Nokia 530 As a Modem

By reading this article, you will learn how to use your Nokia phone or smartphone as a modem to connect your computer to the Internet. In the configuration, standard Windows XP tools are used, you do not need to resort to using PC suites. The article is as detailed as possible, so anyone can figure it out.

So what do we need for this required.

    1. Connectivity Cable Driver, preferably the latest version.
    2. Mobile phone with a built-in modem USB cable to it.
    3. The account balance should allow the use of the Internet. What should be the balance, you can find out from your service provider.
    4. A computer running Windows XP.

First we must set up the cellphone itself. The access point must match the Internet service, not wap. You can find out about setting up a mobile phone in the relevant articles (Setting up GPRS-internet for Nokia Series 40 3rd Edition).

After setting up the mobile phone, we can install driver (Connectivity Cable Driver). The installation procedure is very simple and standard. Therefore, I will not write about its installation. One note: when installing the driver, the phone must be disconnected.

After installing the driver connect our phone to the computer (in PC suite mode), wait for all of our drivers to be installed on it, and restart the computer. Now you are ready to set up your computer. Important ! During setup, the phone must be connected all the time in PC Suite mode.

So, go to the menu START.> Control Panel.> Network connections.

Nokia 530 As a Modem

In system tasks, select "Create a new connection". A window appears "New Connection Wizard"in which we click Further.

Then select the item "Connect to the internet" and click Further.

Then check the box next to "Set connection manually" and press the button again Further.

In the window that appears, select "Via a regular modem" and click Further.

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In the next window, the name of the service provider is optional, you can generally leave the field blank. Personally, for example, I called him "Our new connection". Let’s go Further.

Video: Nokia 530 As a Modem

In the next window, you will be prompted to enter a phone number (specify the ISP phone number). We write in the field number 99 #. Press the button Further.

Next it will be necessary to fill out Online Account Details, that is, enter a username and password for your ISP account. These fields can also be left blank without entering a username or password. Write this data only if your operator requires it from you. Let’s go Further.

Final stage. "Completing the New Connection Wizard". Here we put a daw in front of the line "Add a shortcut to the desktop" and click on the button Done.

That’s all. Since at the penultimate stage, we checked the box next to "Make this connection your default Internet connection.", this connection, accordingly, will be used by default.

Connection check
In order to activate this connection, just click on its shortcut on the desktop. Then a window will appear in which you need to click " Call ".

Now we are waiting for the end of the call (the waiting time depends on the quality of the network). After the information on the modem speed of our mobile appears in almost the lower right corner of the desktop (almost every phone model Nokia own speed), we can conclude that our connection is active.

Notes and Tips
Has the desktop shortcut turned blue? This means that this connection is active. You can click on it with the mouse, and a window will appear in which you can track the amount of received and transmitted traffic, and you can also disable this connection in this window.

Comments for those who did not succeed
If you cannot connect to the Internet, that is, during the process of calling the phone’s modem, some error occurs, then you need to do the following (if the first does not help, go to the next, etc.):
1. Read the error help and try to fix it by following the help tips (Windows).
2. Reboot the computer / phone.
3. If you have a smartphone, then in the phone’s settings, namely in the connections (in Nokia 5800 XpressMusic admin rights), we find the item "Packet data".

There we indicate the access point that you will use for the Internet (for example, I used, in the packet connection we indicate the item "On demand".

Then in the connection menu we find the item "Data transfer", set the connection duration "Not limited". Reboot the smartphone.

4. If the previous steps did not help us, then you will have to register the initialization line in the modem settings on the computer. We connect your phone to the PC. Go to My computer (right-click on the icon on the desktop).> Properties> Hardware tab.> device Manager. Then properties Your modem on the phone.

Then go to the tab "Additional communication options", here you should write the initialization string, it looks like this: ATCGDCONT = 1,"IP", "Your internet access point". I have a megaphone operator, an access point for the Internet "internet". Each operator has its own access point. Everything is recorded without spaces. The initialization string I had was ATCGDCONT = 1,"IP","internet".

After you have registered the initialization string, click " OK ". In general, that’s all.
Eliseev Aleksey Using Nokia phones as modems