Problem With Iphone 5s Sound

Does your iPhone not accept calls? Do not delay the solution to this problem for a long time. Naturally, this brings a lot of inconvenience to the owner, since the main function of the phone is to allow the user to be always in touch. In our service center, we will quickly and efficiently repair your iPhone of any model. 5, 5S, 5C, 4, 4S.

Does not accept iPhone 5, 5S, 5C calls for various reasons. You can try to conduct an initial diagnosis yourself. To do this, just call our workshop and the masters will tell you what needs to be done. But the iPhone is a rather complicated device and in most cases it is not possible to independently determine why the iPhone does not respond to a call. To do this, bring it to us. Diagnostics is a completely free service in our service center.

Basically, iPhone 4, 4S calls do not go through for two main reasons.

Problem With Iphone 5s Sound
  1. Polyphony does not work. If there is no sound when calling iPhone 5, 5S, 5C, 4, 4S. this may indicate that:
  • a problem with the polyphonic speaker itself. This is a fairly common case. This part is sensitive enough and as a result of falling or strong impacts it can strongly suffer. You can resume work only after replacing the component;
  • the iPhone 5, 5S, 5C ringer does not work if the sound control chip is malfunctioning. This is a fairly complex device that is easy to disable. In this case, it will either need to be replaced or restored. It depends on the nature of the damage. Naturally, this can only be determined in the conditions of our service center;
  • defective bottom loop. You have to deal with this not so often, but still this happens. You can correct the situation only by replacing the component part, and this is already a task for the masters;
  • a quiet iPhone ring can also indicate various problems, for example, microcracks appeared on the components of the printed circuit board as a result of mechanical damage. The cause can only be determined after a complete diagnosis.

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  1. If iPhone 4, 4S misses calls, as a rule, this happens due to negative mechanical impact or moisture, as a result of which:
  • iPhone turns off when making a call if the transmitter power amplifier is faulty. You can restore work only by replacing the device;
  • the call does not work on the iPhone as well in the case when microcracks appear on the radio path. This is a rather complex device, which consists of many elements. You yourself will not determine the cause of the malfunction, since this is possible only after the diagnosis of the device;
  • if it freezes when the iPhone rings, this may also indicate that microcracks have appeared on the components of the printed circuit board and it is necessary to diagnose the cell in order to figure it out.

It’s not worth repairing your mobile at home. Such an experiment does not always end in success. In most cases, this causes even more damage. Our service center will solve any problem of your iPhone. The sooner you ask for help, the cheaper the repair will cost. Our masters are always happy to help you!

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Screen iPhone 6. 6900 3290
Screen iPhone 5. 2890 1890
Ekr. iPhone 5S / SE / 5C. 2890 1890
Screen iPhone 4 / 4S. 2114 1510
Glass iPhone 3. 1900 890
Installation. 680
(original 1 year warranty)

Replacing Parts on iPhone:
Speaker. 900 650
Microphone. 900 650
Home Button. 1100 520
On button. 1400 510
Camera. 1680 1200
WiFi Antenna. 900 650
Installation. 680

Problem With Iphone 5s Sound

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