Mercedes Introduced The Concept Of A Retro Electric Car In The Style Of A 1901 Sports Car

Mercedes Introduced The Concept Of A Retro Electric Car In The Style Of A 1901 Sports Car

The famous automaker Mercedes-Benz, it seems, decided to shake the old days. In mid-August, the company restored the 1932 SSKL race car, and now decided to look even further into the past by introducing the concept art of a car that closely resembles the Mercedes 35 PS, a 1901 sports car. Only this time we are talking about an electric car.

The Vision Mercedes Simplex electric car concept is curious because it looks both old-school and futuristic. And even if the 118-year-old roadster is taken as the basis, the use of an electric motor seems quite modern, if not fantastic. According to the idea of ​​Mercedes-Benz, an unusual project is designed to symbolize the symbiosis of the past and the future.

Externally, the model completely copies the original, flaunting only a couple of modern "bells and whistles". So, the car has large wheels that are noticeably set aside from the body, as well as a clear color separation of the front and rear parts. In addition, it does not have a windshield. As for those "bells and whistles", then in Vision Simplex, unlike the 1901 roadster, the radiator does not cool the engine, but is a 3D display that displays information about the state of the car.

Regarding the interior of innovations, Vision Mercedes Simplex is much more, although the designers clearly tried to maintain the spirit of antiquity. The azure driver’s seat, for example, is distinguished by an enviable minimalism: a pilot’s seat, a steering wheel and a pair of small indicators on the side. that’s the whole situation. Additional information such as speed, range or navigation is shown using the projection display, but does so when the user needs it.

It should be remembered that this is only a concept. the Mercedes-Benz auto concern has not even come up with technical specifications for it. Representatives of the company noted that if it comes to the implementation of the project, the electric car will be equipped with a drive of "sufficient power". So the date of the possible reincarnation of the legendary car is still in question.

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