Reinstall Windows On Acer Laptop

Reinstall Windows On Acer Laptop

The process of reinstalling the operating system Windows not particularly different between different platforms. That is, it is almost the same for desktop systems and laptops. In particular for models Acer no special manipulations are needed.

Reinstallation can be entrusted to professionals with equal success and performed independently. In the latest versions, it is largely automated and, with the exception of the initial stage, the user does not need to follow anything more than the instructions of the installer with detailed instructions at each step.

Reinstallation Measures

Step one: The first thing to do before starting the installation is to make sure you have backup copies of important data from the disk on which the current OS is installed. You can copy data to any medium – a USB flash drive of suitable capacity, an external hard drive, or optical disks.

Step Two: Then you should download the system image in iso format (a serial key of the product is required for downloading) and the program Rufus to create installation media on a flash drive or optical disk. The downloaded image should be written to the media using the program with the settings shown in the image below.

The necessary parameters in the Rufus program

When the process of recording the image to the media is completed, you should restart the computer.

Step Three: BIOS entry. This parameter changes in the BIOS environment. To get to the settings menu, it is necessary to turn on the device, before loading the operating system, press F1, F2 or Delete, depending on the specific model. The required key is indicated in the user manual.

Go to the Boot section in the BIOS environment

Step Four: Change the order of devices to boot. This parameter can be changed in the menu item. Boot, in section Boot device priority. In the list of available devices, you must first place the option with the device on which the system image is recorded.

BIOS boot order

Step Five: Exit with saving settings via the menu tab Exit.

Installation start

After rebooting, copying the operating system files will begin. The process takes some time, depending on system performance. When all the data has been copied, the installer starts.

Then you need to make presets. First, select the language and regional standards (language, time format, and input method). In all parameters, the default will be set to Russian.

Choose language and regional standards

In the next window you will need no more than pressing a button "Install".

Click on the "Install" button

Now you need to select the version of the installed OS (x86 – 32 bit, x64 – 64-bit).

Reinstall Windows On Acer Laptop

Select the version of the installed OS

After that, the installer offers to accept the terms of the license agreement. It is impossible not to accept it – otherwise it is impossible to install the system.

Accept License Agreement

The next step is to select the logical (or physical) disk on which the new system will be installed. To reinstall, you must select the partition on which the current system is installed, and in the menu under the list of disks, select "Format".

Choosing a logical (or physical) disk

After these steps, the reinstallation process will begin, which can take up to 40 minutes, depending on the hardware parameters of the laptop.

The process of reinstalling Windows 7

During installation, the computer will restart several times. The final stage of installation is the preliminary setup of the system. The user will need to configure six parameters in the appropriate number of windows with detailed instructions for each step.

After that, a little more time is required to apply the selected parameters, and the system is nominally ready for operation. All that remains is to install the laptop device drivers and the necessary application programs.