Reasons Why Internet Speed Drops Through A Router

Reasons Why Internet Speed Drops Through A Router

Let’s see why the Internet speed drops sharply and how it can be increased. Unfortunately, no expert can give a definite answer to this question. The thing is that many factors influence the speed of data transmission over the network.

All reasons can be divided into two groups: dependent and independent of you. You can fix the first ones yourself; to solve the second, you should call a specialist. Let’s look at the main reasons that cause problems when using the Internet?

Reasons That Depend On You

All the reasons that you can influence and eliminate them yourself are reduced to installing programs, setting them up correctly, scanning for viruses and checking the router.

Viruses, antiviruses and firewalls

One of the most popular problems is getting the virus into the computer. There are many programs that allow you to fully monitor your actions: transitions, entering passwords, reading personal information, and more. For this reason, the speed of the Internet can drop to zero, if the virus is not removed, the computer as a whole can slow down.

The algorithm for solving this problem:

  • install an antivirus program;
  • scan your computer for threats;
  • All detected viruses – delete;
  • configure the program so that it works constantly and does not allow viruses to get into your computer.

Often the cause of the slow download of traffic from the network is the antivirus itself, as well as its firewall.

The program and firewalls check the information as soon as it enters the computer. Of course, this negatively affects the speed of downloaded information and the operation of the system as a whole.

For diagnosis, you must:

  1. disable the antivirus program and all firewalls;
  2. wait a bit so that all processes stop exactly;
  3. Check Internet download speed.

Evaluation Result:

  • if the speed has not changed – look for another reason;
  • if the speed has increased – update the program or install another antivirus.

operating system

In some cases, the Internet is slowed down by the operating system. This is especially true for owners of devices on which various assemblies of operating systems are installed, since in most cases they are of poor quality. Such a system will definitely affect the transmission rate of traffic from the network.

In this case, it is recommended to equip the computer with a clean version of the operating system. Although it will come out "pretty penny", but installing a new OS is the most optimal option.

Router limitations

Perhaps the router you are using is not designed for high-speed data transfer (usually it is written on the box). If you have a wireless router, check its settings – it is possible that someone else uses your Internet via wifi (Wi-Fi), reducing your speed when downloading and loading pages.

In the first case, troubleshooting the network is only possible through the purchase of a new, faster router. If neighbors use your Internet, set a password on wifi.

Network Card

Regardless of whether the network card is detected in the system or not, it may be malfunctioning. Then the Internet begins to slow down and slowly load.

If you are a DSL user, this information is unlikely to be useful to you.. It often happens that a network card is connected, determined by the system, but it slows down the speed of the Internet.

To check, you need to connect to another computer, and already measure the speed on it. If it matches your tariff plan, then the reason is in the network card.

Ways to solve:

  • for a computer – you can simply replace the card by buying a new one;
  • for a laptop – purchase an external USB card.

You can also set the mode to 10Mbps, Full Duplex:

  1. go to the network card settings;
  2. go to the Advanced tab;
  3. select Connection Type or Speed ​​section&Duplex.

This will provide you with a stable speed, but will not eliminate the cause, so be sure to call a specialist.

Why did the speed of the Internet drop through the router?

Sometimes it happens that under an agreement with an Internet provider, the speed should be the same, but in fact it is much lower. The speed of the router is primarily affected by the number of active Wi-Fi access points. If there are too many of them, then the speed becomes much less.

Reasons Why Internet Speed Drops Through A Router

Consider the possible causes of the drop in speed:

  • the provider has some traffic restrictions;
  • The tariff plan may unexpectedly change for the users themselves;
  • network congestion, often manifests itself in the evening and night time. There is one way to solve this problem – reboot the router. If the speed is low even during the day, call the operator;
  • The device requires flashing. Usually, a router starts to “fail” if it is used for a long period of time. Re-flashing the device often fixes all problems with the Internet;
  • malfunctions at the station. Call the operator, report a problem, leave a request and find out when they will fix the problems;
  • problems with communication networks. In this case, the best solution would be to call the company and report a low Internet speed. There you should be informed why the traffic transfer rate has dropped. If only you have such problems, the company should send a wizard who will fix the problem;
  • the company began working on the new VPN protocol. Then you will have to change your Internet provider, because this protocol does not provide stability in the supply of traffic. This means that the network speed will depend solely on the time of day. Moreover, as a rule, the number of access points to the network with this protocol is significantly higher than the permissible limits, which significantly affects the speed.

Reasons beyond your control

Unfortunately, there are reasons that an Internet user cannot do anything. You only have to wait until the provider company corrects the problem. The following are the most common problems that affect the speed of the Internet, but which cannot be resolved on their own.

How to get into the settings of the ASUS router? The answer is here.

Problems on line

Bad weather outside the window (wind, snow, thunderstorm) can damage the traffic cable and cause a weak Internet speed or its complete absence.

In this case, you can only wait until the company specialists fix the cable. For more accurate information, contact the company of providers.

To check your internet connection speed:

  • go to the command line;
  • select the ping command;
  • put ping on the line to the gateway, for example ping 1500, where is the number of your gateway;
  • if there is really a problem with the connection, you will see the message "The timeout period for this request has been exceeded."

Connection Type Impact

There are three types of Internet connection:

It should be remembered that a cable connection will always transmit data over a network faster than the other two types. In addition, the quality of telephone lines also affects the speed of the Internet. Depending on the place of residence, the speed of connection to the network can vary significantly.

External factors

Many are interested in why the Internet speed drops in the evening, the answer is network congestion, since in the evening more users watch movies and play games. This is the reason for the decrease in speed. If you encounter a problem at this time, and during the day everything is fine, then most likely this is your reason. Call your ISP and report a problem, you may be amplified by a signal.

Testing Internet Speed

To check how fast your Internet connection works:

  • enter in the search bar "Test Internet Speed";
  • the first link is often suitable for a quality check of speed;
  • the exact number will appear on the dial, which indicates the transfer speed Mb / s.

Recommendations to users

If you want to have uninterrupted access to the Internet, carefully read the following recommendations to help make the speed as fast as possible:

  • Choose a reliable browser that provides good traffic processing speed. A good browser for working on the Internet is Google Chrome;
  • disable ads in the browser. To display it, a lot of traffic is expended, because of this, pages load more slowly;
  • Install a good antivirus program. It will “intercept” all viruses on the fly and destroy them. This will significantly increase the speed of data transmission over the network;
  • Do not forget to pay regularly for the Internet, otherwise the provider will deny access to the network at all.