Samsung A8 After Update

Samsung A8 After Update

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Let’s go!

In July 2018, I finally got tired of my smartphone (yes, for three years I didn’t change it, but he wasn’t even going to break) and I decided to buy a new one. By studying the technical characteristics, the ratio "price quality" I settled on the Honor 9 Lite and, in fact, the Samsung Galaxy A8. Honor is cheaper, but Samsung smartphones are more reliable.

The smartphone itself

Model: SM-A530F / DS

Color: gold (in my case). It also happens to be black and, suddenly, blue.

Price: 24 999 p. It is considered budgetary, but it all depends on the city. We have an average salary in the region of 20-25 thousand rubles, so I personally will not name it budget.


Operating System: Android 7, 8, 9

Dimensions (WxHxT): 70.6×149.2×8.4 mm

Number of SIM cards: full DUOS, supports 2 Nano-sized SIM cards. Not micro.


Number of processor cores: 8

The amount of internal memory: 32 GB

Slot for memory cards: yes, up to 256 GB

Interfaces: Wi-Fi 802.11ac, Wi-Fi Direct, Bluetooth 5.0, USB, ANT, NFC

Computer Sync: Yes

Max. Video Resolution: 1920×1080

Main camera: 16 MP

Front camera: dual 16MP 8MP.

Headphone Jack: 3.5 mm (mini Jack)

Battery capacity: 3000 mAh

Charging Port Type: USB Type-C

Sensors: illumination, proximity, Hall, gyroscope, barometer, fingerprint

In real life

Samsung A8 After Update

Standard box filling:

  • quick guide
  • advertising booklet

Also included are:

  • branded vacuum headphones
  • key to open the cover
  • USB adapter
  • USB cable
  • charger unit
  • and, actually, the smartphone itself

Samsung A8 After Update


Headphones I didn’t like it. In my opinion, the sound is superficial, not enough bass. Or maybe I’m just used to Chinese headphones for 50 p., But with cool bass.

The smartphone’s battery is not removable, therefore, a special key is supplied. In case of force majeure. I haven’t come in handy yet, moreover, I forgot about its existence until I took the box "for a photo shoot".

USB Important point: USB input at A8 is non-standard! It is wider so a regular Android cable him DOES NOT FIT. Included with the smartphone is, as I said, a charging cable and an adapter for a standard cable.

Samsung A8 After Update

Samsung Galaxy A8. Appearance

I chose the case in gold color. But this gold is not yellow like that of earrings with Ali, but it can be said powdery. Not screaming. In addition, it shimmers with colorful lights. In general, I really like the look of the smartphone.

Samsung A8 After Update

Samsung A8 After Update

Speaking of glass. Initially, the screen was covered with one protective film: color. First glass I had a view of 2D. the edges are glued to the edges, air is in the area of ​​the screen. This is a terrible type of glass; they crack and break instantly. For six months, I changed about five (.) Of these. But at that time there were no alternatives for the A8 model.

Samsung A8 After Update

Now there is already 9D glass. fully glued, specially adapted for the rounded edges of the smartphone. This is exactly the glass you see in the photo. For the price it cost me exactly the same as 2D. 250 r with glue.

Therefore, the first tip: buy A8. immediately ask him for 9D glass.

2D. bad, 9D. well.

Samsung A8 After Update

Samsung Galaxy A8. Functionality


The screen on the smartphone is not very bright. In any case, darker than that of the same Grand. This does not affect convenience, color reproduction is clear.

Samsung A8 After Update

Built-in physical memory in the Samsung Galaxy A8. 32 GB plus can be inserted microSD flash drive up to 256 GB.

I have a 32 GB flash drive, which ultimately gives 64 GB of physical memory. Considering that I store all the media and half of the applications on the memory card, for me such an integrated volume is more than enough.


RAM smartphone 4 GB of RAM. Of the games, I only have a calculator, since basically I need a browser, social networks and remote access programs on my phone. Well, a couple of editors to process photos with creams Given my entire set, the smartphone copes with the load, does not freeze, does not slow down, and does not fail. But whether the A8 will pull complex games and how, I can’t say anything here, alas.


3000 mAh, which says little to the average user. I will say: a good battery.

With the active use of the smartphone per day (frequent calls, constantly open WhatsApp, Instagram, Browser, VK and sometimes TeamViewer) batteries "enough" somewhere for 15 hours.

With passive use of the smartphone (I forgot where my phone is lying, I answered calls a couple of times and spent two or three hours on the Internet), the charge lasts more than a day (day, night and another half day).

What is most important: for a year of use, the A8 holds a charge as in the early days. I haven’t had this before, usually after a year the battery started "lose ground". A definite plus!

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Also has the Samsung A8 There is a quick charge function. This is when I put the discharged phone to charge without turning it off, and after an hour there is already 100%. Yes, exactly one hour later. After the smartphone is charged, it automatically turns off charging and if the cable is still connected, periodically "fueled by" as discharged.

Video: Samsung A8 After Update

Normal charging lasts about 4 hours.

Calls and sound

Here I have no complaints. The audibility during calls is excellent on both "wire ends". The main speaker transmits clear sound without hissing and whistling. There is also an equalizer for setting comfortable sound.

Communication and Internet

The network catches regularly. For a year of use, problems have never arisen with this.

Cool features

My favorite section is where the Samsung Galaxy A8 revealed with a completely unexpected positive side for me.

1. Optimization

This smartphone itself optimizes memory and battery well.

  • flushing the ROM (deleting the cache, temporary files),
  • RAM cleaning (unloading applications running in the background),
  • energy optimization (translating unused applications into "sleep mode")
  • scanning the device for viruses (no comments)

2. Special features for people with disabilities and just for setting comfortable perception

This is the scoring of text on the screen, zooming in, contrasting colors of the keyboard, a sea of ​​them here.

3. Blue filter

Just THING! A special adjustment of the display backlight for the dark, so that looking at the screen before going to bed, your eyes will not get tired. You can configure the automatic inclusion of the filter on a schedule. At me it turns on every evening at 21:00. Visually, the difference between the modes is noticeable only when the filter is turned on. You can see how the screen turns yellow sharply. But after a few seconds, the eyes adapt and the colors on the display are not distorted.

4. Scoring of time and the pumped-up alarm clock

As with any smartphone, the Galaxy A8 has a clock with an alarm clock, stopwatch and timer. The alarm clock has the ability to adjust the frequency of the alarm, increase the volume and the function of scoring time. In life, it happens like this:

the music starts to sound louder, then abruptly goes into the background

voice: It’s eight o’clock and fifty minutes now

the music grows again and plays until you turn it off

I really like this feature. Special "minutes" (we ourselves are not local)

5. Access point and modem mode

The smartphone can distribute Wi-Fi and work as a modem when connected to a computer. Old as the world, but damn convenient!

6. Application Search String

And all the other features of the latest versions of Android.

Main camera

We pass to the most delicious. The camera suits me. I can’t say that I’m really delighted, but still she shoots great.

So, 16 megapixel what to expect?

Nature photos are gorgeous, even filters are not needed here:

Samsung A8 After Update

Samsung A8 After Update

Samsung A8 After Update

Samsung A8 After Update

Items and people already takes off worse. May go green. For example, color correction is persistently requested for this photo:

Samsung A8 After Update

It zooms well. Photo in quality, of course, loses, but for me shooting distant subjects is not so priority.

The photo was taken from a distance of two meters, so as not to frighten the squirrel. But he still saw us)

Samsung A8 After Update

Here a little closer, but already photographed from top to bottom:

Samsung A8 After Update

Night shooting despite skepticism, pretty good. But it could be better:

Samsung A8 After Update

Well, the most important question: is it possible to make good photos of good creams? My answer is yes! The camera has many settings and subject shooting is very decent. Especially in good light.

Samsung A8 After Update

Auto focus can be forcibly directed to the desired subject, as a result of which we get a blurred background and a perfectly clear object:

Samsung A8 After Update

Flash included:

Samsung A8 After Update

Samsung A8 After Update

For fans to play around with the settings, the camera has modes:

  • The photo. optimal for subject shooting
  • About. contains color correction and white balance settings
  • Panorama. when you want to cover the whole space
  • Food. perfectly photographs a plate;
  • Video recording. regular video
  • Hyperlapse. honestly, I can’t understand how it works


Logically, the frontline should be better (16 Mp8 Mp), but I did not notice this. In good light, it shoots well:

Samsung A8 After Update

But in the dark, he disappoints:

Samsung A8 After Update

There is a mode "Live focus". automatically blurs the background, concentrating on the face. But it works well, again, in sunny weather and bright light. In all other cases, the face also blues. Not as much as the background, of course, but it does not change the essence.

Samsung A8 After Update

There are also modes for the front camera, additional photo sizes and makeup:

Photo editor

If all of the above is not enough, then there is still a simple photo editor in the style of "Make beautiful". The interface is clear and familiar to everyone. Yes, and the filters are beautiful:

Update on Android 9 Pie

This is the last, honestly)

I bought a smartphone with the original version of Android 7.1.1 (Nougat). The first time I connect to the Internet, I "by air" An update arrived with Android 8.0 (Oreo).

By the way, do you know about easter eggs?

If you go to settings->information about the software and click on the Android version 100500 times, the game will open. Each version has its own. In Android 8.0, this is such an octopus.

That was in July. And in August a new, ninth version of Android was released.

Closer to winter, it dawned on me: will my phone upgrade to a new version or will it still live with the eight? Google said: worry, in April everything will be, a cake truck will roll over on A8 street.

April did not have to wait: the One UI shell flew to the Samsung Galaxy A8 on March 23, 2019, and with it Android 9 (Pie).

You can ask Google about innovations, and I’ll tell you what has changed in this particular smartphone model.

New features:

Night mode. dark color theme for the evening;

Children’s mode. it is obvious that the child does not crawl where they do not ask. The screen is locked, instead of the main elements appear on it developing children’s games. Child mode is active until the screen is unlocked.

Smart View. Hurrah! Now my instagram is on my TV. And the TV on Instagram. Rather, in the phone.

Dolby Atmos. effect of plague sound in headphones.

Changes to what has already been:

Well, of course, buttons. They are no more. Now instead of buttons "Home", "Back" and "Open" there are three horizontal stripes at the bottom of the screen, each of which needs to be swiped up. You get used to them quickly, but if you wish, you can return the native buttons in the settings.

Changed the appearance of open tabs: now they are horizontally located and swipe them not sideways, but upwards:

Icon Style

Style of system applications (e.g. alarm clock):

The number of teams on "curtain":

And I can also say that the camera has become more stable (photos with a rose are made after updating).

That’s all for me. Have questions. write, I will answer all.

Smartphone Samsung Galaxy A8 (2018) recommend. In my opinion, a great option, combining great functionality, a good camera and a presentable appearance.

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