Not Updated Weather On Huawei


Not Updated Weather On Huawei

The smartphone and the Internet make us lazy, but omniscient.

It turned out that quickly getting used to comfort, we become very dependent on the weather, so the most urgent question for the inhabitants of the Earth: “What is the weather forecast for tomorrow?”

The question arises: whether to bring an umbrella for work, what shoes to wear, and whether to wash a car today. it all depends on the weather.
Even when planning a vacation, we are forced to take this into account: “And if you fly for 10 days to the warm sea: are there rains forecasted and what to bring from your clothes?”
Therefore, the most requested information is the weather forecast.

On the smartphone screen, as a rule, there is a widget with the current weather: temperature, cloudiness and precipitation.

And how to find out the weather forecast for tomorrow on a smartphone Huawei (Honor)?

The standard HUAWEI phone toolkit has an app "Weather".

Let’s look at his work.

1. To enter the Weather application, just click on the widget "Weather" on the Home screen.

There is another second way to launch the Weather application. you need to enter Tools folder and click on the icon "Weather".

2. The main condition for the operation of the Weather application is a mandatory Internet connection.

Therefore, we connect to the Internet via mobile communications or via a Wi-Fi network.

It is also advisable to connect a “GPS”. to determine your location, so that the weather information is more accurate.

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3. The main screen of "Weather" shows:

  • current air temperature, cloud cover and precipitation;
  • weather forecast for every hour in the next 6 hours: air temperature, precipitation, cloud cover;
  • weather forecast for the next 6 days: air temperature (maximum and minimum), precipitation, cloud cover.

The Weather screen is controlled by a swipe: up, down, left and to the right.

The Weather app updates the current weather status every hour. Therefore, to update the weather for the current time, you need to swipe down the screen down for 1-2 seconds and release. (In our case, the temperature changed: it was 19C, and after the update it became 20C).

To find out the rest of the Weather parameters, you need to swipe:

  • Swipeup. the following information will be presented: comfort level of temperature and humidity, wind speed and direction, moon phase, sunrise and sunset times;
  • Swipeto the right or to the left. Go to weather information in other cities that you have previously selected.


4. At the top of the screen are the weather application settings icons:

  • icon "City Choice";
  • icon "Settings".

5. By clicking on the icon "City Choice" At the top left of the screen you can add several cities (but no more than 10) to always know what the weather is like.

Here you can add new cities or delete them, as well as set the parameters of the Weather widget, which we see on the Home screen of the smartphone.

6. Clicking on the icon "Settings" at the top right of the screen you can:

  • set temperature units;
  • sound background;
  • auto update mode;
  • update interval.