Remove Password On Windows 8 Computer

The password when entering the operating system is a very useful function for many users. You can be sure that at the workplace, no one but you will gain access to files and folders on the computer. If you have a lot of people who want to use a computer at home, then an account with a password will perfectly protect your personal files from households.

Windows 8 has a new feature. It consists in the following. when registering, you are invited to create a Microsoft account. There are undoubted advantages in it. through one Microsoft account you can synchronize various devices: laptop, tablet, computer.

But, as it turns out, not everyone needs it. For example, you do not need to restrict access to files, and you use Windows 8 only on your home computer, and you need to enter the password every time you boot the OS or when the computer wakes up from sleep mode.

Remove Password On Windows 8 Computer

In the article, I will describe a simple way that will help log out of Microsoft account and will remove the password when logging into Windows 8.

Press the WinR button combination on the keyboard. the “Run” window will appear. In the "Open" field, write netplwiz command and click "OK".

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The "User Accounts" window opens. Uncheck the box "Require username and password." Click Apply.

In the next window, the "User" field will be filled in, you need to enter a password for it and confirm. Click OK.

Now click “OK” in the accounts window.

After that, you need to restart the computer, and when you enter the system, you will not need to enter the password. If the computer goes into sleep mode before rebooting, then upon waking up, you will again need to enter a password.

Another way to disable the password when you turn on the computer with Windows 8 is to switch to a local account.

Move the mouse cursor to the upper right corner and go to the "Options" on the side pop-up panel.

Next, select "Change computer settings."

In the settings, go to the "Users" tab.

Remove Password On Windows 8 Computer

Your Microsoft account will be displayed at the top. To exit it, click on the "Switch to local account" button. Then you will need to enter the password for the current Microsoft entry. When the system prompts you to enter a new password for the local record, click "Cancel", or something like that.

Now, you will be logged into the system under a local account, and you will not need to enter a password. unless of course you skip this item, as I described above.

Using one of the described methods, you can remove the password when entering the Windows 8 operating system.

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