  • Added modes that provide protection for vision and hearing;
  • Reduced power consumption;
  • New features when making video calls;
  • The fingerprint scanner is faster.
  • Optimized OS;
  • New protection patches.

Important smartphone flashing requirements

The Meizu Pro 7 update installs quickly enough, but many users forget about several points, non-compliance with which leads to malfunctions in the OS.

Meizu Pro 7 Not Upgraded To Flyme

For Meizu Pro 7, an upgrade to Android 8 will go without consequences only if the battery charge exceeds 25%. Otherwise, the device simply will not have time to upgrade and will stop working.

Also, before installing updates, it is recommended to clear the data stored on the internal drive of the gadget.

This will help to avoid problems caused by the installation of third-party applications, as they make serious changes to the OS. However, you can safely skip this item if the following conditions were not met:

  • The smartphone needs to be rolled back to an earlier version of the firmware;
  • Root access was opened;
  • Previous installation of updates caused errors.

Of course, a return to the factory settings cannot pass without a trace. This process will cause the deletion of some files with the exception of photos, videos and music.

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Video: Meizu Pro 7 Not Upgraded To Flyme

Meizu Pro 7 Not Upgraded To Flyme

In order not to lose applications and contacts from the notebook, you will have to make a backup copy. The following paragraph details how to do this.

How to backup

Creating a backup will not take much time. It is useful not only to those who are going to flash a smartphone, but also to those who simply want to protect their files from unintentional deletion. To create a backup, do the following:

  • Open the Settings app;
  • Go to the "Memory" section;
  • Click on “Backup”;
  • Click the “Make backup” button, select the files of interest and create a backup from them;
  • Copy the backup file to your computer while you update your smartphone.

After flashing the gadget, the backup file can be thrown back to the smartphone.

To restore all the information, you will also need to go to "Settings" and then to the "Backup" item.

Download Download Links

Download updates offer different sources. But in order to protect your smartphone from malfunctions in the OS, it is recommended to download the firmware exclusively from the official site. Download links are provided below.

  • Flyme download (
  • Flyme download (
  • Flyme download (
  • Flyme download (
  • Flyme download (

How to install firmware

Updates are installed in several ways. Firstly, you can simply go to "Settings" and open the "System Update" tab.

Meizu Pro 7 Not Upgraded To Flyme

Thus, it will be possible to upgrade through the air without downloading the update file yourself.

Meizu Pro 7 Not Upgraded To Flyme

Sometimes this does not work and some users turn to the Flashtool application for help.

Meizu Pro 7 Not Upgraded To Flyme

However, in manual mode, you can install updates using one of two proposed options. They are very simple and require a minimum of effort from the owner of the Meizu Pro 7.

  • Download the firmware to your smartphone;
  • Open it without using the archiver;
  • In the window that opens, you can reset the settings or immediately start the update;
  • Do not press any buttons while the smartphone is updated.
  • Download the firmware file to the gadget;
  • Hold the power button and turn off the Mayza Pro 7;
  • In the off state, press the power button and hold it together with the volume up key;
  • Click “Clear Data” to reset the settings or start updating your smartphone;
  • Wait a while while your smartphone receives updates.

Meizu Pro 7 firmware on video:


For Meizu Pro 7, firmware is downloaded through the “System Update” item in the smartphone’s settings, as well as through the resources of the company’s official website. To install updates resulted exclusively in a “plus”, you must comply with all the requirements given in the material. You can not exit the flashing process when the device is updated. Otherwise, it will stop turning on. Be that as it may, flashing is nothing complicated, and its result guarantees increased stability of the OS and a long time without recharging.

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