Samsung Kies Update Firmware S5

Samsung Kies Update Firmware S5

  • March 2014
  • 145 g, 8.1 mm
  • Android 6.0
  • Posted by: Niko


Instructions for installing the official single-file firmware on the Samsung Galaxy S5 (SM-G900x).

  • Download file
  • Download file

Neither the administration of, nor the author of the instructions are responsible for your actions and results. Everything that you do. you do only at your own peril and risk.

To install the official stock firmware on the Galaxy S5 and return the status of the phone ("Settings" > "About the device" > "Properties" > “Device Status”) to “Official” after switching from custom firmware and thereby returning the ability to receive updates by air, just follow the instructions provided.

Installation Instructions

Save all the necessary data and files from your smartphone to a computer or to the cloud. When you reset the device, the internal memory will be fully formatted.

Download and install drivers for your phone.
If Samsung Kies is already installed, you do not need to install drivers. It is only necessary to completely unload Kies from memory, through the task manager, and then continue.

Disable option "Activation lock»In the device’s security settings.

Download and unzip the archive with the Odin PC program to an arbitrary folder.
It is important that there is no Cyrillic in the path to the folder. For example, "C: \ S5FW \".

Download firmware is NECESSARILY for YOUR device. Firmware from SM-G900F and especially other models will not work for SM-G900H and vice versa, but can only turn the device into a so-called. brick.

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Video: Samsung Kies Update Firmware S5

A set of official firmware can be found on the Samsung Updates website:

Unzip the downloaded archive into a folder with Odin PC for convenience. The file in the “.tar” or “.tar.md5” format must be left, and “SS_DL.dll” can be deleted.

Reset device data.
To do this, go to the settings on the tab "Accounts"To the section"Archiving and Reset", Select"Reset device"And press the button"Delete everything". The phone will reboot.

Launch Odin PC as administrator.

Put the device in boot mode (Download mode)
To do this, simultaneously hold down the Volume Down key, the Home button and the Power button. Then wait until the phone reboots and accept the warning by pressing the Volume Up key.

In this state, connect the smartphone to the computer. In Odin, the inscription “должнаCOM".

Press the button “AP»And select the tar archive of the firmware.

Items "Auto reboot"And"F.Reset Time" must be activated, a "Re-partition"If active. need to disable.

Press the button “Start". The firmware installation process will begin.

At the end of the operation, if everything went well, the message “All threads completed.” Should appear in the Odin PC log. (succeed 1 / failed 0). " The phone must be manually restarted by holding down the power button until the screen turns off. Initial loading of the device may take up to 5 minutes.
If the device does not boot for a long time or a data reset has not been made, it must be performed from the recovery.
To do this, simultaneously hold down the Volume Up key, the Home button and the Power button. After downloading, select "Wipe data / Factory reset", and then. "Reboot system now". If after these actions the device also freezes at boot, it is necessary to reflash it again.

When the device boots up (it is advisable to skip the initial setup), delete data from step 7 again.

That’s all. After downloading the phone, it will be completely ready for use, and its condition should change to “Official”. If this does not happen and the condition is still “Special.”, You must repeat the 7th paragraph of this instruction.

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