New Call Of Duty Will Be One Of The Most Brutal War Games

New Call Of Duty Will Be One Of The Most Brutal War Games

It is important to note that the description of the game, which may contain spoilers, will follow, so if you want to go through the storyline of the new Call of Duty without knowing anything about it, then read the news at your own risk.

So, in the game there will be a whole scene, in which the player will have to torture an unknown character with water, and as a result of torture, the captive can even be executed. Also in the game there may be scenes in which hostages explode with explosive vests and civilians, including children, die as a result of a gas attack.

Given the realistic graphics, something interesting is planned

In addition, there are moments in the game when terrorists threaten the lives of children, while sometimes shooting them. Also, in one of the missions, the player, having tried on the role of a little girl, will have to fight with the enemy holding her brother hostage.

Recall that the release of the game is scheduled for October 25 on the Xbox One and PC. The fate of the version of the game for the PlayStation 4 in our country is still foggy.