Nokia 5 Blocked What To Do

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Where to see the technical specifications of Nokia 5?

How to set sms center numbers manually if it was accidentally deleted?

The interlocutor is hard to hear during a telephone conversation, the sound is somehow muffled. It should be?

If I use the phone while charging, the sensor is buggy, is this normal?

The phone becomes very hot when charging. This is dangerous?

The phone began to run out very quickly. How to find out the reason?

How to use the headset button to scroll through songs in a playlist?

The phone freezes and does not respond to any clicks, what can I do?

How to take a screenshot?

How to make the phone / smartphone work longer?

1 minute of burning
Backlight = 1 hour in Standby mode.

10 seconds to work with
menus = 15 minutes in Standby mode.

1 minute of reception
network information = 30 minutes Standby.

One registration on
next Base Station = 1 hour in Standby mode.

Turn on the phone with
network search and registration = 2 hours in Standby

What can be turned off to save battery power?

How can I determine if my 3G network is working? On the screen in the upper left corner only characters "H"sometimes "E". Saw on other phones may appear H, E, 3G, 4G. Does it not work for me or is it just not such an icon?

How do I boot into safe mode?

Can I use the phone while charging, will it harm the phone?

How to enable voice input instead of typing on the keyboard?

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The phone automatically switches the time to winter or summer. How to disable it?

During my internet surfing, sometimes they do not call me. Is it a connection or phone problem?

Where to see the MAC address of the WIFI phone?

I noticed that from time to time the Internet or cellular network icon began to disappear in the status bar. Can be corrected?

I decided to replace the memory card with a larger amount, what do I need to do to make the phone work without failures after the replacement and not lose information from the old card?

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I want to write a comment on the application in the Market, how to do this?

How to use Smart Switch PC to back up user data?

How can I quickly change the volume on my phone?

How to quickly turn on silent mode?

Nokia 5 Blocked What To Do

How to reset the phone to factory settings?

How to enable the display of the battery level in percent?

How to enable vibration when a subscriber answers a call?

For some reason, NFC does not work, how to fix it?

How to activate developer mode?

How can I turn off unused frequencies to save battery?

Nokia 5 Blocked What To Do

Turn on developer mode (if you haven’t already). Enter the engineering menu. To do this, in the Phone (dialer) program, enter the code ## 3646633 ##
In the engineering menu, select BandMode, then select the SIM card.

Leave the frequencies checked if the card is used to access the Internet:
(GSM Mode)
(UMTS Mode)
(LTE Mode)
Band 3
Band 7
Band 38
Presses Set (at the bottom of the screen).

Go back, select another Sim.

We leave marked frequencies if the card is not used to access the Internet:
(GSM Mode)
Click Set (at the bottom of the screen)

The phone does not charge up to 100%, what should I do?

The display has gone out, but calls are being received, a signal is heard, when you press the buttons there is a vibration response, it does not respond to the power button. What to do?

How to specify a SIM card in the settings for Internet access?

Can I listen to the radio only with wired headphones connected?

What are the differences between a smartphone and a regular phone?

What means "Gray" phone and how to distinguish "white" from "gray"?

"Gray" or "white" (not to be confused with Chinese fakes) does not affect the quality of the product. "Gray" considered officially produced for the domestic market of the country "A" apparatus by "unknown " reasons sold in the country "B" (for example,), i.e. imported into it bypassing the customs and tax authorities. and therefore cheaper (and, as a result, does not have a Russian keyboard layout, or it "chopped" artisanal way).
A device legally manufactured at a factory in Germany that is illegally located in Russia ("Gray"), it will not work worse from this, but the buyer does not purchase no guarantee and in case of breakdown will not be able to contact the SC for free help.(Only in the SC of the country for which the device is released). "Gray" the phone was originally non-Russified (or again in a handicraft way). it can be flashed into Russian, but the keyboard is Russian (if it is not). have to buy somewhere separately.

When the phone is charging, the vibration alert does not work. should it be so?

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