Problems With Android Tablets And Solutions

Problems With Android Tablets And Solutions

The tablet on Android, like any other device, is prone to any malfunctions (problems with such a process as installing android applications on a tablet, glitches, freezes, etc.). It is worth considering some of them.

FAQ. Troubleshooting

There was an error with the android.process.acore process

Typically, such a "trouble" occurs when working with the phone book. When I try to open a contact list or save a new contact, nothing happens. You can solve this issue in a radical way. rebooting a hard reset android tablet and returning the device to factory settings. This method is not suitable for everyone. Since in this case the settings of all applications are lost, which will lead to the need to perform all the settings in a new way.

Error with android.process.acore process

Do not immediately resort to radical measures. First of all, you need to look at all the applications available on the device. Very often, when wifi is configured on an Android tablet, users install programs on the device that provide work with this wireless network. It is because of problems with displaying their widgets that this error may occur. Also worth the settings.> applications.> application management.> tab "all applications" and look at the applications available there for working with contacts. Very often, android.process.acore arises precisely because of the conflict of such applications related to different versions.

Android does not start on tablet

If the android does not load on the tablet, then there may be problems with the software or with the hardware. In the first case, it is likely that after installing the next program or application some system files were damaged and the android on the tablet simply flew.

In this case, it is advisable to flashing the tablet. To do this, you need to download the necessary version from the Internet, “upload” it to a memory card and reflash the device. It is worth remembering that for each tablet model, this procedure is done in its own way. Therefore, to get started, it is worth looking for information relating specifically to your tablet. It is worth noting that such a problem as “the tablet does not turn on the android” is one of the most common among users of these devices.

If we are talking about a problem with hardware, then in most cases android 4 installation on a tablet (or another version of the system) will not help. The device should be carried to the workshop and repaired.

How to unlock android tablet

It often happens that a user forgets the password for his tablet. If the Android tablet is blocked, you need to take measures to unlock it. This is not very difficult to do.

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You can try to drive any nonsense until the device requires a password from your Google account. On some models, after entering this information, unlocking may occur. If this does not happen, move on.

Sometimes special programs for unlocking devices can help. Some tablet manufacturers are developing such software for their devices. Very often, even the most protected android tablet cannot resist the onslaught of such programs.

If these methods did not help, then the way out of the situation is Hard Reset. Understand how to do this can help android user manual tablet instruction for a specific model. It is worth remembering that when performing this procedure, all data stored on the gadget will be deleted (applications, contacts, settings, etc.). The memory card is not affected.

Based on the fact that with Hard Reset all data stored on the device is lost, you must remember to periodically do it Recover. This process is ensured through the use of specialized software, which can be downloaded on the same Market or in other sources.

Problems With Android Tablets And Solutions

Install linux on android tablet

Many users prefer the Android operating system linux. In order to install this operating system on a device, you must have root privileges. An android user manual tablet for a specific device model will help you figure out how to get them.

Installing Linux on an Android tablet in addition to root privileges requires special software. To do this, you will need the Busybox installed program (available for download on the Market), androidVNC, Terminal Emulator, and Backtrack software. After downloading and installing these programs, you need to perform a series of actions that are different for each device model. You can see their order in the corresponding manuals (user guide for the android 4 tablet).

There are no problems that cannot be solved.

If your Android tablet is slowing down, then this is not a cause for concern. It is worth paying attention to applications. Very often this happens precisely because of the large number of simultaneously running programs. Removing unnecessary applications may very well solve this problem.

In general, a solution to so many problems can be found in the android user manual mid tablet. Thanks to him, such issues related to the "how to restart the android tablet" are easily solved.

It is worth noting that on the Internet you can find answers to many questions, ranging from “why the Android tablet does not turn on”, ending with the implementation of such procedures as rebooting the gadget, flashing it, installing linux and various specialized applications.

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