Samsung Galaxy S6 Battery Replacement

Samsung Galaxy S6 Battery Replacement

Samsung Galaxy S6: battery replacement

Samsung Galaxy S6 is the next generation smartphone after the Galaxy S5. First of all, the material for manufacturing the case has changed, instead of plastic, the base of the case is made of metal, which is much more practical and presentable. The back cover as well as the protective glass of the display is made of tempered glass Corning Gorilla Glass 4. The screen diagonal remains 5.1 inches, the manufacturer made the smartphone thinner, with almost the same dimensions. Manufacturers periodically decide to make the battery capacity smaller than that of the predecessor model, and here it happened, the Samsung Galaxy S6 equipped with batteries with a capacity of 2550 mAh. The reliability of the battery is average, why you will understand from the article below.

Reasons for Samsung Galaxy S6 Battery Failure

Do not miss the moment to say once again that Samsung’s flagships are sold out in millions of copies, respectively, millions of people became owners of SGS 6. After a year, we began to possess behavioral statistics on batteries in Galaxy S6 devices. During the warranty period, the battery in rare cases fails, as a rule. this happens after a year of using the device. Without violating the operating conditions, the symptoms of a faulty battery are: loss of battery capacity (it discharges faster with the same daily use), the battery is swollen, the device turns off under loads, the battery capacity indication for samsung galaxy s6 is incorrect.

Let’s analyze the situation with a swollen Galaxy S6 battery, as a rule, swelling occurs due to improper chemical reactions that cause gas formation and pressure increase. The battery is swollen or has already partially increased in size, if the smartphone is in a case or a bumper, it is more difficult to notice rounding or deformation of the battery cover. When the battery bloated, the battery begins to press on the front panel (base and display with glass) and the glass back cover. The display module for such cases is protected by the iron part and there is not a very small chance that the screen will fail, with regards to the back cover, the situation is 50/50, the covers are quite strong, but if they are unsuccessfully pushed or pressed with force, the cover may crack and further break the tightness, hit dirt, dust in the crack of the cover, which is not recommended and may lead to additional breakdowns.

Replacing the Samsung Galaxy S6 battery: procedure, installation time

Changing the battery to SGS6 is not a time-consuming procedure, but requires professional skills and knowledge, therefore we provide a 60-day guarantee for this work and spare part. We will tell you more about the replacement procedure in the continuation of the article.

Before starting the procedure for replacing the Samsung Galaxy S6 battery, there is a sequence of work, we will begin to describe it.

The SGS6 smartphone is disassembled from the back, that is, from the battery cover. The battery cover is fixed with an adhesive, which must be heated to partially lose its adhesive properties. Next, we dismantle the cover using the recommended tool by Samsung, no metal tool that could damage the paint on the cover. After the cover, in order to gain access to the G920 battery, it is necessary to remove the iron part of the housing (base) and only after that we dismantle the battery, the device must be turned off.

After the smartphone is disassembled, it is necessary to check the power consumption of the device, this is a very important procedure if you want to get a job well done and therefore it is not recommended to convince the service center that the problem is in the Samsung s6 battery and ask to change only the battery without checking everything else. Faults: quickly discharges, charges for a long time, but quickly discharges, does not hold a charge. may be associated with the failure of elements on the system board, a damaged charging connector, a lot of information and lack of free space on the device.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Battery Replacement

The smartphone is connected directly to the service programmed power supply and the readings are measured, if they correspond to the standard value, then go to the SGS 6 battery test, the test is carried out using the CADEX analyzer for capacity matching, in fact this is an additional battery check, since the percentage of defective parts Samsung is very small, and our samsung service center uses only original batteries.

We install the battery in the galaxy s6 phone and carry out the final test of the device with a new battery, if the specifications are acceptable, we proceed to the final stage – complete assembly.

The assembly includes a set of works:

  • gluing the battery into the display frame;
  • installation of the base of the case (iron part) assembled with the wireless charging module;
  • removal of dust / dirt, cleaning of the remains of the adhesive base from the iron part;
  • installation of the battery cover, but here you need to look to use the old glue base or you need to apply a new one, the engineer empirically makes a decision in this case.