Samsung Gear S3 Frontier Features And Opportunities

4 days Release year: 2016

Samsung Gear S3 Frontier Features And Opportunities










4 days Charging Type: Wireless

I’ve been using it every day for a week. So far, there are twofold impressions, at the same time the joy of acquiring (I understand that you can’t live a day without a smart watch) and wariness / disappointment from some failures in their work.

digestible design, finally the smart watch has become like a normal wristwatch
Good battery life (talk, fitness, and scrolling notifications). 3 days
convenient wireless charging quality of communication with the subscriber when using the speakerphone
excellent display (clearly visible in bright sunshine)

– unexpectedly on the third day of use, when turned on after charging in the morning, there was a problem of pairing with the phone, did not want to catch each other, I had to turn off / on both the clock and the phone several times. Unpleasant.

– on the fifth day, at some point, the watch refused to make a call to the subscriber either by pressing the corresponding touch button on the screen or using voice search (also voice search stopped finding contacts). an inscription appeared with advice to use the phone directly. Also, the possibility of receiving calls by turning the bezel to the right ceased to appear, but at the same time, the possibility remained to reject the call using the same bezel. Resetting the watch did not help. He was cured by turning off / on the phone. Very unpleasant.

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– From the first moment the watch starts, the voice dialing function of SMS does not work. constantly writes about some kind of failure. and how to live with it further? If someone tells me how to cure, I will be very grateful. The rest of the functions for executing voice commands, in principle, work fine.

– disgusting strap (rubber / silicone or whoever they call this material). It differs both in color from the blackest watch case, the color of dark gray cheap rubber, and dust and dirt attracts a lot. I will definitely replace it with a better one.

– And one moment. ) None of the reviewers who sing laudatory praises to both the watch and the ingenious move from Samsung, who came up with such a convenient and magical rotating bezel, mentioned the flip side and the unpleasant side of the coin. The bezel rotates too easily. and when you wear a watch in the cool season and you will have clothes with long sleeves and some cuffs, almost every time these bezels will scroll and bezel at the moment when you raise your hand and try to see or answer something on the screen. as a result, you will constantly be forced to press the home button to return to the main screen from some submenu because of the scrolled bezel like roulette in the game room. Terribly annoying.

These are the first impressions. Smart watch is definitely. forever. But from small such jambs and periodic failures of the above-described sediment on the heart, it was not very good. If the situation with a periodic partial departure by functionality from pairing with the phone continues, then these wonderful Samsung watches will fall under the hammer. Why watch, not phone? Well, at least because the phone has proven itself in a month of use on the good side, and is very friendly with the rest of the devices that I have through communication via bluetooth without a single glitch.

Samsung Gear S3 Frontier Features And Opportunities

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