Samsung Themes Does Not Open

Hello! Today I will show you how to put a melody on a contact on a Samsung Galaxy phone. For each contact you can set a specific melody or mp3 track. Example, if your friend Petya calls you, a jazz-style melody will play, and if your wife calls you, you will hear an alarming siren))) Everything is very simple and fast. See the instructions below and write comments if you do not understand something. Go!

On the main or secondary screen, find the Contacts icon and click on it.

Samsung Themes Does Not Open

Look you need to create a new contact. I could not find such an option so that I could add a melody to an existing contact (who knows, write in the comments). So, if you want to add music for a contact that is already in the database, delete it and recreate it. On this page, at the bottom of the screen on the right, click on the round button with a plus.

Samsung Themes Does Not Open

Next, select the location to save the contact and click Select.

Samsung Themes Does Not Open

On the contact creation page, click on the tab below.

Samsung Themes Does Not Open

At the bottom, click on the Ringtone field.

Samsung Themes Does Not Open

You will be presented with a page for selecting the default ringtone. If you want to add your song, click on the Add tab at the top right.

Samsung Themes Does Not Open

Next, you need to select the application to open the music section. Click on Select Sound.

Samsung Themes Does Not Open

Next, you need to select the music and mark it by clicking on the circle on the left.

Samsung Themes Does Not Open

Select a song and click Finish at the top right.

Samsung Themes Does Not Open

All is ready. You just have to indicate all the necessary contact information and click on the Save button at the top.

Samsung Themes Does Not Open

Still have questions? Write a comment! Good luck

Hello. Such a problem. When choosing an action using mistakenly clicked on the cloud. Now when you select a melody, it constantly sends through the account. how to return to make a choice through the choice of sound. Thanks. Tel samsung galaxy a3.

Good afternoon. So in the “Perform an action with” window, you clicked on the “Always” tab to perform an operation using this application. It was necessary to click “Only once”. It can be easily fixed. Open: Settings. Applications. Click on the name of the application (which you installed by default). In the application settings, find the Default Usage option at the bottom. There you need to click Reset Defaults.

Hello, I have such a problem, I have a Samsung J2 CORE phone and when I click on there is no such button

Good afternoon. Most likely this smartphone does not have such a function. Especially if this is an old model.

Hello. I have problems on j2, after the field the phonetic name has no more tabs

Good evening. What year is the smartphone? Android version?

Fuck. deleted the contact, now not only the melody, but also the avatar cannot be added., I would have known would not read this bullshit.

But such a problem Samsung Galaxy Bark J2 is still as shown here but there is no contact melody. how to be or not to be. androyd 8.01.

Either look elsewhere or there is no such function on your smartphone.

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Author, there is no such field in contacts. “ringtone”. You probably haven’t j2 core.

Where are the contacts stored on the SIM card or phone?

You need to go into contacts, contact management import / export contacts and transfer all contacts from sim to phone. And then you can put melodies on the selected contact

Video: Samsung Themes Does Not Open

Thanks for the advice. Good luck to you!

You can not delete a contact, just click change contact.

Contacts on the phone, but I can’t set the ringtone for the contact. The phonetic name is the last on the list.
Samsung j2 core

I can only assume that your phone does not have such a function. Or she is somewhere else. You can see the properties of the track that you want to put on the call.

On the Samsung S7 model, you do not need to delete the number. Click “Change”, if it doesn’t show all the data, click “more”, scroll down and change the contact melody.

See, you need to create a new contact. I could not find such an option so that I could add a melody to an existing contact (who knows, write in the comments).
Before getting smart, you need to study the phone. it’s very simple to add a melody to an existing record.

I know my phone well) But they are all different. If this is the case with you, this does not mean that everyone will have it either.

Who created the article?

in my Samsung Galaxy I add a melody to a contact or group like this:
1. I open the contact
2. Click Change
3. click Add field
4. select “ringtone”
5. in the “Ringtone” field that appears, add a melody

There is no item to choose a melody.

Where are your contacts, on your SIM card or on your phone?

Hello Samsung Galaxy A40
The ringtone is not set. Added downloaded songs to the ringtones folder. In tinctures, when choosing a ringtone, he writes that “could not be set as a melody”. The game is just standard. What can be done?

Hello. What tune, in what format? When choosing a ringtone, does it open the ringtones folder?

I also have the last section “phonetic name” in the Samsung j2 core and there is nothing else. After all, it cannot be such that this function is not in such a phone.

What is your version of android?

Good afternoon. There are special applications, you can easily put any downloaded music on a Samsung Android call and on a separate contact. Everything is very simple. Especially for you, I found the simplest application.

SAMSUNG J2 Core. The official Samsung support service reported: “Since this model is LIGHTENED, it has a similar function as adding ringtones to contacts and groups is not provided.” 🙁

SAMSUNG J2 Core. From the Play Store, download the Ringtone maker-MP3cutter application and set any melody for each subscriber individually from your arsenal. In the section “Select files” and clicking opposite the song or melody three vertical dots. section “To contact”. A list of your contacts is displayed, select the one you need.

With a melody for a separate contact, the question is POSITIVELY resolved.
Who didn’t succeed in LIVE wallpaper (ANIMATED), to install on the main screen?
If YES, plizz link.

Everything is very simple. On the main screen, look for the Samsung Galaxy Themes application, open it. At the bottom, click Wallpaper. Next, in the catalog, find the wallpaper with animation. Install them. There is also an application in the Google Play Market, and it is called Live Wallpaper HD / 4K WALLOOP Backgrounds. It can be downloaded and installed on the Google Play Store for free. Have questions?

Before that I had a “Samsung Galaxy 350 somehow” I bought it in the spring of 2015, it had thirty pieces of J.O. and 99% worked great. I dragged everything onto the SM-J260F and earned only a candle, and that is not correct, without fire, only smoke. I downloaded 50 more from INETA, I specially chose to be friends with the software version of the phone and more than one J.O. not earned.

What is your version of android now? Have you tried installing from Samsung Galaxy Themes?

Android 8.1.0
Firmware Version: J260FXXU3ASF2
They didn’t try from Galaxy Themes, since I’m not using the Internet on my phone and I’m not going to. And, they want me to download to the phone.

And how then do you download and install the wallpaper on your phone without the Internet? Do you have internet at home?

In all my houses and apartments I have cable high-speed Internet and even WiFi modems for my guests.

And how are we talking now ?!

Cable, computer. mobile phone. And click on the phone to allow file sharing.

I just don’t understand why you don’t want to use the Internet on your phone? Why cable and computer, what’s the catch? Live wallpapers can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Market directly on your smartphone. But the Internet is needed on the phone. Otherwise, why bother with a smartphone.

A smartphone with the Internet is needed for someone who likes to use the Internet on smart and for whom there is a need for this or the computer is not at home.
Ah, I dislike it on phone 1, I love it when I have at least one 32 ″ monitor in front of me. In 2x there is no need for 3x I do not want to give MTS an extra opportunity to try to steal money from me. in 4 Casper total security on all windows works perfectly well, on android not as I need.
From the black box that I ALWAYS and EVERYWHERE I carry with me, a phone, SMS, audio recorder, pedometer, sometimes photos and video recordings and several computing programs. Live wallpapers, on my old phone dolphins swam under water. When, for example, you stand in a traffic jam, open the lid to watch time, and there are fish swimming, look at them and calm down. And now there are none and it’s a little not comfortable.

Connect the Internet to the phone via Wi-Fi for free, download wallpapers, turn off the Internet, and all things. Kaspersky on the smartphone is not needed, this is a myth. I have a native defense and all the rules. I don’t see any problems here at all. Internet is still needed on the phone to update. Without software updates it gets old, the phone will slow down.

You either do not read or do not understand the meaning of the words I wrote. What is the difference in the way software is delivered to the phone? The Internet is full of resources that can be downloaded to a computer, and then either with a cable or from a card reader to a phone flash drive.
Kaspersky is not a MYTH. I’ve been using it for years

17 and money spent on licenses, not a little sorry!
If I do not connect the Internet on my SM, then I need it so much!
I already visited the old Samsung, I had to reinstall the firmware, do not update it, but reinstall it! Your advice is not good for me.

When installing a melody on a contact, for some reason, after the line “phonetic name” there are no more lines, I tried everything. Why.

The contact must be saved on the phone, then it will be possible to add a melody in the standard settings. Or install a special android application and put any music on any contact.

To add a melody to a contact go to “contacts”, select a contact, change, below “more” and look below.

After clicking on the “” button, the tab opens to “Phonetic name” and there is nothing more. Where did I get the “Ringtone” and how to turn it into place?

Save the contacts to your phone. You have them on the SIM card, so there is no such function.

I also have a model SM-J260F / DS, the contacts are on the phone, but there is no function to set the ringtone to the contact anywhere, I dug everywhere but wherever you write it should be there. I click to change the contact, then again, and it all ends. First, the phonetic name. About the Ringtone and the words NO.

In my opinion, I already wrote 10 times above. Check where your contacts are saved on a SIM card or phone? The contact must be saved to the phone, then you can add a melody. There is a special android application, you can easily add any melody to any contact.

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