Refurbished Iphone 5 How To Identify Pregnancy

We are already used to the fact that the mobile phone market is regularly updated with new models. Each of the copies boasts an original design, excellent features and innovative developments. The most anticipated new product is always Apple’s smartphone. These gadgets are world famous. They are popular and. It so happened that it is the iPhone that sets new trends in fashion.

Refurbished Iphone 5 How To Identify Pregnancy

Of course, the latest developments cost a lot of money, so not everyone can purchase them. Sometimes buyers give preference to previous models, the prices of which have slightly decreased. For example, iPhone 6. Thanks to its good technical equipment, it still copes with all tasks to this day. However, there are pitfalls. The popularity of these devices has led to the fact that a lot of fakes have appeared on the market. Most often duplicates are made in China. It is worth noting that they are equipped with various technologies. It is very difficult for an ignorant person to distinguish a branded product from a fake, since these companies are trying as much as possible to achieve similarity.

Anyone can buy a fake device, even one who constantly uses phones of this brand. How to check iPhone 6 for originality? Each buyer can do this. This article will present several ways that will help you not fall for deception. So, let’s look at the main distinguishing features of smartphones from Apple.

We check the packaging and set of components

The very first thing you should start with is to study the set of components and the appearance of the package. Company box is distinguished by its design. First of all, all the inscriptions are printed in clear print. No blurry parts on the original packaging are allowed. At the point of sale, a mobile phone operator must provide a warranty card. The smartphone comes with a data cable, power adapter, a headset with a microphone and a control button. All of these accessories must have an Apple logo. This indicates that the iPhone 6 is original. Be sure to check the set of documents. In addition to the manual, there must be a certificate.

It is equally important to pay attention to the availability of information printed in Russian. All original devices intended for sale are Russified. An equally important point is the iTunes program and the Apple Store. If they are installed on a smartphone, then you can be sure of its authenticity.

Refurbished Iphone 5 How To Identify Pregnancy


Before you purchase a phone, you need to study its functions. For starters, it is recommended to pay attention to the operating system. All devices from Apple are based only on iOS. There can be no talk of any other. If Android is installed on the iPhone, then this is 100% indicative of a fake. Also, users are faced with the fact that some devices have a stylus. In the original models, it is not provided in the configuration, since all phones are controlled with a finger.

How to check iPhone 6 for originality? Enough to try to expose the Russian language. In the original devices, it integrates automatically. To select it, go to the settings. But in the "gray" devices to do this will be very problematic.

Those who want to verify the authenticity of the iPhone, you need to pay attention to the back panel. In the original devices, it is cast. If the purchased device has a removable cover, then this indicates a fake.

iPhone 6, as well as modifications S and Plus, are equipped with only one SIM card slot. It is located on the side face. It is equipped with a special lock, which opens with a clip provided in the kit.

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Are you interested in how to check for originality iPhone 6 plus and other modifications? Pay attention to the diagonal of the display. In the sixth version, it is 4.7ʺ. Modification with the Plus index is equipped with a 5.5-inch screen. IPhone 6S restored has a diagonal of 4.7ʺ. Based on this data, you need to enter the phone menu, open the options item and view the information. If even 0.1 даже differences are found, this indicates a fake. You can also check the type of matrix and resolution. Sometimes discrepancies can be seen precisely in these characteristics.

Refurbished Iphone 5 How To Identify Pregnancy


If you are interested in how to check iPhone 6 for originality, pay attention to the warranty. All Apple iPhones are certified. They go on sale with a warranty card, which will provide a free maintenance opportunity. Repair or replacement is carried out by Apple.

IMEI How to check iPhone 6 for originality?

You can use the IMEI code to authenticate your iPhone 6 smartphone. This code is a unique combination of numbers. It is located on the back cover and on the SIM card tray. It can also be recognized through command # 06 #. In this case, the IMEI will be shown on the smartphone screen.

If you turn to the resource by entering www before this combination, you can get a detailed summary of any phone. On the site, the owner will be able to check the Wi-Fi, modem, Bluetooth tabs. All data must be identical both on the resource and in the gadget.

Refurbished Iphone 5 How To Identify Pregnancy

How to check iPhone by serial number?

Any device for sale has a serial number. It is duplicated on the packing box, case and phone menu. Naturally, the number should be identical everywhere. If you find inconsistencies, you can assume that the gadget is unoriginal.

Using the serial number, it is easy to determine if the smartphone is fake. You must use the code on the official Apple website. By entering a combination of numbers and letters, you can get information about the status of the guarantee, the date of activation of the device, as well as technical support for the phone.

It is important to pay attention that in front of the item “Dates of purchase” there is a green mark. This guarantees the originality of the purchased device. If this tab contains information about the need to activate the device, then the phone is still new.

Step-by-step instruction

How to check the originality of the iPhone 6 S by serial number? For convenience, we provide step-by-step instructions. Let’s start directly with determining the number.

  • Enter the menu on the smartphone.
  • In the settings, go to the "Basic" tab.
  • Find the item "About the device."
  • Go to it, see the line "Serial number". It contains a combination of numbers and letters. They are the serial number of the smartphone.
  • Go to the official Apple website.
  • Go to the page to check the phone by serial number.
  • On it in the line enter the code and click "Continue".

Information about the smartphone will become available after reloading the page.

Refurbished Iphone 5 How To Identify Pregnancy

Apple ID Gadget lock

In order to protect yourself from all sorts of troubles when buying an Apple smartphone, you need to check if the device is locked. To do this, go to the Apple ID, where in the settings, select the iCloud item. If it has already been linked, then at any time the phone can be blocked. Only the owner can remove the restrictions. Ideally, the first time you log in to your account, registration should be offered.

How to protect yourself from meeting scammers?

If for some reason the phone is not purchased at official points of sale, you must definitely verify the authenticity of the iPhone 6. In order to protect yourself from fakes, you need to pay attention to some nuances.

  • Seller Reputation. This criterion is important when buying on online resources.
  • The price of a smartphone. If the phone is offered at a lower cost, by more than 20%, you need to think about whether it is original. As a rule, Apple products are rarely greatly reduced in price. The exception is restored models at the factory, for example, iPhone 6S.
  • Device check. It is advisable to be able to test the smartphone before buying. This requires an internet connection. To determine the authenticity, you must use the above methods.

Refurbished Iphone 5 How To Identify Pregnancy


There are many different iPhone themes on the net. "How to quickly distinguish a fake?". One of the most talked about. As mentioned above, you need to pay attention to the Russian-language interface. ITunes will also help you quickly figure out a fake. If the device automatically syncs, then it is 100% original.

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