Review Of Wireless Headphones Jbl Tune 120tws Mobile Sound For Demanding

The American company HARMAN does not need a special introduction. Thanks to the active promotion of her brand JBL, she is well known to fans of listening to loud music on the street through a wireless speaker, and to true music lovers who need much more serious equipment. Among the audio devices manufactured under the JBL brand, there are also wireless headphones. One of the new products came to our test lab. We are talking about the model JBL TUNE 120TWS. fully wireless headphones with a charging case, which we will get to know.

⇡ #Specifications

The average price for Yandex.Market at the time of writing.

⇡ #Contents of delivery

Review Of Wireless Headphones Jbl Tune 120tws Mobile Sound For Demanding

Review Of Wireless Headphones Jbl Tune 120tws Mobile Sound For Demanding

⇡ # Packaging and delivery of headphones JBL TUNE 120TWS

Headphones come in a compact cardboard box, decorated in white and orange tones. Inside, in addition to the headphones themselves, we found the following accessories:

  • charging case;
  • two sets of additional silicone ear pads of different sizes;
  • USB cable for charging;
  • brief printed instructions for working with the device.

Note that the supplied accessories also have a bright orange finish, which goes well with the white color of the headphones and is simply pleasing to the eye.

⇡ #External view

Appearance of JBL TUNE 120TWS earphones

Passing by these headphones, as well as by the happy owners using them without paying attention to them, is extremely difficult. This is due to the catchy design, and the rather large dimensions of unusual cases. The latter in the JBL TUNE 120TWS is not made in the form of elongated drops, but rather looks more like shells or sea pebbles. At first glance, it seems that they will not be able to stay in their ears at all, but this impression is misleading. They hold well, the design is thought out, but it is important to choose the ear pads for your size. As for the case, each of the headphones is simply neatly located in the bends of the ear, but does not cling to it. Together with the lack of arms, this makes it unacceptable to use this model for sports. For these purposes, it is better to choose a different model.

Front view and rear view

In addition to lettering, the right earphone differs from the left one by the presence of a tiny hole on its body, behind which, apparently, a microphone is hidden. It is noteworthy that this hole is located not from below, but from above. Outside of each of the headphones are LED status indicators and round control buttons with a short stroke and the inscription "JBL".

Earphone without ear pads and ear pads

The body of each of the headphones is made of two types of plastic: lacquered white on the outside and matte gray on the back. Plastic is very pleasant to the touch. It is felt that the product belongs to the price range slightly above average.

Review Of Wireless Headphones Jbl Tune 120tws Mobile Sound For Demanding

Charging case with headphones

A charging case is made of the same matte plastic. The case has a traditional shape for this type of headphones. The hinged lid is equipped with a magnetic holding lock and soft inserts to prevent rattling of the headphones during transport. The manufacturers and mount of the headphones in their sockets made magnetic. It is enough to bring the headphones to the open cover, as they literally themselves jump into place, easily combining three pads.

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Review Of Wireless Headphones Jbl Tune 120tws Mobile Sound For Demanding

Review Of Wireless Headphones Jbl Tune 120tws Mobile Sound For Demanding

The charging case is equipped with a built-in battery charge indicator, consisting of three miniature LEDs. Also on its lower edge is the MicroUSB port, designed to connect a charging cable. It remains only to note that the case with headphones fits easily into any, even the smallest, pocket of trousers or even a shirt, so its owner will definitely not have the hassle of transportation.

MicroUSB connector for charging

The design of the JBL TUNE 120TWS attracts attention, and you really want to pick up the headphones themselves, twist them, and consider every detail of the curious body bends. Thanks to the thoughtful design of the charging case and the high quality of performance of each element of this model, it is possible to put a solid “excellent” appearance!

⇡ #Connection and management

We tested the JBL TUNE 120TWS with several Samsung and Xiaomi smartphones. Headphones were connected to each of them quickly and without any problems. It was enough to put them in search mode and in the corresponding section of the Bluetooth settings of the smartphone to find the line "JBL TUNE120TWS". The button on the right earphone is responsible for switching to search mode. In this case, each earphone is turned on separately with its button. When you first turn on, you will also need to pair the headphones themselves with each other. This is done by simultaneously pressing the buttons of the left and right headphones.

All these actions cannot be called intuitive, but they are not complicated. Just look at the instructions. The latter will also be needed to understand the principles of managing calls and playing tracks. So, a single press on the right earphone button during an incoming call will lead to an answer. One more press and you hang up. But the call rejection function, alas, is not provided. The same button is also responsible for controlling the microphone. for this it needs to be held for three seconds. Well, double-clicking on it calls the voice assistant Siri or Google.

To stop or continue playback, you also need to use the right earphone button. But the transition to the next or previous track is performed by a single or, respectively, double-click on the button of the left earphone. Despite the apparent complexity of control, using the JBL TUNE 120TWS buttons is no more difficult than using the buttons of other headphones and headsets.

⇡ #Impressions of use and sound quality

Review Of Wireless Headphones Jbl Tune 120tws Mobile Sound For Demanding

If you precisely choose the size of ear pads, then you will not feel any problems with earphones in your ears. They will be securely held inside even with non-aggressive running. The only drawback is that when worn, these headphones strongly advocate, so to speak, the dimensions of your head. In other words, they stick out strongly from the ears, which attracts the attention of others.

A second interesting aspect of wearing is that the JBL TUNE 120TWS provide very good sound insulation. They very much muffle all external noises, including sounds from transport, loud cries and conversations. For headphones, this is a big plus, but when using the JBL TUNE 120TWS as a headset, there is an acute desire to remove the left earphone from your ear to hear your own voice normally.

As a rule, you don’t expect much from the sound of wireless headphones. Those who want to get the maximum sound quality will opt for wired headphones. But in some ways, the JBL TUNE 120TWS may even surprise its owner. The purity of the sound picture, the absence of extraneous noise and deep bright bass, this model can compete with many wired counterparts.

Headphones were perfect for rock and electronic music. These genres, it seemed to us, are revealed in the JBL TUNE 120TWS speakers most fully. The sound picture is quite dynamic and sharp. All instruments are clearly audible. Classics and instrumental music sound just as pure, but not so natural. However, this is a subjective assessment. For most users, sound quality will be sufficient. In these headphones you will not hear the rattling or muffled sound characteristic of low-cost wireless models.

Surprised and the maximum volume level. In most cases, when working on a noisy street, 60-70% of the maximum possible value was enough. To ensure a comfortable sound at home, the volume can be a little lower.

With regard to autonomy, the indicators declared by the manufacturer during testing were not achieved. But the headphones worked for 3 hours 40 minutes, which is only slightly different from the declared value of 4 hours. When using the case, this time, with interruptions in charging, was able to increase to almost 15 hours. It is noteworthy that charging these headphones for only 15 minutes ensures their battery life for an hour.

It remains to add that the JBL TUNE 120TWS met expectations and when used as a headset. Despite the inability to reject a call, using them as such is convenient. The interlocutor is heard perfectly, and he can hear you well even on a noisy street. There is only one important point that you need to consider when working with headphones as a headset. They are automatically turned off if they are not used for a long time, which the user is notified with a characteristic sound.

⇡ #findings

Some mobile accessories have a magical effect. you just don’t want to let go of them. These include the JBL TUNE 120TWS headphones. This is due to both the amazing appearance and the high quality sound for its class, which is quite sufficient to work with any modern smartphone.

The strengths of the JBL TUNE 120TWS include:

  • bright attractive design;
  • very high quality workmanship;
  • wearing comfort;
  • excellent sound insulation;
  • high sound quality;
  • the ability to work as a headset;
  • work with voice assistants;
  • fast recharging.

Of the shortcomings, only the body protruding from the ear can be noted, but this does not affect the wearing comfort or the sound quality. The cost of headphones is also not the smallest, but you have to pay for quality, and this model is worth the money spent.

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