No Network On Iphone 5 And Iphone 6 – What To Do!

No Network On Iphone 5 And Iphone 6 - What To Do!

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No network on iPhone 5 and iPhone 6 – what to do ?!

In the world of "Apple" phones from Apple, not everything is as smooth as the manufacturer draws. The error “No network” on the iPhone is one of the most unpleasant phenomena. And she met on the iPhone 4, then it was on the iPhone 5 and 5S. And the sixth version also did not get around this trouble.
There are three cases in which this error may occur.

1 The phone was brought to Russia unofficially and locked under a specific operator.
This was faced by many who bought iPhone on EBay or other foreign exchanges. due to this, the price of the device goes much lower. Only such a phone will not work without an unlock and it will give this iPhone a “No Network” error. There is only one way out in this situation – to bring him to a specialist and pay for unlocking. You can’t imagine anything else.

2. Software failure of the smartphone.
This also happens – all the same, it’s Chinese, although it has an Apple nameplate. Reboot the phone first. If he again does not find the network, then try to go to the settings and move the “Airplane mode” slider back and forth several times:

Funny as it may seem, sometimes it works.

If you just updated the firmware or reflashed your iPhone, after which the message “No network” appeared, then very often the reason is the incorrectly set time and date. To change it, connect the phone to a WiFi network with Internet access. After that – go to Settings >>> The main >>> date and time:

There you need to find the slider automatically and set its active mode. If it is already on, turn it off and on again. After that, reboot the device.

The reason for the error “No network” on the iPhone may also be a failure of the settings of this cellular network itself. Try resetting them to factory defaults. To do this, go to Settings >>> General >>> Reset:

Click on the “Reset Network Settings” button. The phone will give this confirmation:

Click on "Reset Settings", after which you need to reboot and check if the network has appeared.

If all else fails, then try updating your iPhone through iTunes. If there is backup, try rolling back to it.

3. The last possible reason is a hardware problem with the phone.
Most often with an antenna. Or a radio module. If the “No Network” error on the iPhone appeared after you wet it or dropped it, then this most likely led to the problem. There is only one way out – a trip to the service center. I must say right away – repairs are usually not cheap, so get ready for financial expenses.