Restored Iphone Does Not See Wifi Network

Restored Iphone Does Not See Wifi Network

There are situations when the iPhone stops seeing the cellular network. In some cases, the cause can be determined and eliminated by yourself without the help of specialists.

Network issues

It happens that after reinstalling, resetting or updating iOS, the device starts to catch the network badly or stops doing it at all. A similar problem appears not only due to breakdowns in the system, but also due to malfunctions in the physical component of the phone. Problems with the network will be reported by the inscription in the upper left corner of the notification panel – “No network” or No Service.

In the upper right corner of the screen you can see a message that there is no network

If the problem lies in the iPhone’s system part, then it can most likely be fixed on your own, but if the SIM card itself or one of the parts responsible for communication is damaged, you will have to contact special services to fix Apple equipment.

How to fix the problem

First of all, you need to make sure that wherever you are, other devices with SIM cards of the same mobile operator catch the connection. Perhaps you were just out of range. It is also worth leaving the places where the signal can be drowned out by a dense ceiling, walls or special devices.

If there is a signal on other devices, then you should follow the instructions below, which may return the network to you.

Time change

The reason for the loss of the signal may be incorrect time and date settings. Errors can occur even if the minutes do not coincide, therefore it is recommended to set the automatic time reconciliation mode:

  1. Expand your device’s settings. Open device settings
  2. Go to the "Basic" block. We open the section "Basic"
  3. Select Date & Time. Open the item "Date and time"
  4. Do not forget that you will need an Internet connection to update the time automatically, in this case, both mobile Internet and Wi-Fi network are suitable. Activate the "Automatic" function. If it is already turned on, then turn it off and on again. After that, reboot the device so that the time is set, focusing on the network time. Set automatic update of date and time

Check airplane mode

First, make sure the airplane mode is off. Its status can be seen in the quick access toolbar. Secondly, if it was turned off, turn it on for 15 seconds, and then turn it off again. These actions will reboot the SIM card and possibly return the network to it.

Data reset and update

  1. While in the device settings, select the "General" section, and in it the "Reset" section. We open the section "Reset"
  2. Perform a network reset. Reset network settings
  3. Return to the basic settings and click on the "About this device" button. Automatic diagnostics will be carried out for updates for cellular communications. If they are found, you will be prompted to install them, confirm the action and wait for the process to complete. We pass to the section "About this device"
  4. Go back to the device settings and select “Cellular communication”, and in it the sub-item “Cellular data”.
    We open the section "Cellular Communications"
  5. Fill in all the empty fields. Data for them can be taken on the official website of your mobile operator. Enter cellular data

Physical check

If the above steps did not help, then you need to check the SIM card. Pull it out and see if it works on another iPhone. If the network is not found there, then the SIM card will have to be replaced. You can do this at the nearest service of your mobile operator.

If the SIM card works in another device, then there are two options: either some part of the phone is damaged and needs to be carried to the service, or errors have appeared in the firmware that prevent the SIM from working, and you will have to perform a restore.

How to recover a device

If you have a backup in iCloud or iTunes, then you can reset the device without losing data. Otherwise, all personal information and installed applications will be irretrievably lost, so make sure you have a backup in advance. After that, connect to the Wi-Fi network, go to the basic settings of the device, then in the “Reset” section and select the “Reset content and settings” function. Follow the reset procedure, after its completion the initial device setup will begin, at one of the steps of which you can specify from which backup you want to restore your device.

Reset content and settings

Video: what to do if iPhone doesn’t pick up a signal

How to avoid similar problems in the future

In order not to lose the network in the future, do not change the settings of the device and SIM card, if you are not sure how to do it correctly. Do not often insert / remove a SIM card, it can harm it. Also, do not forget to update the backup stored in iTunes or iCloud, so that in case of damage to the system part of the device, you can restore information without loss.

If iPhone doesn’t catch the network, check if you are in range. After that, change the date and time settings, use the “Airplane Mode” function and reset the network settings. If this does not help, reset the settings and content of the device, and then take it to a service center.