PC Does Not See Iphone 5s Via Usb

PC Does Not See Iphone 5s Via Usb

It happens that when connecting the iPhone 5 / 6s plus via USB to a stationary computer, the PC does not see the apple device at all, the communication signal is malfunctioning, or nothing happens at all. Why are there problems with iPhone synchronization, and who is to blame?

The reason for the desynchronization may be:

  • iPhone, in this case, the reason for not connecting in the outdated version of iTunes, the breakdown of the connector slot, its clogging, or, which is extremely rare, in the hardware breakdown of the gadget.
  • If your iPhone doesn’t want to connect to a PC, then this version of the operating system is not suitable for these purposes, either the necessary drivers are missing, or the version of Apple device support is outdated. The reason for the non-connection may be included antiviruses, and security monitoring programs, existing viruses, or simply a system crash.
  • The connector between the PC and the iPhone, in which case the computer does not see the iPhone at all, or the connection is intermittent.

If the problem with synchronizing your Apple device and laptop / PC is not resolved by restarting both gadgets and reconnecting, then try to identify the reason further.

iPhone 5 / 6s plus cannot connect to a PC, what to do for synchronization.

  • Trying various USB ports, perhaps the reason is just a breakdown of the USB slot.
  • Disable antiviruses and protection system temporarily on the laptop / computer stationary.
  • Make sure that the reason for not connecting the iPhone to the PC is not in the connector cable. By the way, it is better to use an exclusively original lace from Apple, in Chinese counterparts the transfer speed is slightly lower than that of the latest versions of apple connectors, this is another reason why the iPhone may not work correctly with a PC, and also will not have time to update iTunes via a computer.
  • It is worth updating iTunes to the latest version from the official Apple website.
  • If this helped, and the computer began to see the gadget or iPhone at least being charged from the computer, then “Trust this computer?” Should appear on the iPhone 5 / 6s plus screen, select trust, and then synchronization should occur.
  • If the iPhone still cannot connect to the computer: the cable is original, charging is in progress, and the message about the trust request has been successfully confirmed, then the problem is clearly in the PC: you will have to reinstall the PC Operating System.

Also, it is worth trying synchronization with other devices with friends or relatives, sometimes it’s easier to go to a neighbor and take photos / videos from an iPhone, download music and movies, than half a day to find the answer to the question: why doesn’t the iPhone connect to the laptop? And you can always go into our iPhone IFs, including with both gadgets, we will quickly solve the problem of not connecting the iPhone to the computer.

The iPhone does not connect to the computer. The reason is PC

Video: PC Does Not See Iphone 5s Via Usb

Yes, in most cases, it is he who causes the connection to fail. In order to exclude them, we perform the following actions:

  • First of all, we reboot both devices. So to speak, for prevention.
  • We try various USB ports and check, for example, a USB flash drive, their performance. After all, one of them may burn out or simply not work.
  • We do not use adapters, splitters, extension cords or other devices for USB ports. We stick the cable directly into the system unit.
  • Updating iTunes. An ideal option would be a complete removal, and the subsequent installation of the latest version from Apple’s website.
  • Disable third-party software (antiviruses, firewalls). Do not forget to turn them on, after checking!
  • The most radical step. reinstalling the operating system will help with high probability, but it will take time.

Unable to connect iPhone to computer

If the iPhone cannot connect to another computer, then the matter is clearly in the device. No matter how reliable and stable Apple products are, it can also cause delays in the connection. Although most often, the owners of these devices are to blame, bringing them to such a state that it becomes surprising how they can still turn on, and not just synchronize. I was distracted by something 🙂

Returning to the topic, we try to follow these steps:

  • After connecting, unlock the phone, it is quite possible that you will see a pop-up window with the question: "Trust this computer?". Without an affirmative answer, no synchronization will occur, only charging.
  • Change cable. Even if there is no visible damage, the wire may be defective. Or it’s quite possible the fact is that it is not original. but in this case, it is possible to make the device work with an “unsupported” accessory.
  • Reset device content and settings. If you decide to take such a desperate step, remember to back up information (using iCloud or iTunes), otherwise you will lose all your data permanently.
  • Jailbreak, or rather the so-called tweaks installed with it, can also contribute to problems with synchronization.
  • Update software. It is always useful!
  • Clean the connector on the phone (possibly oxidized or dirty). Important! Clean very carefully, ideally entrust to a professional. If you take it on your own, look for information on the Internet, otherwise you can aggravate the situation.
  • The last point we have is the saddest thing. the connector for charging and synchronization is broken or out of order. There is only one road. to the service center! If possible, contact only the official workshops listed on the company’s website.

The computer does not see the iPhone

By the way, there is another win-win option. contact Apple Support. And torture them with the question: “Why doesn’t my iPhone connect to the computer using usb?” Frankly, I have not tried. but I think I don’t hear anything new from them, and the conversation will take a lot of time.

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Contact Support

As you can see, in most cases you can get by with "little blood" and fix problems at home. If, however, you tried all the points given in the article, and the situation has not changed for the better. the iPhone still does not connect to the computer, then describe the situation in the comments. we will sort it out together!

P.S. And in any case, click on the buttons of social networks and like! Thanks to them, all connection problems will be fixed, try it! 🙂

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