Portable Wi-Fi Router And Mobile Internet Megafon

Portable Wi-Fi Router And Mobile Internet Megafon

It will be about setting up a modem router sold by Megafon under the name MR100-1. Now the price for almost every MegaFon mobile router does not exceed 3 thousand rubles, and the model in question, in addition, has such an undoubted “plus” as the presence of an LTE module. Consider how to configure.

Immediately give a few "cons", not so obvious in the selection process. Firstly, any mobile router has a USB port for connecting to a computer. So, “MR100-1” can work as a 4G modem (if you connect it to the PC with a cord), or distribute a Wi-Fi network, that is, “be a router”. If you try to connect the USB cable to the PC connector, and not to the charger, the wireless network immediately turns off.

The device’s battery capacity is, in principle, sufficient for this class of routers. Only the operating time, depending on the conditions of the provider, is too different (four declared hours – this is in the most ideal case). However, the “MR100-1” is not so bad if the user needs a mobile WiFi megaphone router with a 4G module, and there will always be a laptop with two free USBs for recharging.

The screen mounted on the front of the case – diagonally has a size of less than two inches. It is also OLED, that is, LED. Although, this display does not display anything special (battery power, type of Internet connection, signal strength, number of Wi-Fi users). We pass to setup.

Setting basic options

We connect the computer to the router via Wi-Fi

The router has an installation program file (.exe) that can be launched for execution. To do this, connect the device via USB-cable to a computer with Windows. However, setting up the Megafon MR100-1 router, according to the official instructions, is done through the web interface. This is how you can access the maximum number of parameters.

The problem is this: it is not always possible to connect via Wi-Fi. The router network is encrypted by default, the password is “12345678”, but the encryption type is “WPA / WPA2”. In this mode, Windows does not work very well (you need either “WPA” or “WPA2”).

If you go into the wireless network of the router – nevertheless, it works, then the first thing is to change the type of Wi-Fi encryption (or completely disable it, at the user’s choice).

At the end of the chapter is something else. If the router does not receive or transmit data to the Internet and does not work with Wi-Fi subscribers for 10 minutes, it is turned off. You can wake the device from sleep mode by pressing any button (but still, we recommend deactivating this mode).

We open the web interface

If the computer was able to detect the Wi-Fi network, and it turned out to go into it with the password “12345678”, then you can open the browser and go to the address: The authorization window will appear:

Here, you need to use the username and password admin. Set this value in the upper and lower field, click "Apply."

Important interface tabs

After logging in, the user should in any case see the following page:

On this tab, as we see, not only the status of the device is displayed (although it is called "Status".> "Information"). Here you can enable or disable the Internet connection, but provided that it has already been configured.

We pass to another tab: "Settings".> "SIM card settings." If the MegaFon SIM card has not yet been activated, you need to set its PIN code and click "Apply":

And setting up an Internet connection is done on the Settings tab.> “Mobile Network Configuration”

In the upper block, everything is clear (the “APN” field is not filled out if “Auto Detection” is set, and then they set the login and password). The meaning of using the “Roaming” switch is also clear, and, by default, the use of roaming is turned off.

But “Network selection mode: Auto” means the following. When the conditions of the provider allow, the connection automatically switches to the fastest protocol. For example, if LTE and 3G networks are available, an LTE connection will be active. Use LTE only mode while in a 4G coverage area.

After setting the settings on the tab, click "Apply." Have a good routing!

Wireless setup

Portable Wi-Fi Router And Mobile Internet Megafon

First of all, go to the “Wi-Fi” tab.> "Settings":

Here you can set the following parameters:

  1. SSID (network name)
  2. Radio Channel Number (we left “Auto”)
  3. Encryption mode: it is best to choose WPA2 or WPA. The first of them (WPA2-AES) – not all subscriber devices can use. So, in some cases, you will have to switch to WPA-TKIP, or to refuse encryption completely.
  4. If encryption is used, an 8-character key must be set in the Password field

Finally, click "Apply."

Setting advanced options

Power consumption adjustment

To prevent the router from going to sleep mode after 10 minutes in the absence of information exchange with the user, you can completely disable this option:

Option setting – performed on the Settings tab.> "Management of dietary conditions." Set “10 minutes” to “Disabled” and click “Apply”.

The problem is that in this mode of operation, when the device must constantly “keep the connection”, the battery runs out all the time. In some cases, it discharges even faster than replenishing energy through a couple of USBs. And all this is not “exceptions”, but a very likely scenario.

For example, if this router is used in transport, the connection will be supported during movement (including using the 4G protocol). But even connecting to the cigarette lighter – does not necessarily save the battery from discharge.

In general, in the case of a car, it is better to purchase a separate router for the Megaphone modem (which can work with the battery and without it). Another solution, selecting a larger battery is also quite realistic, but such an “approach” will deprive the user of a guarantee.