Replacing LED Backlight TV Lg 32lb561v

  • Matrix Type: TFT IPS
  • Screen Format: 16: 9
  • LED backlight: yes, Direct LED
  • Resolution: 1920×1080
  • Diagonal: 32" (81 cm)
  • Type: LCD TV
  • HD Resolution: 1080p Full HD
  • Viewing Angle: 178 °
  • Refresh Rate: 50 Hz
  • Total Sound Power: 20 W (2×10 W)


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Replacing LED Backlight TV Lg 32lb561v
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Specifications LG 32LB561V

Check with the seller for exact specifications.

Check with the seller for exact specifications.

Pros and Cons of the LG 32LB561V

FullHD, design, price

Not expensive price. Display digital channels.

1. Excellent picture quality 2. Completely convenient remote control 3 Satellite 2 generations 4. Sound is acceptable, volume is also 5. Reads AVI, MKV and many codecs 6. Video from the USB flash drive does not slow down, I didn’t notice any artifacts, bands, even in dynamic scenes 7. There is SI 8. The menu is very convenient 9. Free channels and radio work fine.

Large screen, few glare, good colors.

Arranged by characteristics

Video: Replacing LED Backlight TV Lg 32lb561v

Depth of black, picture in general, price

Good color rendering; Large selection of image settings; Support 1080p; It catches channels in DVB-T2 format; The TV responds well to the remote; LED lights; Less power consumption compared to CRT; Different sound and image settings for different sources; No 3D, Smart TV and Wi-Fi.

Large stock of brightness. Very bright and saturated picture.

When watching a video from a flash drive, the picture is shaking. A little blue in the factory settings.

Replacing LED Backlight TV Lg 32lb561v

Switching channels with a certain delay. The LIST button on the remote control is located poorly

There is no sorting of satellite channels.

There are no flaws. If you were very scrupulous, you could make the sound better.

1. Poor reception from an analog antenna.
2. Not a convenient remote.
3. It is not convenient to switch channels, the information panel interferes.

A week later he died. I turn it on in the morning, and it’s like the brightness is completely turned off and the image does not react to any settings. Resetting to factory settings does not help

1.When watching.mkv video I wanted to rewind. it is for me: "This operation is not available now. hach hach, che yes, uh, lg google translator use ?!"
2.button "exit" in the search and pause menu of this frame "miracles" mean. reset, exit from all viewing. full reset of viewing, but not exit from the menu, after which the frame search is delayed by half an hour, at a speed of 2x!
3.Sound. Or headphones. Or the speakers. Where is the signal output to add. UZCh, without the condition of disconnecting the regular speakers ?! Why either !?

Small margin of brightness;
No D-Sub Connector;
The sound is quiet and low bass;
Composite video input combined with component;
You cannot rename digital channels.

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