Samsung A3 Does Not Work GPS

The presence of a GPS navigator in Android smartphones or tablets will not surprise anyone. A GPS navigator on mobile platforms also has an advantage. it can work without connecting to a satellite, but only by working with mobile towers, but in this case you can only get location coordinates. To globally determine your location you will have to connect to the satellites, as it was in the classic portable GPS.

GPS does not work on Android

In fact, there may be a lot of reasons why GPS does not work on an android, so we immediately rule out hardware failures (technical problems), only the service center will help here.

  • Incorrect GPS setup. This happens most often. How to configure GPS on Android can be read here. You can test the correct GPS settings using the application GPS Test
  • GPS does not work after flashing. In this case, the GPS settings fly off. How to return the settings. we read in the article at the link above, the article will contain a video in which everything is described in detail.
  • Initial satellite link not done. In remote areas, this process can take a long time up to an hour. But for this, you need to put your phone or tablet on the street or on the windowsill. After binding, GPS will work faster.
  • GPS on Android does not work indoors. precisely, it may work, but rather weakly. For correct operation, the GPS module must be outdoors and see the sky.
  • Hardware problems. If, after all the manipulations with the GPS settings, the module did not show any signs of life, then you should contact the service center with specialists.

Android phones contain a GPS module that allows a large number of applications to determine the location, as well as to navigate the terrain. The functionality of a GPS phone is higher than a standard external handheld GPS. But they still need to be able to use correctly, so that there are no questions why gps on android does not work.

How GPS works on the phone

A little about how GPS works in a smartphone, so that it is clear what settings to set.

Video: Samsung A3 Does Not Work GPS

  • Android applications can find location using mobile network towers.

If you go into the location settings of the Android phone, you will see two options for determining the choice. One of the definitions is called network location. It is this option that calculates the coordinates using the towers of mobile communications or via Wi-Fi. The pluses of this method include the fast speed of work, and the minus is not an exact indication of the location. The slower way is satellite GPS navigation.

  • Android phones and tablets use Assisted GPS (aGPS).

This technology allows you to know the satellite position using the network and at the same time receiving data much faster.

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  • Android GPS can work without mobile communications.

From managers of various mobile networks, you can hear that GPS does not work on android if it is not in the area of ​​mobile towers. Maybe, but for this you need the correct satellite navigation settings.

  • When you first determine the position (first snap) in too remote areas, it takes time.

This process in various places can take from ten seconds to an hour. The first time is always longer, but with the next connections everything will go much faster

  • Maps matter when running Android GPS.

If you open Google Maps without a network connection, the smartphone will give an error "This application requires an active tariff plan." This happens with other applications, if the application uses Internet cards, then a permanent connection to the network is required.

  • Android GPS should see the sky well.

This rule is known to few. But those who worked with portable GPS are familiar with this. Why does GPS not work? Everything from the fact that these positions are transmitted from satellites, which means that the transmission quality will be better if the signal from the floor slabs or meter-long layers of the earth in the subway do not interfere with the signal.

Samsung A3 Does Not Work GPS
  • Android GPS drains the battery of a tablet or smartphone.
Samsung A3 Does Not Work GPS

Everything is simple here. Do you want to extend the operating time of your smartphone? Then turn off the GPS module. This also applies to other modules. Of course, no one will tell you the exact data on how long the operating time will be after shutting down, but in any case it will not be out of place if you do not use GPS too often.

These are the basic principles regarding the question. how does GPS work on a smartphone and tablet.

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