Reasons For Heating The Phone And Ways To Deal With Them

Reasons For Heating The Phone And Ways To Deal With Them

Incorrect operating conditions

A common cause of the malfunction is inaccurate handling of the smartphone, or rather unsuitable conditions for its use. For example, in situations where the case is very hot, and the battery runs out quickly, the culprit may be a processor that runs to the limit. This can be caused by a virus or a miner program that appears in the device’s memory after visiting questionable sites on the Internet or even after installing some applications from the Play Market. They work in the background and consume all the free resources of the phone, which leads to overheating.

Modern processors develop tremendous power thanks to 4 and 8 nuclear architecture. But they need an effective cooling system, which in most cases is not. This leads to the fact that during long gaming sessions, a lot of heat is released and the battery charge quickly goes out.

In some cases, a case made of materials with poor thermal conductivity can lead to overheating of the phone. As a result, the smartphone heats up even when you do not use it, and what can we say about the game.

A large number of active applications that the user forgets to unload from memory when they stop using them can lead to overheating. They consume battery power and create a load on the system, which negatively affects its performance.

The question of what to do if the processor on the phone is warming has a definite answer. You need to reduce the duration of gaming sessions and work with demanding applications. At least every hour, let the device rest. It will not be superfluous to lower the graphics in games, especially on budget smartphones and tablets. This will reduce the degree of load on the system, and hence the heating.

Operating system. possible cause of phone heating

If the phone heats up quickly, then it is worth checking its operating system, on which a lot depends. Including stability, battery drain and heat. With strong heating, you should start with checking the OS:

  • Delete temporary files that are not necessary, and believe in the memory of each phone there are a lot of them;
  • Close all background processes that create a load on the Android system;
  • The problem may be in the firmware itself, due to the error of which the shell functions unstably. Next, we will analyze what to do if the phone heats up and quickly discharges, and in some cases also slows down a lot. In this case, you need to reset to factory settings or install a different firmware version.

It is also worth checking your smartphone for viruses, which can be done using our instructions.

Reasons For Heating The Phone And Ways To Deal With Them

Incorrect charging. common cause of overheating

In this case, the reason for the phone to heat up. its active use at the time of charging, which leads to the release of a large amount of heat. The same can happen when operating a non-original charger of dubious quality. Everything is already in your hands. verify the authenticity of the charge and let the smartphone rest while it is charging.

List of technical issues

Whatever your smartphone. top flagship or ultra-budget, it may have technical problems. Under the case there are a lot of complex mechanisms, the performance of each of which may be impaired, but in most cases the faulty battery serves as the cause of heating. If the phone is hot during charging or talking, then the reason is most likely in it. The battery has its own expiration date, which is much less than other components. As a result, it quickly discharges and is very hot. What to do in such a situation? There is only one way out. Contact a service center where they will install a new battery. This is true for all modern smartphones Xiaomi, Huawei, Samsung and many other manufacturers that have a monolithic design. Previously, it was possible to replace the battery yourself, but now it is built into the case, which does not allow a visit to specialists.

Another popular reason. short circuit, which in most cases occurs after water gets inside the case. To do this, it is not necessary to wet the entire phone, one drop may suffice. If it gets wet, you should immediately contact a service center. It is important to dry the board as soon as possible, otherwise corrosion starts and the smartphone can completely lose its working capacity. A short circuit test will help test all cameras and wireless interfaces. As a rule, sensors fall off during a short circuit, which is the main symptom of a problem.


In the article, we examined the main reasons why the phone heats up, dulls and quickly discharges, and also talked about what can be done in this situation. But immediately note that if the problem is in the hardware, then it is better not to try to solve it yourself, but immediately entrust the work to a specialist who knows the design features of modern smartphones.