Modem Mode On Iphone And Ipad

Modem Mode On Iphone And Ipad

It is not rare that you need to distribute the Internet from your iPhone, or iPad. And there is such an opportunity. This is called modem mode, it allows you to distribute the Internet via Wi-Fi, a USB cable, and via Bluetooth. Having launched the modem mode, our iPhone, or iPad turns into an access point, performs the functions of a Wi-Fi router.

It works as follows: turn on the mobile network on the iPhone (if necessary, select 3G, or LTE), then turn on the modem mode, and the phone starts broadcasting a Wi-Fi network to which other devices can be connected, and they will receive Internet from the iPhone . You can also distribute the connection via Bluetooth (not a very popular way), or by cable (convenient for desktop computers that do not have a Wi-Fi receiver)

Everything is configured very simply. I checked all three methods, and now I will show you in detail how to start Internet distribution from iPhone. I tested everything on iPhone 6. But, this method is suitable for all iPhone models: 5, 5S, 6S, etc. In the same way, the modem mode will work on the iPad if you have a 4G version and a SIM card is inserted.

Please note that devices that connect to the network you created will use mobile internet. Therefore, if you do not have an unlimited tariff, traffic can end very quickly. Or an additional charge will be charged, depending on your tariff plan.

Well, when the iPhone distributes the Internet to everyone, it certainly has a very low battery. Therefore, it is better to put it on charge.

The most popular way, of course, is to create a Wi-Fi access point. When you can distribute the Internet, and connect different devices via Wi-Fi network. Other phones, tablets, laptops, etc. Therefore, we will consider this method in the first place.

How to Share Wi-Fi Internet with iPhone 6

We go into the settings, and go to the tab "cellular" (if your mobile Internet is turned on, you can immediately choose "Modem mode") Turn on "Cell data", if necessary, select 3G, LTE, and click on the item "Modem mode".

Then everything is very simple. We activate the modem mode. If you have Wi-Fi turned off, the phone will prompt you to turn it on. You can agree, depending on how you want to distribute the Internet. Everything, our iPhone, or the same iPad distributes the Internet via Wi-Fi network, and via cable. I don’t even know if anyone needs this feature, but via Bluetooth you can also connect to the Internet via iPhone.

In the window with the modem settings, the password will be indicated. By default, it is a bit complicated. A complex password is good, but it is unlikely that you need such a complex password on the access point that is running on the iPhone. Therefore, by clicking on it, the password can be changed. This is optional.

All we need is to connect to the Wi-Fi network that the iPhone distributes and use the Internet. You can connect laptops, smartphones, tablets (Android), and other equipment. For example, I connected a laptop on Windows 10.

Just enter the password that is set in the modem settings on the iPhone, and you’re done.

iPhone (iPad) in modem mode via USB cable

The next way you will probably use it is to use the iPhone in modem mode, but not via Wi-Fi, but via a USB cable. The method is perfect for connecting to the Internet computers that do not have the ability to connect via Wi-Fi.

As I understand it, iTunes must be installed on the computer. I tried on the same computer with Windows 10, where iTunes is not installed, and the computer could not see my iPhone 6, and use it to connect to the Internet. And on Windows 7, where there is iTunes, when you turn on the modem mode, another network connection appeared, through which the computer gained access to the Internet.

I did not launch iTunes. It just turned on data transfer on the iPhone, and modem mode (as shown above), and connected the phone to a laptop.

An Internet connection immediately appeared on the computer.

Everything works very cool and stable. By the way, at the moment when the iPhone distributes the Internet via cable, you can still connect devices via Wi-Fi to it. The number of connected devices will be displayed at the top.

We distribute the Internet from iPhone via Bluetooth

As I wrote above, it is unlikely that someone will use this method, but still decided to write about it. The trick is that turning on Bluetooth on the iPhone, and activating modem mode, we can connect devices to the Internet via Bluetooth. I checked on a laptop with Windows 10 installed. The only condition is that your computer must have a Bluetooth module and drivers must be installed on it (usually, Windows 10 installs them yourself) If you can, see the article: how to enable and configure Bluetooth on Windows 10 laptop.

After starting the modem mode, go to the computer. Go to the control panel, tab "Devices" – "Bluetooth". In the list of available should appear our iPhone, or iPad. Select it, and click on the button. "To tie".

A request to create a pair appears on the iPhone, click "Create a pair", and in Windows 10 we confirm the coincidence of the code.

Communication will be established. Next, you need to use a bluetooth connection as an Internet connection. To do this, right-click on the Bluetooth icon in the notification panel and select "Show Bluetooth devices".

Next, select our iPhone, select "Connect via" – "Access point".

According to the idea, after these actions, the Internet on the computer should already work. But, for some reason, the sites did not open for me. I solved this problem by replacing DNS addresses. Go to "Network connections"right click on the adapter "Bluetooth network connection", and select "The properties". Then, highlight the item "IP version 4 (TCP / IPv4)", and click on the button "Properties".

Register static DNS:

As in the screenshot below.

After these actions, the Internet on my laptop has earned. The iPhone began to play the role of a modem via Bluetooth connection.

If iPhone doesn’t have “Modem Mode”

A problem is not uncommon when on the iPhone or iPad in the settings there is no section "Modem mode". Then the question arises, how do you distribute the Internet. In the comments, Maxim suggested a working solution. I decided to add it to the article.

Go to "Settings" – "cellular" – "Data options" – "Cellular data network" and in the section "Modem mode", in the APN field enter the word "internet". But provided that you do not indicate anything there. In general, it seems to me that this is wrong. Data should be indicated there, depending on your operator. You can clarify them in the support of the operator. Like in the screenshot on the right:

After that, in the settings of your iPhone should appear "Modem mode".

If you have any questions, then leave them in the comments. I will definitely answer!