Samsung A8 Microphone Issues

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The microphone does not work on the iPhone

First you need to make sure that the problems with the microphone are not related to settings, software malfunction or cellular connection. To do this, follow the recommendations below. If after following these instructions, the microphone on the phone still does not work, you should contact the service center to replace the iphone microphone.

IPhone microphone troubleshooting

During a phone conversation or using FaceTime, Siri functions, as well as when playing back recorded sound on an iOS device, the following problems may occur:

  • Your interlocutor does not hear or does not hear you well during a telephone conversation or making a FaceTime call.
  • Sound is also not recorded on the recorder.
  • Siri cannot detect voice response when prompted.
  • There is no sound or distortion when playing back recorded audio.
  • Video on the camera is shot without sound, or the sound is distorted / muffled.

Checking if the problem is really a microphone

Video: Samsung A8 Microphone Issues

iPhone has two kinds of microphone.

Samsung A8 Microphone Issues

If your voice is quiet when making a phone call in the speakerphone mode, make sure that the receiver on the iPhone is not blocked or closed.

If your voice sounds quietly in this audio recording or Siri does not hear you, you should make sure that the rear microphone near the iSight camera (on the top corner of the iPhone, on the back) and the receiver are not blocked by anything and do not close.


If the problem persists after testing, do the following.

  1. Disconnect all accessories that are connected to the headset jack.
  2. When using the device, be careful not to cover the main microphone and the iSight microphone with your fingers.
  3. Remove the protective film or case that may cover the microphones.
  4. Reboot the phone.
  5. Be sure to install the latest software.

IPhone Microphone Diagnostics & Repair

The type of microphone that is broken, the cause of the breakdown and the methods for fixing it, we can only say when diagnosing the device. Diagnostics take about 10-30 minutes and absolutely free. After the master tells you what exactly you have broken, the price and terms of the repair, you can decide whether to leave the phone for repair or pick it up. A new spare part is warranted.

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