Mi Band 2 How to Display Caller Name

Mi Band 2 is an excellent device that allows you to track and regulate your activity throughout the day. In addition to basic functions such as counting the number of steps, tracking sleep and heart rate monitor, the bracelet is also able to notify you of incoming calls and messages, and a small screen allows you to configure the display of the caller’s name on Mi Band 2. In addition, vibration can be set for other applications. Thanks to this, the band stands out from the rest of the fitness bracelets.

Missing a call is now impossible

Now, any bracelet holder will not miss a call. In addition to vibration, it is also possible to configure the display of the name of the caller in Russian. In earlier versions, problems arise, and during a call on Mi Band 2, question marks are displayed instead of a name. Nevertheless, users have found a way to make this function only better and configure the bracelet so that after the call, the name written in Cyrillic appears correctly.

You can also set the time that will pass before the call notification. On the screen it is possible to configure and read messages. Screen sizes will not allow to show them in full, so the message will be displayed in parts, which is not very convenient. However, such a function will help determine the importance of the message.

How to display the name of the caller on iphone on mi band 2

Mi Band works with both iPhone and Android devices. The setting on different devices differs little. First, let’s look at how to configure the display of the caller’s contact on Mi Band 2 in the iOS version.

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Mi Band 2 How to Display Caller Name

As for setting up all the other Band functions, you will need to install Mi Fit if the application is still not installed. Turn off the application and Bluetooth. Now you need to perform the following sequence of actions:

  1. Change the device language to Chinese (simplified). This is done in the settings in the tab "Language and region".
  2. Now turn on Bluetooth and open Mi Fit. At this stage, the firmware update should begin, which will take some time.
  3. After that, you need to enable call alert. Orienting in Chinese is not very convenient, the benefit of the menu is simple. Go to the “Profile” tab (third button on the bottom panel), then select the band in the list of devices, click on the line with the image of the phone and check the box for notifications.
  4. Turn off the application and Bluetooth again.
  5. We return the device language to the usual Russian.
  6. Turn on the connection via Bluetooth and Mi Fit.

After this, the alerts will work correctly. It is worth considering that on the Band screen labels are written up to 10 characters long.

Display caller name on android

In the exact same way, you can configure Band on Android devices. In order to configure the display of the name of the caller, you will need to turn on the Chinese language for some time and follow the steps that were shown above. If you simply put a checkmark in front of the items written in Chinese in the “Notifications” and “Messages” tabs, then the notification of the caller will be displayed incorrectly in the form of question marks.

If Mi Band 2 does not show alerts, then it is worth trying to remove the current version of Mi Fit and reinstall it, because the problem may be in outdated firmware. Over time, the developers promise to finalize the firmware and correctly display the name of the caller on Mi Band 2.

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