Replacement Glass On Iphone 7 Original

Replacement Glass On Iphone 7 Original

Frequent damage to the iPhone 7 and the features of their repair

Repair iPhone 7 includes free diagnostics and quality troubleshooting. Our service center provides a full range of services, repairing all possible breakdowns.

Replacing glass and display on iPhone 7

Perhaps one of the most common problems today. Just miss the phone. and cracks, broken pixels, or colorful stripes appear on the screen.

Replacing the glass of the iPhone 7 is done if you see cracks, but the display and touchscreen are working properly. Using special equipment, we remove the remnants of broken glass and glue new, adhering to factory technology.

If the image is deformed and the touchscreen does not work. need a replacement display. To do this, we use the original screen from donor phones or a high-quality copy of your choice.

The sensor does not work on iPhone 7

Has the sensor stopped responding to pressures, is it working with a delay, or does it execute commands spontaneously? The reason for this. damaged touch controller. Both mechanical shocks and exposure to moisture lead to its malfunction. In such cases, we change the Touch-controller chip to a working one from the donor phone.

Home button does not work on iPhone 7

The Home button is also caused by mechanical shock and moisture inside the case. As a result. Touch ID function stops working. Repair involves replacing the loop from the button itself to the processor.

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Sound and speaker issues on iPhone 7

Speaker malfunction and sound problems occur if:

moisture has entered the phone;

there was a blow or a fall;

there is dirt or dust;

software crashes or sound chip bias.

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Most often, the sound stops working correctly if dust has got on the speaker. You can solve the problem by simple cleaning. In the case when the speaker has worked for a long time in a dirty state, it is necessary to change the loop itself.

Replacing the battery on iPhone 7

Problems with the battery may be in the case of:

the use of low-quality, non-original or car chargers;

problems with the power controller.

If the phone discharges quickly, it turns off at 25-30% of the battery capacity. this is the first reason. You can fix the problem by replacing the battery with a new one.

In the case when the phone does not turn on without being connected to the network, it heats up during charging or does not connect to the charger. this is the second reason. This problem is solved by desoldering the power controller chip on the system board. Our service center has the necessary equipment and professionals who will help to eliminate the malfunction.

Network, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth not working on iPhone 7

It happens that the iPhone does not respond to the SIM card, giving out “Search”. If the problem is not in the SIM card, then the communication modem is faulty. Repair includes replacing an inoperative microcircuit on the system board using the exact method of evaporation.

When Wi-Fi does not work correctly, the reason must be sought in the Wi-Fi module. For this we offer comprehensive diagnostics.

Troubleshooting Bluetooth needs to start with the correct flashing of the iPhone 7. If it does not help to solve the problem, you need to replace the faulty antenna or microcircuit. We will help you determine the exact cause of the breakdown and repair the phone.

Camera Issues on iPhone 7

Have you begun to notice a deterioration in image quality, incorrect focus, or a black screen when the camera is turned on? The reasons may be:

moisture or dust getting into the case.

We will conduct free diagnostics and help solve the problem.

IPhone 7 won’t turn on

The most minor cause may be a system error. Press the Home and Power buttons at the same time and hold them for 10 seconds. After that, the iPhone should turn on.

If this option does not work, the comprehensive diagnosis of the iPhone 7 in our service center will help establish the cause. There are several options for failure:

the battery or power controller is out of order;

the battery cable has been unfastened;

A short circuit has occurred on the system board.

We will establish the cause and fix the breakdown in the near future.