Movie Converter For iPad Mini Not Charging

Movie Converter For iPad Mini Not Charging

1. Of course, the design and materials. I never used the film, but the screen remained on a solid four after three years of operation.

2. Excellent charge holding. I can say briefly about the battery. you’ll get tired of working, playing, watching videos faster than its battery is running out.

3. The speed of the operating system. Everything is very fast and smooth, thanks to excellent optimization.

4. Gesture management. Collapsing and switching between applications is easy, convenient and just very cool. Having tried it once, you will immediately see that this is the most convenient way to interact with the device.

5. Sound and speakers. Just fantastic sound from the speakers, it is not just loud, but also rich, surround and has bass. Listening to music on headphones will also not disappoint, it is very worthy, but of course a lot depends on the headphones.

6. The display. Natural colors, do not hurt the eyes, excellent viewing angles.

7. Support. Outside the window is 2015, and the old man receives OS updates and is supported by software and game developers. It is now easy to play on Asphalt 8, World of Thanks Blitz, Real Racing 3.

1.Small display resolution. Not critical, but still.

2. Iron is certainly outdated, in particular, the amount of RAM is small and if you open many tabs in the browser, they will be rebooted, the same applies to heavy applications, as a rule these are games. But I also think that it makes no sense to open Real Racing and WoT to minimize them.

3. Flash technology is not supported, so viewing videos on some sites will not be available. Only youtube app to help you. In social networks such as VK and classmates, problems with playback were also not observed, again if you use their applications.

4. The camera is not a strong point of this tablet, you can even say that it is terrible, but then again it’s just a great tablet, not a camera.

Long battery life

A terrible way to sync with a computer. At one point, something went wrong in iTunes and it just stopped syncing it. Only reinstalling Windows helped, by this time I had already scored on this matter. I’m not throwing anything from the computer. At first it was nimble, but after 2 years of use it became terribly slow. Many programs (for example,, etc., not heavy games) simply do not start. It seems that the RAM from Nago is unclear what (although I cut down all the programs in the manager. Nothing helps)

I will never buy an Apple device again.

Holds a charge for a long time.

Good build quality.

Responsiveness of the interface. merit of iOs.

Transferring any information only through iTunes, and only for specific software.

No flash support.

We have been using it for more than a year, mainly we watch movies and pages on the Internet.
I believe that the price for this device is a bit overpriced, but at the time of purchase there were practically no competitors in terms of duration of work without recharging.

I wouldn’t take it now.

Sensitive sensor

Unbreakable screen (maybe this is the merit of the protective film)

Fast (both in applications and on the Internet)

Great video quality

Very convenient (whatever they say about iOS)

App Store does not compare with Play Market

Camera. The back. almost absent. Front exclusively for skype.

Personally, I sometimes lose wi-fi connection, but this is more likely a problem in a cheap router and its poor-quality installation.

The lack of Microsoft Office, but there are Google Docs.

There are no headphones, but the jack is standard, so any other headphones are suitable.

10! Hours of work (sometimes lies for weeks without recharging)

For those characteristics the same as the iPad 3 and 4 in terms of performance

workmanship! there were a lot of devices, like phones and tablets. well, it is assembled so that nothing creaks anywhere, it does not fail, it does not play.

appearance. they are not crammed with anything but prsotoy but with taste. what you need!

I note the sound in the headphones. there are simply no words. it is necessary to experience in life. it’s so Loud. There are excellent high ones, but like average ones. There are basses, well, yes, I won’t lie, they are not as saturated as with some devices, but it will do for me.

I’ll write a speaker separately. The volume is good. all frequencies are balanced. and medium, high, low. everything is there. maybe the highs are not so distinct, but there are, and they are good.

Separately, I note the processor: fast. It will still be supported for 2 years for sure. If A4 is still supported until now.

there is not a single game where the game slowed down, mc4 flies, real racing 3 too, but if they fly, then about: subway surf, angry birds, cut the rope, crocodile swampi. they just fly.

I ran ahead a bit and forgot to mention the subtlety and lightness of the device.

cameras. Well, the rules for VK / YouTube.

a famous brand, no one will ask what kind of tablet it is. otherwise I go with the Nexus 4 to the street, and friends don’t believe that it is 12k, it’s annoying (

ios (7) comfortable OSes. new design pleases. but the keyboard has become funnier 🙂 that’s what makes me happy in ios, unlike android.

iPad: 2 cores, 512 MB of RAM. for 2 years, well, I never braked in the interface and did not reboot (!) never (!) but the nexus 4: 4 cores, 2 gigabytes of RAM, rebooted 4 times a month. sadness.

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there are many applications in the app store. and there are no viruses in the epp store. (hi, play market!)

orientation lock! conveniently, on the android there seems to be no such thing, but sadness

Video: Movie Converter For iPad Mini Not Charging

I ran ahead so that I forgot to mention the screen: large, ips, high brightness, color reproduction at a height. as well as viewing angles.

safari.Well, unlike android, and indeed, the fastest and smoothest browser!

battery 10 hours.

Well closed for someone minus for someone plus, because viruses.

for me, plus and minus. on the one hand: there will be no viruses.

on the other: sometimes I’m greedy to pay money for games. because some cost 230 rubles, but I want everything at once 🙂

itunes: if you don’t have the patience to figure out an hour, it’s a minus for you. For me it’s neither a plus nor a minus. But it would be a bit more convenient if a flash drive were recognized and mustache.

the screen did not like the density of pixels per inch, sometimes you read small texes, and it’s disgusting, albeit evenly.

I’ve looked at super amold in my life, now it seems a little pale colors, but it tastes and the color is natural colors (ips), artificial colors, but more saturated (amoled).

although viewing angles are better for ips than amolead.

After 3 years, it will be an obsolete device, and to be honest, I want to change it to the next 2 for something newer, but right now it will work for me 🙂

Parents gave for their birthday. Very cool thing! Advantages of the mass (I will list the main ones):

1. Good graphics

2. Very slowly discharged

3. Great sound

4. The App Store is a very cool thing, there are tons of applications, for any taste

6. Sensitive sensor

1. Price (again, for someone it’s expensive, but for someone it’s normal)

2. Battery (if I use it all day it lasts about 8 hours)

3. The camera on the street is just super, but I won’t say that about the room.

4. Many applications from the Apps Store.

5. 16Gb is quite enough) For about 20 applications, 5 films and 150-200 songs 🙂

7. Excellent brightness, sometimes from such brightness even the eyes begin to hurt, everything is so bright and colorful))

8. Software updates and at the same time I’m glad that I didn’t take the Samsung tablet because there are NEVER viruses on the iPad. In fact, such an operating system does not give the right to viruses and does not pass them: D

10. The screen even without a film does not scratch.

1. Price (I write the same as in the Advantages "For someone it’s expensive, but for someone it’s normal)

2. When I bought about a month, I simply didn’t understand how to upload films, music, books. But this time has passed and I understood everything 🙂

(if anyone is interested write Vkontakt, I will explain everything in detail)

3. Again, the camera in the room is bad, but in good lighting it’s wonderful 🙂

4. No headphones included.

5. There is no slot for memory cards.

2: many interesting games

4: many accessories

1: many paid games, but not a problem for me

2: a little weak camera, but there is a camera

3: 16gb is a little small, but I have 3 folders with games and still have a place

1 iTunes. gloom, for a year of use and did not understand how to throw the film on the pad.

2 The prices for products in the App Store are slightly overpriced, but for me this is not a problem, since the content in most of it is very high-quality.

3 Accessories are expensive (my Smart Case costs 3k).

1) IOS and application software

2) Excellent quality materials. Cool aluminum plus glass. After the iPad, I didn’t even want to pick up other devices. I mean not even so much the materials, but the workmanship itself, how many tablets I didn’t pick up, everything is somehow flimsy, somewhere it crunches, somewhere it’s backlash, it bends, infuriates. in iPad, everything is done tightly and honestly.

3) Battery. Here, the iPad leaves all its competitors far behind, honest 10 hours with active use, while moderate it lasts for several days.

4) Hardware specifications. Even with the release of new models, the 2nd iPad at the moment is in no way inferior to its older brothers, everything works very smoothly, games do not lag, HD video plays smoothly, you can listen to music, even if there is only one speaker, but it reproduces the sound qualitatively, which can not be said for rattling, like from Chinese radio, competitors for android

5) Screen. I do not consider myself to be a foodie, but when I imported my old photos from the computer onto an iPad, I was amazed, they healed a new life, tones, brightness, contrast, shadows. everything delivers the highest aesthetic pleasure.

1) Aityuns. There is no fly in the ointment, the program has absolutely nothing for what it was made for, it’s not clear, it looks especially strange when Apple’s well-known ideology is aimed at maximum simplicity. You can get used to it quickly, but she spends a lot of time with her and her nerves.

2) Price. Perhaps there are more likely claims to the domestic market, abroad aytehnika is much more accessible

3) Lack of flash, torrents, open file system. This is a very controversial flaw, with the jilbreaking done, all these functions can be miraculously unlocked. And flash, and torrents, and widgets, tweaks, all in bulk in bulk, I do not want to take it. Personally, I do not need this at all. Flash has long replaced YouTube, and other sites on html5, as well as torrents, I watch all music and movies through the air (on sites)

4) Paid content. Another controversial flaw. Take for example an android, for free, but there is a risk of picking up a virus, a lot of low-quality useless programs, a lot of content made for smartphones on tablets stretch to full screen exposing pixels, there is also a haemorrhage with selection for the android cache device and firmware. In apple, in this regard, everything is much simpler, programs are controlled. I downloaded and everything works fine. Without dancing with a tambourine. Most games and programs cost 33 rubles, (agree a little money to thank the developers), there are often promotions and discounts

1) Aluminum housing

2) Display color

4) Free or cheap (60 r., 150 r. Maximum. You can’t drink a mug of beer for this money in Moscow) there are appas for the vast majority of the necessary services

5) Yes, and a lot of software pre-installed in ayios

1) the screen resolution, by today’s standards, is very small (if you didn’t have a retina, then this is not a very big drawback). about the inconvenience of reading on such a screen, which was in the comments below. did not notice

2) the camera is bad. True, I vaguely imagine why we need it in such devices. To photograph some garbage for the sake of haha ​​or put in "OMG Instagram" or contactee? and such a camera will go. If you are traveling and respect yourself, as well as those who will then watch your photos. you must have a camera with you. Or, at worst, the normal flagship smart of any of the current OSs, they seem to have a more or less normal camera, in good light you can get decent pictures

3) the screen for all the apple devices that I used is quite easily soiled. True, I do not know the technical side of the questions (can this be avoided at all) and I have nothing to compare with

A drawback that is not a drawback for me, but some difficulties sometimes arise

4) synchronization with iTunes.

5) no headphones included. For me, this is not a flaw. I still don’t take the earbuds like headphones. On the other hand, in theory, one could push them to ardent apple fans 🙂

In more detail about the shortcomings and the degree of their criticality. in the comment

16 gigs (besides the system still eats about 2.5 gigs) is not enough, but I knew what I was going for. You need to think before buying. Enough for all the necessary app, as well as somewhere else 4-5 movies breaks (on torrents a lot of movies for iPad, in normal quality and with an acceptable size of about 2-3 gigs). I didn’t upload music there. she is in the iPhone. Photos can be looked and shown through the Internet (social. Networks, dropbox, etc.)

I personally do not need 3G. Now, in my opinion, most have smartphones, from where you can get out to the Internet if necessary or give them out on an iPad
When I bought it, there was no retina yet. Now, of course, it makes little sense to buy it when 2 generations have come out with retina. But if he already is. Do not run away and immediately change to a new one. Not everyone has such an opportunity, but most importantly. necessity. If the question arises of buying a new iPad and you do not chase kitsch. pay attention to the mini 64 gig

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