Samsung Smart Washer Which Models Are Suitable

It is sometimes difficult to fit household appliances into an already established interior, especially if these appliances are bulky like a washing machine, refrigerator, or oven.

Of course, making a choice when repair is just beginning is much simpler, because you can find out in advance what sizes this machine has and in the course of calculating the future dimensions of the surrounding furniture.

But you can also get a washing machine in an already equipped house, and then the dimensions of the washing machine are automatic: height, width, depth are of great importance, on which depends not only a pleasant aesthetic appearance that does not stand out from the interior, but also ease of use.

Types of washing machine configurations

Undoubtedly, the dimensions of automatic washing machines along with their functional features (the possibility of drying or ironing, maximum load, etc.) are marked by importance when choosing.

Samsung Smart Washer Which Models Are Suitable

But in addition to the fact that the machine must have certain sizes that fit into an oversized bathroom or cabinet in the kitchen, there are other indicators that reflect its functionality.

All of us have long been accustomed to the fact that there must be a washing machine, and even a few decades ago such a model was unusual for people, since there were machines with only top loading. They constantly jumped around the apartment and did not have any automation.

But even despite the frenzied popularity of washing machines with a front hatch, today you can return to the past and purchase a no less modern, high-quality and automatic machine with loading from above.

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Simply put, the following configurations can be found on the market:

  1. Frontal (horizontal). In the case of machines with horizontal loading, you will have to take into account many nuances with dimensions and access to the hatch itself.
  2. Vertical (sunroof on top). Of course, the dimensions of the top-loading washing machines are slightly different from the previous ones, since they take up less space, but are absolutely not suitable for installation in cabinets.

What are the sizes of washing machines

Like any thing, the machine has its own size, which is essentially universal. The main parameters that measure the body of the washing machine are height, width and depth.

Typically, a standard washing machine is measured with numbers such as from 85 to 90 cm. height, from 45-60 cm. depth and not more than 60 cm. width. But despite this standard, the dimensions of the washing machines do not end there.

The thing is that the machine has a certain size, depending on the type of load, and where exactly you want to install it and operate it with ease.

Standard sizes by type of load

As we have already discussed above, a washing machine can have both vertical and horizontal loading of laundry, as a result of which the dimensions of the washing machine are significantly different, allowing them to be embedded in an already created interior in the house.

Of course, the standard sizes of washing machines are more popular than non-standard ones, but having a small room for a washing machine, you will have to look for alternatives, which are the sizes depending on the type of load.

Despite the fact that there are many types of machines, the overall dimensions of washing machines are not so in demand among housewives, even though there are much more kilograms of linen that can be placed in them.

So, the dimensions of washing machines vary by three indicators. Most often this applies to width and depth, but the height is always about the same, even for those machines in which things are placed on top.

Let’s look at the main dimensions in the form of a table for an LG car or any other brand (after all, the dimensions are always the same, only the software features change).