Mms Management On Iphone

Mms Management On Iphone

Everyone knows that the iOS operating system has a very simple, affordable and convenient interface. As a rule, even a schoolboy can deal with him. But among new users, some still sometimes have difficulties with how to deal with one program or another on a device, the operation of which, subsequently, it seems to them absolutely elementary.

Such a convenient feature, such as connecting and sending MMS from an iPhone, also falls into the category of such capabilities. The main frightening difficulty for novice users is the lack of the familiar “Send MMS” function, which is known to most users of ordinary mobile phones. This can be very confusing for a beginner when sending a multimedia message, after buying a new iPhone.

Let’s try to understand this article how to make the process of sending MMS from an iPhone quick and convenient.

Important Note: To use this function successfully, you need to get the necessary settings from your mobile operator and install them on your iPhone.

How to set up MMS on iPhone 4/5

  • Go to the "Settings";
  • Click on the menu "Cellular";
  • On the page that opens, move the slider "Cellular Data" to the right (turn it on);
  • We go down to the line "Cellular Data Network" and enter this menu;

On the page that opens, check the correctness of the entered data. If these fields are not filled in, we do it on our own (we perform the same manipulations if, with current data, MMS is not sent and received).

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Data for filling can be easily found on the official website of your mobile operator. In addition, you can simply enter a request for the necessary information in the search engines. But, usually, the iPhone independently determines the mobile operator and automatically fills in the necessary fields in the settings for the Internet and MMS.

An example of setting MMS on an iPhone 5S for a mobile operator MTS

Username: mts
MMSC: http: // mmsc
MMS proxy: 192.168. 192.10: 8080
Maximum size: 512,000

This was the hardest part in the process of operating MMS on an iPhone. Now we’ll talk directly about how to enable MMS and how to send MMS messages from iPhone 4/5. And this can be done in three different ways.

Method number 1 sending MMS from iPhone 4/5

  • On the device’s desktop, open the “Messages” folder;
  • In the upper right corner of the screen, click on the icon with the image of a pencil / pen and a sheet of paper;
  • In the menu for creating a new SMS, having selected the recipient, click on the icon with the image of the camera;
  • Select the desired photo / video from the "Media Library";
  • Or we create a new one in real time by clicking on “Take a photo or video”;
  • Add the text, then send the MMS by selecting "Send".

Method number 2 sending MMS from iPhone 4/5

This method involves sending MMS from an iPhone directly from the gallery.

  • We go to the "Photos" folder;
  • Click “Select” and check off the images / videos we plan to send;
  • Click on the icon below, in the left corner and select "Message";
  • We select the addressee, add the text and click "Send". Now the images are attached to the message, and with it will be delivered to the recipient.

Important Note: Some mobile operators set a limit on the weight of sent MMS.ok (within 1 Mb.), So sometimes images over 1-2 Mb are not sent the first time. In such cases, after the sending is interrupted, just try again. If a notification about the error appears when sending the photo by e-mail. select not the actual, but the smaller size.

Method number 3 sending MMS from iPhone 4/5

There is another method that, however, is very rarely used. Sending MMS directly from the "Camera". Take a picture and click on the resulting photo in the lower left corner. The photo will expand to full screen, and an arrow will appear below, by clicking on which, you can immediately send the finished picture via MMS using the method described above.